Monday, February 11, 2008

Rock of Love 2- Episode 4- Crybaby!

So, I spend my Sunday evenings watching raunchy TV and Rock of Love 2 is no exception.

But last night was the first night Brett obviously had sex as Daisy (the one with REAL big boobs) walked him to his room and never made it back to bed, as the rest of the girls sat around talking about what a whore she is......but come on, if you are on a show making out with the same guy 15 other girls are kissing on, what does that make you? Anyway, the next day they have a competition where the girls have to build a custom motorcycle. Blah blah blah, they build it, and the winning team gets a date with Brett. Nothing good ever happens here, so this is when I usually go have a cigarette.

But wait.....Kristy Joe is crying? Oh yea, she is always crying, and crying and crying and crying...about everything. And her best friend is the nagging Aubrey...who has been complaining to Brett that she is being neglected. How can she expect him to keep up...he's like 100. Come on.

Blah blah blah again, the girls have a meeting so Kristy Joe can cry some more.....and then in TV magic land it's the next day and time for the winner's date. Brett decides the girls will dress up like 50's pin-up girls and take pictures of them as their boobs flop all over some tacky props. But the best part of this date is when Brett starts dogging on Kristy Joe.....and Aubry runs and tells her....which spirals into Kristy Joe confronting Brett....but there is no time to talk because it is time for elimination.

And you guessed it....Kristy Joe is hysterical again and Aubrey, her now secret lover, comes to the rescue like Underdog....they are the last two without a pass and Aubrey jumps in and sacrifices herself so her "friend" can have another chance....everyone gasps, and ta da....the pass was meant for that cry-baby Kristy Joe anyway loser!

The End....everyone drinks some Brett Beer toasting the girls that stayed....while some loser bitch is taped having a nervous breakdown outside.

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Unknown said...

You have a funny blog,thanks for stopping by mine. :)
And that is funny about my name and my son's and with your son and daughter. :)
Have a great Wed! :)

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