Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rock Of Love 2- Episode 3

Last night was episode 3 of Rock of Love 2 staring that hot Brett Michaels from Poison....although he wears that bandanna for a reason...he's old as dirt! He should take a lesson from E. Pierce Marshall (he was Anna Nicole's husband, just in case you lived under a rock for the last few years)...these young girls with their HUGE boobs only want him for his money....they are not interested in his shriveled up package.

Anyway, to recap on Episode 2, the girls had an old-school dance contest where three girls won VIP passes....this means they can interrupt Brett at any moment and get a one-on-one with him. Remember this, it causes big controversary in the next episode.

So, in episode 3 the girls (and their HUGE boobs) have a stroller derby contest. They have to get Baby Brett (outfitted to look just like Big Brett...cowboy hat covering his bald head and all) around the rink without harming him....although one team had their baby's arm ripped off by one of the LA Derby dolls. Even Lacey Connor, you know, that crazy bitch with multiple personalities from Rock of Love 1 made an appearance.

The team that wins gets a date with Brett (whoo-hooo)! This happened to be Kristy Joe's team...and this is where the cat fights come in. See, a few of the girls hate her (I think because her boobs are perkier than theirs, but that's just my theory) and two of them happened to have VIP passes (can you say set-up). So they disrupt her date and blah blah blah....she gets picked last at the end (another set-up just for good commercial cliffhanger?).

What was the greatest part of this episode? ANGELIQUE is out! I can't stand her stripper ass....she sucks and so does her stupid accent and crazy clown lips. Oh yea, and Roxy didn't get a pass either...but who cares...she had about 10 seconds of footage since she was as interesting as a dead rat.

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Money D. said...

First of all, welcome to the blog! I enjoyed your first post, I haven't kept up at all with this season of the show much, but I find it funnyt that Brett, Flava Flav, New York etc....have these shows where they find love out of ALL these people...yet they have to keep coming back for more n more seasons, meaning, they never really find love. I'd think after awhile, people who watch these would just throw their hands up and say "Ya know what, theres NO one right for these people, just give it up already".....but I guess these shows get ratings, hence the reason they keep going on and on with seasons. Glad to have you on board, look forward to reading your posts.

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