Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dancing with Stars Season Six Cast-starts March 17,2008

Well, one of the most popular reality tv shows in existence starts a new season tomorrow night. Dancing with the Stars returns for its 6th ( is that right? I think I've lost count) season. Once again we will see a variety of celebrities, wannabe celebrities, athletes, and washed up actors compete in pasodoble and other dance styles.

We have an interesting cast this season. I believe this is a the first time we have an active star player from one of the 3 major professional sports. Jason Taylor the Pro Bowl Miami Dolphins defensive end will be competing. I'm sure Bill Parcells is thrilled. In the past guys like Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice also tried their hand at dancing. However they were long retired and well into their 40s.

The least known contestant ( at least to me anyway) seems to be Marrisa Jaret Winokur from Hairspray. She does seem to follow the casting mold, though. She fits a young actress role previously given to a Cheetah Girl and High School Musical castmember.

Everyone else from the cast is reasonably well known, at least to anyone familiar with pop culture and television over the last decade or so. Cristián de la Fuente may not be a huge name, but he got a lot of attention in the early 2000s for his looks and roles in movies like the Stallone vehicle "Driven." Steve Guttenberg ( Police Academy, Cocoon, Short Circuit, Three Men and a Baby) was everywhere in the 80s. He took some time off but is still working as an actor. Kristi Yamaguchi was a big time Olympic figure skater when I was a kid. The same for Monica Seles in tennis.

Others: Priscilla Presley was not only the wife of Elvis, she also had a nice role in the huge tv series Dallas and starring roles in the hit Naked Gun movies. Penn Jillette is well known from Penn&Teller as well as their show Bullshit. Adam Carolla has been a tv/radio star with Loveline and The Man Show. Everyone involved with those shows has gone on to more tv shows. Mario the R&B singer has had # 1 pop hits like "Let Me Love You" and had a few acting roles. Shannon Elizabeth is probably most known for American Pie and posing nude in Playboy. Her career seems to have stalled as I only hear about her these days when the subject is celebrity poker tournaments.

Marlee Matlin the award winning actress is well known for being "the deaf actress." Her inability to hear the music looks to be an interesting angle. Filling the Heather Mills McCartney role, it seems. Though a HUGE upgrade. She is an accomplished actress, not the world's biggest golddigger.

Plus in addition to the celebrities, all the ( young, fit, and scantily clad) pro dancers return as well.

So, who do you think will win?

WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

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