Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top Model C12 - Ep 3 Recap

It seems as though they kind of rehashed last seasons’ opening sequence with the new models in an imitation photoshoot. If you notice, it’s the shots from all of the promo shots you’ve been seeing. Tyra probably got a little lazy this time.

The girls return to Allison’s photo. She finds it strange. Fo is not angry that she’s second. Aminat, is angry that Sandra didn’t go home. She talks to Sandra and asks her if she’s a bitch. She then proceeds to tell Sandra that the better person went home. Jessica is hoping to use the criticism as homework for future photo shoots.

Tyra Mail. The mail involves sidewalks and turning heads. They have a pink and purple plaid stretch SUV. (What happened to being Green?) It’s quite girly inside.

Mr & Ms. Jay get a spy-video mail from Tyra explaining that it’s makeover time. (It’s all really stupid) She understands that there will be tears. The girls arrive in the John Berrett Salon and the girls find out that they are getting their makeovers. Celia is astounded that they got to this rare salon, it takes months for appointments to be scheduled. The girls won’t know what the makeover is since that is the trend on the show. Aminat is ready to work on that Afro.

Jessica’s plan is to be “edgy” so Tyra makes it two inches shorter, wavy curls, and with tinges of red. Sandra is shaved to just a small amount of hair; it then is turned blond. Her after shot looks mannish. Allison is getting long blonde hair. She feels like a mermaid. Nijah hasn’t washed her hair in two weeks and she basically gets nothing (I think they made it a little curlier). Fo gets cropped hair and gets a short/boy cut. She’s not used to it. Celia’s blonde hair gets cut. She starts to cry and Natalie is nervous. She gets a short cut as well. Aminat’s weave/afro is removed and replaced with a Naomi Campbell weave. Ms. Jay plays with the remaining fro. It’s quite nasty. Kortnie gets a red dye. London gets short and bleach blond which is very much like Samantha from last season.

Natalie’s time is next and right as the scissors touch her hair she tells John to wait. Jay gets pissed off at her and tries to get John to continue. She starts to freak out. Jay stops her. Nothing is happening. Fo is a little confused. Tianna’s hair is slicked back, like a jheri curl. Tahlia gets a blonde weave. She looks like a lion in the end. Fo starts to tear up because the other girls look more beautiful than her. Ugh, don’t you just hate pretty girls that think that they are ugly?

Tyra Mail. It involves seeing “eye to eye.” Back at home, Fo starts crying explaining how life was never tough and this is. She has to hide her hair to make her feel pretty. Jessica feels sexier with her hair.

The girls arrive to see Sutan (make-up artist) and Elyssa Starkman (Cover Girl Model). They explain that there are no Wal-Marts in NYC (yay!), so they bring the Wal-Mart display. Their challenge is to break into teams of three, find a person outside that represents a Cover Girl, and then explain the eyeliner and other products. Their prize? The team gets a commercial online. After teams are divided, Aminat is a little upset that Sandra is in her team, but she sucks it up. Team 4 tries to find someone but it’s a no. Each team finds a girl and they all explain the Wal-Mart wall. Aminat does a lot of the work and Sandra doesn’t say something. Team 3 had the best makeup, but they weren’t supposed to be makeup artists. Team 4 brought the items to the girl, not the reverse. Kortnie in Team 2 talked a lot and they all topped on top of each other. The winners are Team 1 (Aminat, Celia, and Sandra).

The girls go to an African themed restaurant and Sandra tries to tell the girls not to get drunk. Aminat calls her a dumbass. Sandra calls her trashy. It only gets trashy when the drunk does something stupid, Sandra.

MLAACG - McKey works with a Make A Wish girl. It’s really sweet, except for when McKey had to shove her portfolio into the girl’s general direction. They take some photos and it genuinely looks like McKey wants to help people. (Much better than wandering around the city and baking cupcakes)

The girls arrive in an alleyway; Jay explains that the photo shoot is about finding the light. Nigel Barker is the photographer today. He explains that they should have fun, but think about the strategies that they should have. Tahlia loves the rock and roll theme. Four girls walk in. Jay explains that it’s a group shot.

Group 1 (Tahlia, Allison, Nijah, Jessica) Jay explains that the girls have to hold light sticks explaining directions. Tahlia goes first and feels awkward. Alison wanted to focus on outfit and face with the two light sticks. Nijah looked a little dead in the eyes. Jessica struggles finding her light. She under-lights herself and looks like a kid trying to be monster. She gets no light in her eyes even when she holds it up to her face.

Group 2 (Aminat, Celia, Sandra, Kortnie) Aminat starts and tries her best. Celia overpowers Aminat in the front. Sandra evilly laughs at her. Celia is next and Jay tips her to bring the same fierceness that she did as an extra. Nigel is happy for with Celia’s shots. Sandra wants to do good, but she comes off looking bored. Nigel suggests giving attitude. Kortnie is a little confused, Nigel isn’t that inspired. He snaps photos and doesn’t say anything.

Group 3. (London, Teyona, Fo, Natalie) Jay tells them that the other girls were being disappointing. London goes first and does well. Teyona makes some pretty shots. She knew how to light and pose. Fo complains about laying down, and gets quite awkward. She still can’t get over the hair. She explains to Jay that she feels butch. Natalie is last and she wavers a little bit, but the shot is good.

There is more mail about judging. Aminat is a little nervous about looking boring; Fo is upset about the whole hair situation.

Apparently there is some “Once upon a time” for each judging. I didn’t even bother listening. It’s Random. Tyra explains the prizes and judges. Our guest judge Nole Marin, used to be a judge back in cycles 3 and 4. Fo is first and Tyra compliments her haircut. Tyra reminds her that she has strong bone structure. The photo lucks out and it’s great looking. Nigel calls her beautiful and explains more crying. Tyra and Nole tell her to step it up. Kortnie doesn’t light herself that well. She wasn’t feeling it. Nijah gets called out for an ugly outfit. The photo looks like a beautiful corpse, with dead eyes. London has great energy and was willing to go there.

Allison had a quirky and broken look. Nole calls her an alien and it’s a compliment. Sandra’s shot lacks any tension. Too much light and yet she seems like she was whited out. Celia’s shot is fabulous, it has tension. Jessica primps her hair before she walks in. Her photo is ugly. She puts tension in her eyes. Like a bad Jaslene. Tahlia looks bored holding the glow stick. She has no tension. Natalie’s sleeves look bad. Nole calls them out. Her shot looks great (her eyes look weird).

Tianna’s hair is wrong. The shot is great though. Tyra tells her not to rest on her laurels. Aminat is last and she disappears in the photo. Jay tells her that it’s a ghetto girl pose (Last victim was Josyln). Her face looks like a hush puppy.

Tyra and the judges talk about the photos. Fo needs to fix the hair. Kortnie needs time. London got it. Nijah looks dead. Sandra has no personality in the photo. Allison’s makeover looks great. Celia’s shot is great and she acts like she’s on the catwalk. Natalies’ shot is good. Tahlia looks dead in her shot. Jessica looks like a monster. Tianna’s shot is fantastic. Aminat took a nosedive from week one.

The girls walk in and Tyra calls out the top photo of the week: Tiana. Celia, Allison, Natalie, London, Nijah, Tahlia, Sandra, Kortnie, and Aminat. Fo and Jessica are the bottom two. Fo shouldn’t cry so much about the haircut; does she have the chameleon skills? Jessica is pretty, but it doesn’t translate into photos. Fo is safe. Jessica is going home. She didn’t know about getting the criticism. She knows she’s pretty.

Next Week: Miss Jay’s Charm School. Truth or Dare.


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