Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 Cast Revealed!

It's already that time of year for Big Brother fanatics to get the first glimpse of the new cast and begin investigating and trying to figure out who will be this season's favorites (and not so favorite.)  Big Brother 17 begins next week (June 24th) with a 2 night premiere that will kick off another extra long season.  Today we have 14 of the new houseguests, but oddly enough, there are actually 16 houseguest this season which leads us to believe Big Brother is up to something with the other 2 houseguests!

It looks like we've got a pretty diverse group this year - from a dentist and a pro wrestling to a poker player and a poker dealer (?!)....here's our first look at the Big Brother 17 cast followed by descriptions that read from left to right:

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Audrey Middleton - 25 year old digital media consultant from Villa Rica, Ga

Austin Matelson - 30 year old pro wrestler from Woodland Hills, Ca

Becky Burgess - 26 year old retail manager from Denver, Co

Clay Honeycutt - 23 year old Texas A&M graduate student from College Station, Tx

Da’Vonne Rogers - 27 year old poker dealer from Los Angeles, Ca

Jace Agolli - 23 year old personal trainer from Venice Beach, Ca

James Huling - 31 year old retail associate from Wichita Falls, Tx

Jason Roy - 25 year old supermarket cashier from Swansea, Ma

John McGuire - 27 year old dentist from Jefferson Township, Pa

Liz Nolan - 23 year old marketing coordinator from Miami, Fl

Meg Maley - 25 year old server from New York, Ny

Shelli Poole - 33 year old interior designer from Atlanta, Ga

Steve Moses - 22 year old college student from Gouverneur, Ny

Vanessa Rousso - 32 year old poker player from Las Vegas, Nv

Wow what a group!  No one overly young or old this year but definitely appears to be some major diversity between them all.  You can check out their first interviews with Big Brother legend Jeff Schroeder right now on the live feeds where a free trial is currently available; not only that, but the feeds this year feature the ability to watch ALL of the past 16 seasons which will undoubtedly prepare you for the big premiere of Big Brother 17 next week!


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WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

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