Thursday, July 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 6 Elimination.

We open tonight with a group routine using Bette Midler’s “The Rose”. Chelsie dances first, albeit a little awkwardly. The other two girls join in and look better. Yay, Mark with open shirt! It’s a very pretty dance, I’m not sure if there is supposed to be a deeper meaning to the performance, just a lot of lifting and turns.

Wow Cat still looks pretty wearing anything, I can’t stop staring at the little danglies. She also has a fan on her this week, for a little bit. Hello judges, again. Mary looking a little more normal this week.

Let’s keep pressuring America to vote. Yeah. Do that. We’re adding a dance role in a movie to the big prize. Thanks Adam. I don’t even know what exactly the big prize is anyway. I assume that it’s money, clearly a “dancing contract” doesn’t really exist in the way American Idol can do.

We get a little bit of Judge talk with the 6. Nigel reminds the dancers that they are going to face rejection one time or another, probably harder than actor cattle calls. Nigel tells the 6 and America that each of the contestants got at least 1 million votes. Hopefully Katee got a Bajillion, that’s got to be a number with inflation these days. Mary was moved by the Mandy Moore choreographed opening; she’s the proud mamma and started to welt at the end. Adam tells America that the contestants are genuine good people. He used the words “David Cook” and “Time of Your Life”. I stopped listening after that. He welts a little in the eyes too.

Cat tells us that all six will perform solos. Courtney is up first, with one of my favorite songs. It’s a little bit of a swan song though. She puts her passion and spins. I think she thinks it’s over for her.

Mark brings us my favorite Gwen Stefani song “Wind it up” (On A side note, I liked the Fanny Pak routine to that song as well even with the “lame” windmill) and does a suspenders dance at first. I actually have grown to like the quirky solos. I will forgive the bird-like hair and nose.

Katee starts off on the floor. She’s bringing a little more spins tonight and extensions. She bows and Cat tells her she was born to “do that”. I hope she meant “dance”. I love Katee, but I mean a stripper can spin and do extensions as well.

Joshua comes back from the break doing some really robotic lock, very Michael Jackson. As Michael Jackson as a pop-lock routine can be. I liked it as well. Josh finally lost his braces and sounds better as well.

Chelsie is next with a country song, she brings a very honky-tonk swing. She kicks up a store. And looks like an old school saloon girl. Cat finally points out that she dances sans partners each week.

Twitch is dancing to 80s favorite “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. It’s a little odd, I think he also chose a swan song to dance to. Don’t Worry America, Twitch will make you smile.

Our guest is Lil’ Demon. I think I saw him on YouTube or College Humor actually. Under the title of “Youngest Breaker” ha-ha they should do that children’s competition that Dancing with the Stars did. This kid is good, and I wish I could do that at that age; unfortunately I was the fat kid who wrote. I guess our futures are just different. Cat towers over this kid. She lifts up the 6 year old. He’s been dancing for 2 years. Geez. I’m really jealous now.

Snuggle dance time. The 6 gets to watch the YouTube-esque videos. One guy jumps into the pool. Martha S. wins doing the Charleston, something she did when she was in her teens.

The girls are first. Courtney is looking quite pretty tonight, I guess the dehydration and the sprains have done good to these people. She wants to Rock Our Souls, did she do it? I don’t know, we’re up to Katee first. I think her dances worked well because of trust. I really want to see a Katee vs. Josuha. Chelsie H, is reviewed last with the hot mambo, hot solo, and a NappyTabs hip-hop. Who is safe? Cat will call one person (who not necessarily is in the lead) and that person is Katee, who probably was actually the top girl.

The Guys are up next. Mark is first. He’s grown on me even with the weird faces and the dumbo ears… and the face where he looks like he’s biting his partner. Joshua is next and in the back “Have you ever seen The Notebook?” Yeah I did, and I teared up a little. Twitch is last, he made awkward face in the mambo, wore the gold grills, and fought for a glowstick. Cat reveals one safe person: Joshua. Woo-hoo! Joshua V. Katee. He does a “snuggle” happy dance as he walks to safety.

Lady Gaga. Now that’s cool and weird. I saw her perform this during the Miss Universe competition and I got to say it was different, but quite good for model walking. I love the glasses. I need TV glasses. She brings a squad of dancers. Now this is a good choice for this show. Actually, she only had the two women in front at Miss Universe. I like it a lot more with a whole squad. That does the mash potato. Lets take a second a point out the neon/black light reacting shoes. Great for a drunk not to get hit by a car. She likes this rock candy stick of hers. The girls in the front of the screen are weirded out but clap along. She has hair stuck in her mouth. It’s a pet peeve.

Cat reveals the safe girl is Courtney. I’m a little shocked. I guess it will be a Contemporary vs Contemporary. I thought her sheer legs could get her through. That’s a shame. She’s crying, but the best thing is that her eyeliner isn’t running. No raccoons tonight. Good Job.

Mark & Twitch are up. Cat reveals that Twitch is safe. We watch Marks video, damn. I grew to accept his craziness as good dancing and they get rid of him. Bye Mark & Chelsie.
This is our final four America
Next Week: The Final Four. I hope the two girls get a contemporary, and the two boys get a krump.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You think You Can Dance: The Top 6 Perform

Hello top 6. Mark wears a lot of neon doesn’t he? Hello Cat you’re looking quite shiny this week. We got another 2 dances per couple plus solos.

Lets say hi to our “jidges”. Adam Shankman is our third judge tonight. I fear already. Mary’s hair isn’t as wild this week. But her clothes reflect off the cameras.

Courtney and Mark – Viennese waltz

Mark touches Courtney’s boob. That’s the highlight of the clip. Oh No! David Cook playing. I guess one expected this since Archuletta was played weeks ago. It looks kind of sequenced prom performance. Their dancing is smooth and mostly on point. I do like what both are wearing, it reminds me of the last dance of the night and the last chance. Adam calls the top 6 “strong” and this definitely is a strong performance. He points out the final lift was weak, I really didn’t see it. Mary loved the floatiness. It was quite effortless. Nigel describes the routine as “romantic”. And uses the term “American Idol”. It’s like a reference drinking game.

Solo – Chelsie

Chelsie decides to work the stairs. I have no clue what she’s wearing but it does emphasize her long legs. She ends with a spin into a split. That looked painful.

Solo – Twitch

Twitch starts in the middle this week and is sporting fake gold grills in his teeth. I think he wasted time putting on the glasses and teeth. It went by too fast. What made it better is that Cat put on the Glasses and Teeth. Gross! Clearly she should have been nominated for an outstanding reality host.

Katee and Joshua – Contemporary

We have gotten another “Romeo/Juliet” performance. Thanks Tyce. Oh no! Another Celine Dion song? No! Eric Carmen is crying somewhere by himself. The performance is clearly smooth and Josh/Katee trust in each other as she leaps into him and he tosses her around. It’s quite sexy in a tasteful way of course. Adam & Tyce met each other in the 90s. And Paula Abdul is to blame. Thanks. Adam loves the two. Mary loves the passion. I agree, Ms. Shiny. Mary believes the two are in the finale. I hope so. She lets out a scream. Nigel points out another choreographer: Gilian Linde. Seems like the place to be if you’re a choreographer and you want a shout-out.

Chelsie and Twitch – Mambo

Twitch is confused by counting. Twitch’s crotch to Chelsie’s face. On to the dance! Chelsie is really in her element, but Twitch is putting his all in this dance. Chelsie looses a frilly-thing from her foot. They spin, they use legwork, and Twitch falls on Chelsie in the end. Adam describes Chelsie as an “Animal” and “Tomato”. He thought Twitch could have given more. Mary points out how this Mambo had to be done on the second count. Twitch is good on count but Chelsie is amazing in her Latin/ballroom background. Nigel made it seem like Twitch was bad by pointing out the constipated worry face he made.

Solo - Katee

She goes with the Maroon 5 and pumps out her performances. I equate her performances with some Bond-girl trying to seduce James Bond. I don’t know why. She does well though.

Solo – Joshua

He hops around a little then gets into really bouncy pop and lock. Then he pops the booty. Then he gets this massive amount of air in a split jump. Woah!

Courtney and Mark – Jazz

Sonya! Burlesque! I’m really liking her. Very artsy/raw/dark. Courtney is bringing a lot of booty. And she kicks Mark in the booty. It’s a lot of grabbing and thrusting. I think this song is the one to download tonight. Mark really does have evil looks sometimes. I'm not sure what exactly the cummerbund thing is. I also like how he looks like he likes the kinky. Adam called the performance “sick”. Mary called it “weird” and loved it. I love how no one can describe Sonya’s work. It’s crazy. I love it. Courtney made it work. Nigel, wrong show.

Katee and Joshua – Paso Doble

Australian choreographer! His accent reminds me of Strictly Ballroom! Their outfits are crazy looking. Kind of a tango meets S&M. I see the intensity in their faces. As the music makes a tempo change, I actually don’t like the middle part when they aren’t together. When they get back together in the end it was awesome again. Josh drags Katee to the results section. Adam is shocked by Joshua’s skills. He’s like the happy gay uncle. Mary has to set up for her saying “True Magic” and then letting out her patented scream. I should record that and use that as my ringtone. Nigel mentions So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I’ve seen some performances to compare against the Nappy/Tabs and their Bollywood; they weren't as good. Nigel is amazed by everything. Mary gets up and claps and screams. Thanks for cutting off Nigel.

Solo – Courtney

Ooh, Courtney is bringing the slow passion. I don’t get the shirt, but the performance is great.

Solo – Mark

Mark is still sporting the awkward shirt with huge armholes where you can basically see everything underneath at good angles. Come on Mark! Josh totally was shirtless. People like Will sported fishnet tanks. Gev showed nipple. Any who, he penguins his way in, and then starts stripping the shirt. Yay! There’s a girl in the audience that has a sign that says “Mark, you make me Bark”.

Chelsie and Twitch – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs. Wizard sticks? I’m getting a lot of double entendre. I love how they practiced with what seems like a chop stick. Yay! Not a love story from NappyTabs! This performance is weird. Isn’t the song Janet Jackson? On Violin? Weird. Like most of the performance. “I want the glow stick!” “No I want the glow stick!” Kind of kiddy. Adam thanks NappyTabs. Mary calls Twitch outstanding. Chelsie’s hair is as unbelievable as her performance. Nigel likes the entertainment. I wonder if NappyTabs date. Nigel calls the 6 fantastic.

Who’s going home? I don’t know. I hear Chelsie has a strong fan base. Katee is a strong competitor. So I’m going to say Courtney. And there are two contemporary girls, sorry Courtney, it’s overlap.

For the boys? It’s harder. Clearly Mark had enough votes to survive one more week. I kinda think he’s gonna make it over Twitch. It could be the confidence factor. It could be the overlap with the hip-hoppers.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Episode 6

Last Week: Cathy got jostled, beaten with a huge powder-puff by a panda, and went home.

We return to Donnell coming back to the other contestants. He’s pissed. Not just pissed. “Super-Duper Pissed”. He keeps talking about a “silent alliance”. You can’t put things in words? Oral agreement. Donnell has a temper tantrum.

At home, Donnell keeps talking about a “silent” alliance. What? I think they were just being friends. And statistically speaking, the guys are stronger.

The next day is up and everyone gets prepped. They contemplate costumes and I’m sure that they haven’t thought of what’s next. They are put on the standby area as Meaghan gets all nervous.


The teams are brought out. The group game tonight is You Stand Still! No, You Stand Still! The one you kept seeing on the commercials. The little animation describes that our drag teams with spinning chairs, a balance beam, flour, spinners, keys, lock, spinning, and returning.

Donnell is nervous. Belinda sits down. Lucky. Hai! Majide!

The outfits tonight are a grooms and bride. The Japanese lady hands the dress to Donnell. He bugs. Andrew on the other hand is just taking it. Everyone is laughing at Donnell. I hope they are wearing boxer-briefs. The groups are brought out to massive amounts of laughter. Judge Bob declares that the Yellow Penguins are up first. Our host busts out into dance while they set up. As the spinning starts Andrew shouldn’t have extended his legs then pulled it out. Physics classes. You (theoretically) spin faster when you pull closer to your body. Like a figure skater. The two run to the center, Justin first. Andrew waddles over. They get the lock and keys. The first and second keys don’t work. The third kind of won’t work. Belinda screams from the sides. They eventually unlock and run back. I think they swirled and the key wouldn’t go in. They get 1:09.

Green Monkeys are up next. Meaghan is sporting the cummerbund. I hope that is, or else the pants are too high. Meaghan looks like she was going to puke. Times up and both start to crawl. As they spin Meaghan knocks her self off. Meaghan has trouble as Donnell is waiting. Meaghan’s lock is backwards. They unlock and start to run. Meaghan throws the key over. It lands in the flour. She panics and starts cursing for Donnell to grab it. They make it back.

Judge Bob tells the results. The Monkeys got it in 1:04. They win. Wow, that was close. They get the best reward, a stay at a luxury hotel, and a personal chef. The losers get to stay in a capsule hotel. That doesn’t sound like such a bad punishment. I actually want to do that. Justin relates it to a coffin. At least it has a TV.

The Yellow team must have been so high up until the crash, but theoretically they sandwiched their losses. Belinda is working her way to not get on. Andrew knows though that if they don’t pick.

The Greens get limoed, the Yellows get vanned. Tony! Hey! I missed you. Your eyebrows are too waxed. The two get VIP-ed around. With two waiters. Donnell looks like a rapper. Meaghan wants a “Pizza”. The chef looked at her like crazy. Meaghan also decides to touch everything since she is low class.

The Yellow team is brought to the capsules and a small man sits them on the little alcove and they eat bento boxes.

It seems like the Green team got more than one course. A lot of good food is shown, especially Meaghan’s pepperoni pizza. After eating they are brought to the “Presidential Suite”. This place is amazing.

On the other hand, the small Japanese man walks the three to their capsules. Andrew said “coffin”. Justin is a little too big. Belinda burns herself. Andrew is too fat for the pajamas they provided. I think I would fit just fine. They should make a couples capsule. That would be kinky.

The yellow team comes back to the house first. Pissed. Donnell and Meaghan come back apparently from a 12,000 dollar stay at the suite. The teams are brought to the soundstage. The teams have to change into a “karate” outfit. Andrew evilly tries to elbow a table and it doesn’t budge. Speaking of no budging, Belinda realizes if she doesn’t make a decision, Justin and Andrew will go up. Andrew decides to put himself up forcing Belinda to go up. Belinda claims that she will “brrrrrrring it”. Brrrrra!


The three are sent out and tell the host that Andrew and Belinda are up. The head to head elimination challenge is called Clothes On, Clothes Off! Well, well. This is a race and it involves clothes. I love the animation of a boy with the club. I don’t get it.

There is a special guest. Some professional clothes changer? He’s the fastest changer ever. Apparently if any of them beat him they get a prize.

The first costume is a construction worker. Andrew recalls his days hanging out at San Fransisco. Apparently the Champion is a twin. Hah! I love the trick. Belinda buzzes first. Andrew fidgets with the belt. Belinda is 2:09. Andrew is 2:18.

The second costume is the devil costume that was in the animation. There are 8 items. Belinda is getting quite fast. The twins play cards waiting for the two. He waddles back. Belinda runs over first followed by Andrew. Belinda is at 0:53. Andrew is at 0:57.

The third costume is little bo peep? Belinda figures it out. Wait a sec… didn’t I type “little bo peep” recently? Andrew has to do this costume “harajuku girl” 13 seconds faster. It’s another 8 items. Andrew is hauling ass. Belinda is having trouble with the leggings. Andrew doesn’t fully button up and is forced back. Belinda makes it first. I think Andrew is done and to make it worse he doesn’t fit in his harajuku outfit. Andrew did his best and was grateful. The sayonara mob comes in and they lift Andrew away as much as they could. It looks like a bad drunk party. Belinda kind of looks cute in her getup.

Sad incredible hulk music. Andrew bikes away? What? Where did this bike come from? Anywho, he walks finally with an umbrella. Heh. This show is silly.

Next Week: The Finale? Already? Wow. I can’t believe that this show was only 7 episodes long! No more teams! Running around? Sponges? Obstacle courses! I really wish they did the first round of Ninja Warrior.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mole: Episode 8

Previously: Nicole & Paul quarrel. Craig didn’t know math. Clay’s plan of deception backfired and he was sent home.

Okay, so we are left with a lot of crazies. Even Craig is a little crazy, but the most sane out the bunch. We’re still in Argentina and Buenos Aires looks like a fun place to visit. The group is starting with $331,000.

How’s the view? No that’s the title. John asks for two people that are young at heart. Paul steps forward and Craig goes. They each get paired up and Nicole/Craig are paired up again. They have to pass an obstacle course. With awkward goggle/video camera things. And no talking. Paul is suited up. And told that we’re doing an IQ test. A kiddy test. With the shape in a box. In a minute.

This looks so awkwardly fun. I want to do this challenge. I can put shapes into boxes. Paul complains about feedback.

Craig is up next. Nicole awkwardly holds the camera, but knows how to do reverse imaging due to her doctor-ship. Nicole started to talk when Craig asked. I blame Craig, but oh well. Next is a ball kick. Paul wasn’t close. Craig misses the first by just a little. He is nowhere near the second one.

The next game, Tea Party! Pour without spilling. Paul actually was kind of good with the teacups. Mark, on the other hand tried to get all Ang Lee on Paul. Craig doesn’t really have the ability to pour correctly. Craig’s fat also didn’t help. He gets one and Paul got two.

The last game places the contestants on the building. Paul is placed on the board and given a crane’s eye view. There’s apparently a piece of chalk in the middle. Now, that’s hard. Paul tries to get Mark to keep on his feet. Paul almost dies before getting to the chalk. He gets the chalk and the time goes down. He shimmies his way over. He makes it over and prints “mole was here” without the “The” but with a second of panic, he gets the last “The” in.

Craig’s vertigo is given as an example by a slow panning crane. Craig aims for the chalk and he’s nowhere near it. You know it’s bad when the host makes a bad face. Craig decides to go past the chalk and gets the chalk. Now the minute timer is there and Craig doesn’t make it. Nicole totally said “Dawg”. Last week channeling Omarosa, this week Randy Jackson.

Craig and Mark go to pee and Nicole and Paul decided to talk. They actually make it sound that they had a decent discussion. I guess that’s what happens when there are only four people left. After the meal Craig and Mark talk a little, Mark being all Clay-less.

The next game (with an exemption) is called Cell Out. They have to do a doublet. I played those. The next step is an obstacle course. The first person out becomes a sniper and has to snipe the rest. Something involving an exemption and shooting. Which player has the target? I don’t know.

Each contestant screams out random numbers and they are assigned. They all have to get the word “Cell” to “Mole”. Mark got it right by going “Call Mall Male Mole” he did it in 53 seconds. Nicole’s first guess is wrong, and Craig makes it out before her. Paul 7 minutes later still hasn’t gotten it. The two wait for Paul. Paul eventually uses the same combo as Mark. Paul tries to get Nicole to go first. The three were hell-bent on running the course clean.

Nicole and Paul work together well. Odd. Mark shoots and it looks like the paintball kind of was a dud. Paul wasn’t phased. Nicole tried to run and got shot. Paul guns (heh) for it and makes it through. Craig runs and being the only target left gets shot. Paul adds $15,000.

Each Cell had the pre-determination of who had the excemption. Nicole didn’t have it. Craig had the exemption. Mark gets to the finals. The total tonight is 368,500. Paul is pissy, but he’s okay with it. He’s quite nervous as dinner rolls around. Again, Nicole and Paul finally appreciate each other because they work similarly to each other. Craig says that him and Mark are “good” and Paul and Nicole are “bad”. Paul admits to the table that Nicole isn’t the mole and he’s been voting similarly since day one or so.

Quiz time. Question 1 is still the same. Nicole decided to go for one person. Paul thinks it’s Craig. Craig is also going for one person. Mark being safe, we don’t see, but I hope he took the test anyway.

Paul is first. After a long wait. Nicole psyching herself out. Paul is eliminated. Paul apparently as learned something on this trip. That’s good. Nicole actually misses him because he was quite motivational. The three remaining contestants deny being the mole.

Next Week: A Bomb! Running around! A quiz!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 The Results Show

We start off tonight with a swirl. And red dots. I guess it’s another futuristic hip hop. They all look like rejects from American Gladiators. Apparently though they are supposed to be superheroes. Out of everyone I like Marks outfit the best. Maybe because he’s the only one wearing red. I’m not really impressed overall. They really mis-balance who gets the most camera time.

Cat welcomes us in a very Greek-muse inspired get-up. She reminds us to blame Chuck Maldonado. Toni Basil is still wearing her hair up. Nigel looks like he is going through a mid-life crisis. We are treated with a snippet of Toni Basil’s videos. Love the fact that she learned things from Boogaloo. Toni just equated Dancing to Drugs. Like the heavy sweating and breathing. And the touching yourself when you’re on Ecstasy. Or that’s what Peter Griffin taught me on Family Guy.

Nigel reminds the audience that American Idol is more popular. But the point actually is that Nigel wants us to vote… but not for the show. For the President. I see now what the shirt is for. I guess the PSA works. . Neither Cat nor Nigel can vote here in the US though. Don’t worry, I’m registered.

Everyone is in the back waiting for Cat to call them. Cat starts with Katee. There is a clip montage of Katee’s performances. She did her chicken flap dance before she started her solo. That’s a good nerve breaker. I truly think she has become a Dark Horse. Especially with the horrible edit she got earlier. Cat tells her she’s safe and Katee skips away.

Cat calls Will next. More clips. I didn’t note last night how I thought that shirt he wore was a little “I’m too sexy” 90s. James Brown. Will as a ghost. Cat reveals that he is in the bottom 2. Debbie Allen I’m sure is shocked.

Comfort is next. Looking at the clips, I notice that Comfort always pulls her pants up during her solo performances. Comfort goes in and out of wearing that eyebrow piercing. There must be a “classy” eyebrow piercing somewhere. Cat reveals she is also in the bottom 2. She skips away.

Mark, still with that two shirts getup is still annoying me. I actually kind of grew on Mark when he had his family pictures. I will also admit that he looked better with the hat on his head. Cat reads from the card and opens, Mark is safe and totally shocked. I guess there are Mark fans out there. I’m crossing my fingers for Mark and Katee paired up next week.

Cat calls out Chelsie. The leggy girl with the blue tassels. She still looks like she needs a partner in her solos. Chelsie points out that she came from a Candyland board game. Reminds me of the Pink-Marshmallow dress in Project Runway. Cat says she’s safe. Courtney is left in the back with the boys.

Twitch is next. Mia Michaels’ choreography is crazy. Twitch’s solo is crazy. Twitch’s Broadway is okay. I’m over Tyce choreography. Cat opens up and he’s in the bottom 2. There’s a quick clip of Josh shocked. Twitch is stunned and he crouches down. Cat is such a comforting person.

Joshua is next. We are reminded of the huge booty. Joshua, like comfort with her piercing, has to slick back his hair for the professional routines. He kept it for the solo. Josh is probably the strongest guy left physically. A little bit of a footballer build. He’s safe without having to read the card.

Poor Courtney. Sitting by her lonesome. She already knows the bad news. This is so weird the way they decided to do the eliminations. Courtney did well last night. She had the passion in the hip-hop and her solo. She’s going to dance later along with the other dancers.

Guest Time! LA Ballet! Pas de deux! These professional dancers… well I mean they are professional for a reason. The girl is insane in her turns so pretty and so easy looking. The lifts and turns have such grace. And she has such command of her body, her splits. Woah! I’d pay to watch that. Geez, I feel as though the solos are going to look like crap in comparison.

Crazy Snuggle dancers! That’s right; mug for the camera my little lemmings.

Comfort’s solo is first. She’s actually going harder and I think listened to Nigel about incorporating a little bit of choreography into it.

Will is bringing a lighter contemporary dance, he rolls around and is smoother. He channels a little bit of African when his time runs out. Cat decides to go to Nigel and ask what went wrong. I like how Cat didn’t do that to Comfort. Nigel says the whole confidence/too good to vote lack of voting.

Courtney is up and tries to bring it in a weird pink/black getup. Like a short foxtrot dress. She doesn’t do that badly.

The Stunned Twitch emerges out from the crowd. Hollywood! He’s showing us the old school breaking. I love his stuff because it’s so playful and colorful.

Our musical guest today is LL Cool J. He must be 40 by now. I remember him in the 90s. He still looks good for 40-ish. And he still licks his lips. I’m not sure how I feel about the song. The dancers are also a little boring behind him. Did he just say “John Travolta” and “Pulp Fiction”? Yeah, he’s trying to relive the 90s. Did he run out of money? It’s like seeing Coolio on that Wendy Williams show. It’s not 1993. Sorry. Now waving L’s in the air is a little dumb; theoretically you’re calling LL an Loser. This chorus is way too repetitive for its own good. Your baby. Your baby. Your baby…

Your baby. Okay I’ll stop. The girls are up first. I didn’t notice that Courtney was shorter. It’s finally Comfort’s time. A second time. They set up another goodbye clip. Okay. They showed the success the second time around this time. It actually was a lot of dances for 2 weeks. Fight on Comfort, Fight On. Maybe someone else will get injured. Or she hires someone to.

Will & Twitch are up. Cat reveals that Will is leaving us. That means Twitch is safe. Better yet, Debbie Allen can come back! I think I’m better with that result. Also, I like his nutrition facts shirt. He thanks America, and reminds all the dancers to keep dancing. Dance On Will, Dance On.

SYTYCD: The Top 8 Perform

Cat introduces everyone. Katee sporting the beehive (We find out why soon). Courtney & Chelsie wearing interchangeable strapless summer dresses. Cat walks in doing a quick turn showing that her black dress has a quite a low back. There are what seems like mirrors around the edge of her collar that trace the line of her back. I guess the mirrors on Twitch & Comfort’s futuristic hip-hop were glued on to the dress..

We say hello to the judges. Including Toni Basil. Of Mickey Fame. She looks good. And she works with other older women. Interesting.

The boys are pulling from the hat this week, but the girls are pulling the dances. Two on a sheet. Aka. Rigged.

1) Will & Courtney – Samba

I think that these little pre-clips got longer. I guess with less people, more filler. Jean scares me a little. He’s screaming “Because I’m French!”… “Because I’m French” is the best excuse ever. The couple is dancing to “I Fell in Love with a DJ” and I loved the song last year. I wonder what happened to Che’nelle. They dance quite sexy, I’m a little mesmerized by the one tassel that’s longer than the rest. I just want to bring scissors and cut the one string. I think their holds were a little awkward. There was a point in the middle where the two were a little off beat but overall it was good. Nigel is happy when they didn’t think. I guess that was the middle when they were thinking. He makes a reference to 300. Nigel is jealous. Mary is apparently using the analogy of “Punk’d” to fake her out. I don’t think that Punking her would be that fun, she’d probably pop a vein. She lets out the patented scream. The mic crew knows her levels, kudos sound team. Toni is a good judge. She likes the idea, but gives good criticism for the actual technique. Kick better.

Solo – Comfort

There’s a little bit of back-story for everyone this week. Comfort got training from her brothers, but she got in Performance school and was the “bad kid”. She has something there in the background and yet she never really shows it. She really brings nothing to the table this week. I think she is just adding a few things here and there each week, but not really changing it up. Fight on Comfort. Fight On.

2) Twitch & Katee – Contemporary

The audience now learns that Twitch & Katee knew each other before the competition. Katee gets to play psycho-bitch ex-girlfriend this week to Mia Michael’s amusement. Katee did Tae Kwon Do and can kick your ass. She’s channeling her anger for this dance. As we start we notice that there’s a door on stage. Leading to nowhere. But you know, performances. Katee as Amy Winehouse walks out, she goes batshit crazy on Twitch. Kind of like Amy Winehouse when she’s not cracked out. Twitch gets to play it cool this week, he’s just toying with her. There is a lot more emphasis on Katee this week, but clearly Twitch works well with her. And he slams the door on her face. Katee’s hair didn’t survive the dance though. There was one whole tuft that came off during the dance. Nigel loves the performance… and then alludes to boning Mary. I agree that it was quite entertaining. Mary is amazed and clearly has better sexual tension with Nigel than Paula does with Simon on Idol. That was a good use of prop. I mean no one condones abuse, but it’s so pretty to watch. Mary strangles Nigel. Toni flatters Mia Michaels’ routine. She notes the nice mix of Twitch’s hip-hop style in his character. This week clearly shows that Katee is the partner to have because she has made all her partners look good for the girls.

Solo – Will

Will tells us that he started dancing from Dirty Dancing. Hah. That’s kind of funny and kinda gay.We’re reminded that Debbie Allen liked him. I miss her and her earthy opinions this year. Will is dressed as James Brown this week complete with wig that I kinda hoped would fall off. He’s doing well channeling James Brown actually, I just wished the performance was longer. Will kind of looks like Dave Chapelle when he plays the white anchorman.

3) Mark & Comfort – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs is teaching the two contestants this week. Comfort gets a lot of Hip-Hop. She was lucky last week walking into Jessica’s position. We’re at detention as the dance starts. Mark seems a little less comfortable this week than Comfort. I’m not sure about Mark’s stank face. I do like how he bounces a lot and you can catch glimmers of his abs. Overall not bad. I just have one question, if they go to the same High School, why do they have different colors/letters. Mark tells us that he was positive and writing that he.

Nigel says that Comfort is better doing choreographed moves. Mark is quite good in Nigel’s eyes, scaring Mark a little. He still is looking quite bird-y this week. Mary reminds it that Comfort hits it hard. Toni says that she takes NappyTabs classes. She likes the ear of the piece.

Solo – Katee

Katee started with Tap, badly, but she’s gotten better and then focused on Contemporary. Katee’s performance is similar to last weeks, but unlike Comfort you want to watch her. She brings the expressionfull fingers again. We have a quick glance of Katee’s family. So her mother is the Asian one.

4) Joshua & Chelsie – Argentine Tango

Now this is the kind of Tango I like. Argentine is more passionate and wild. I think they both are silly practicing and then bring it during the performances. We are started with Chelsie in a similar getup to Courtney and a chair/table for props. They get quite slinky and start to speed up. I like the intensity of Tangos. I’m happier that her dress is blue and not red. The lifts are great. The music slows down and the passion shows. The music speeds up and they are spinning until they pose at the end. Nigel approves of Chelsie’s legs but tells Josh that he has a big ass. Ouch. Mary got it. She liked the seriousness and chemistry. Mary screams “Hot Tamale Train”. This is the show. Toni Basil says that the Argentine Tango is street, but also “spontaneous” and “torrid”. She enjoyed it as well.

Solo – Mark

Mark got into dancing when he saw Phantom in Hawaii. They show a picture of Mark as a superhero, you know the ones with the kids with the blanket wrapped around the neck… except for the fact that he looked 16 in it. Getting to the dancing, Why does Mark always wear those odd ripped shirts on top? He acts like a crazy gorilla/bird for the performances and slides off at the end. I’m not sure how intentional. Mark makes that shocked face. The only thing that turns me off from him is the weird shocked face.

5) Will & Courtney – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs are back for a “Lyrical” Hip-Hop. Oh no. Another story from NappyTabs. Can Courtney channel her inner Demi Moore? We’ll see. Wasn’t there already a ghost story a few weeks ago where Katee was striving for someone dead? The hourglass tells us that there is time involved, because the audience is dumb and they haven’t ingrained it into our heads. The dance involves a lot of smooth hits. It really is self explanatory to the song. NappyTabs, you’re too literal sometimes. I mean, I like their choreography but I don’t like their obviousness. Cat points out the pictures used in the books. She was robbed of a nomination for an Emmy. Nigel points out the emotional performance and he wanted to be a Voyeur. A fly on the wall. Clay Aiken? Mary’s expectations were met. She tried to fake out the team. She uses the term “Funny Farm” and I get it. I want to visit a funny farm especially if they had a feed the Murphy section. Toni started off as a Locker and explains the evolution to art and appreciates what the two brought.

Solo - Chelsie

Chelsie started at the age of 9. She looks familiar with her hair down, a stereotypical blond reality contestant. She dances around looking like she needs a partner, but she’s warming up to impressing the audience. We’re informed that it’s Chelsie’s birthday. She’s 19. Let’s hope her gift isn’t that she’s sent home.

6) Twitch & Katee – Broadway

Tyce says that Katee is a girl who wants Twitch. Sounds like the other dance, except without psycho-bitch batshit crazy. Katee does wild chicken dance and Tyce decides to put it in. Georgia Brown chases Twitch around and he just rejects her jumps. Twitch wasn’t lying about the speed tripling. Katee’s expressions are good. I like all the wild lifts they are doing this week. Including the last one. Nigel loved the routine and found it to be believable. He commends Twitch for bringing “it” every week. He tells Katee that he’s enjoyed every performance she’s ever done during the season. I agree. Katee for the win! Mary couldn’t try the fake out; they clearly pulled it off. Mary must really like not having to judge. Toni thinks Twitch has more personality than a real Broadway dancer. She thinks that Katee should have been deeper to match the “Georgia Brown”. I think they cut off Nigel.

Solo – Josh

Josh’s inspiration came from a teacher. He auditioned for “Pepito’s Story” and that’s why he’s there today. He brings a little but of pop and lock. I like his mix of smooth and hard hitting moves.

Solo – Courtney

Aww, she was little bo peep. She was put into a combo class as a kid. She decided to keep going and we find her on the floor of the stage. She’s bringing a lot of intensity for this performance and is cut off way too early. That’s a shame.

Solo – Twitch

Twitch started in the senior year of High School. He went from Community College to some good stuff. He went to South Korea and taught them hip hop. Cool. Super Twitch brings a lot of ground coverage. I like his performances too, especially when they don't have the glasses.

7) Mark & Comfort – Foxtrot

Jean is bringing us a jazzy Foxtrot. Comfort = Lady Luck. I get it, she’s lucky. She hopes she gets the lift. I love foxtrot dresses with the random frill on the bottom. I think that she’s lighter on her feet than previous ballroom performances. Mark I find believable on ballroom for some odd reason. Nigel thinks that the Hip-Hop was stronger. There is a lack of Chemistry according to him. Oh no, Nigel uses the word “amateur”. Mary knows it was tough and rough. When they pointed out the bad holding, ouch. Toni points out the weakness in Turning 101. I want to take a class called Turning 101. Foxtrot just isn’t easy. Can 1 dance save them? I’m not sure

8) Joshua & Chelsie – Disco

Dorianna wants the audience to do Disco! I should pick it up along with platforms. She brought a lift challenge. I love lift challenges. For the possibility of falling. Chelsie looks like a little ice princess. Josh seems a little uncomfortable in this performance but I think it’s because he’s thinking about the lifts. He seems off. I don’t know I keep catching awkward moments. I’m not sure if he did the death spin/airplane correctly. But the rest of the lifts seem fine. Nigel points out the strong lifts with funny names. Mary again thanks Dorianna. She compliments the landings Chelsie did. Toni points out age vs Disco. She compliments the spirit. She thinks the lines weren’t as strong as the spirit.

My bottom 2? This week is hard. I am gonna go with Comfort and Courtney for the girls and Mark and Will. I just don’t think viewers vote for Mark & Comfort as much as they would Joshua, Twitch, or Katee.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 Episode 1: The Ins and Outs

In – Kelli
Model – Germaine

I found the skirt made by Kelli was amazing. I was quite afraid that her techniques of the bleach on the vacuum bags would backfire on her but it turned out quite beautiful. I like the tacks on the waistline, but I’m a little iffy on the coffee filters. Not because of their burn/shape but the fact that it looks like it didn’t fit as amazingly. I’ll chalk that up to not knowing the model first.

Out – Jerry
Model – Nicole

Now I was okay with the idea of a rain jacket, but there are so many ways that you could make it fun and young. I imagine a hip Japanese/Anime style rain jacket using plastic bags and cups as an accent to the shower curtain. Jerry’s design was way too sanitary for his own good. The fact that he really didn’t have an inside didn’t help.

Paz’s Pick – Wesley

I think it was due to the whole Tablecloth debacle that brought Wesley down. Without that factor I think the dress is youthful and well fit. I like the accents from the cups and fly-swatters. I think I liked it more without the single strap and the gloves. I’m hoping to see more of Wesley’s designs in weeks to come.

All photos were taken from Bravo’s Project Runway Site

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Episode 5

Last Week: Drunks know how to walk when dizzy. Winners had noodles, losers had clams. Mary had a good edit by sticking to her word.

We are returned back to the post challenge. Donnell is washed off but still parading around in the chicken head. Meaghan wants Donnell gone. They go home and drink. Tony, the real host, comes in and tells the yellow team to give up one person to the green team. Tony leaves. That’s pretty much it for him. Donnell wants Justin. Like Batman wants Robin, I hope not sexually. Andrew wants to keep Justin. Cathy knows that she sucks so is willing to switch teams and try to bring her game to green.

Hey, we see Tony again. Cathy volunteers herself. Maybe Cathy was their rabbit’s foot. I’m getting nervous as these episodes go by because I keep seeing Justin’s face in High Def. Several message boards have


Cathy is a monkey! Cue animation! Cue game!

Sticky Sticky Bang Bang

Our wonderful animation explains the whole balls to Velcro suit. The other team pulls. Sounds like fun, mostly to chuck it at a person. Judge Bob shows the suits and Melinda and Cathy choose to be in the suits. Wouldn’t you want someone big for the suits, both because the other team has to deal with your weight and you are a bigger target?

The yellow penguins have a little bit of a reverse Oreo team building time. The Penguins go First. I kinda like how Belinda has no neck. Justin lobs balls at her. Meaghan can’t control Belinda’s weight. Due to the green team’s stupid technique she goes left and right. Andrew shoots Belinda a little too close to the head. Hah, I’d do that too. I like how Belinda got a few ass shots. Oooh Japanese counting. I can’t remember how to say any, but Belinda has Balls. And some Big ones too.

Cathy is up. Justin and Andrew I’m sure could rip her in half if they had the opportunity. They are going quite fast. Donnell is throwing strongly but nothing really makes it past the first 20 seconds. The penguins started to use a snap technique and she gets pulled quite violently. It looked like fun when Belinda was up. With Cathy, not so much. Andrew shot a lot, due to law of averages. Meaghan, tried to be accurate. Yeah….no. Cathy pretty much got killed. The Penguins win 24-7… like 24/7. Nevermind.

The prize: Shinto Temple! That’s cool. The Losers: Mochi! Justin jumps on the back of Andrew… in a sporty way. I guess a guy could dream. Donnell did his best, but I guess his best wasn’t good enough. I’m pretty sure that those were the first lines of James Ingram’s Just Once.

The Penguins got cocky. Cathy is trying to save herself. Apparently there is a rule that if there is no choice the Penguins get to pick. At least with annoying personalities, people like Meaghan and Cathy want to stay in Japan and learn more. That’s a good sign.

Cathy is a little sad she jumped ship. What’s losing? I think the Mochi making isn’t bad. It kind of looked like fun. Hammering and grinding. Even if the hammer was heavy.

Ooooh pretty Shinto Temple. That is a one of a kind thing to do. I guess they get blessed to more wins.

The Green team gets to play with gooey rice.

The Yellow team gets to shoot arrows for focus. Donnell gets tricked into eating the wasabi mochi ball. Donnell beings back 3 wasabi balls. Belinda tells us that Karma/Dharma exists in Shinto. Donnell too confident. He tries to play with Justin’s vote.

Meaghan works with Andrew to get Donnell in with any girl. Donnell thinks there’s a “silent alliance” in play with the boys. Reality Rule #12 - Always get people’s word so that you can use it against them later.

What? Tony is back again. The green team is in a chokehold. The penguins get to pick. Justin is “Not here to make friends”. Drink! The three decide to go with Cathy and Donnell. Meaghan pretends to cry and stuff. Donnell is pissed because he got blindsided. Clearly he wouldn’t do well on Survivor.

The green team walks out with their “Mochi”. The audience happily tries it. The two contestants are given silly hats. Although Donnell gets Samurai head, he acts sumo.

You Swing and Hope for the Best

This one clearly looks like a challenge on MXC. Basically, pick the right door. Panda and Gorilla will beat you. Haha. It’s like a bad nightmare.

Cathy is up first. She starts with Orange which is fake and Gorilla attacks and Panda Power puffs her. She goes for blue next and crashes through. She gets the red door and kind of gets stuck. She goes for the green and it stays. Light blue is safe. She goes for Blue and goes right through. She runs for the pink, it clearly stays and runs for the buzzer. Judge Bob announces: 2 minutes 5 seconds.

Go “Dan-elle” I love pronunciation. He’s ready. He starts with the green and goes right through. The Red is good. He gets the light blue. It’s apparently a solid door but he crashes through anyway and loses a shoe. He gets the next two wrong. He finally gets the blue door, slams into it, and stumbles his way to the stopper. He wins with 1:07.

Cathy gets a knock on the door and the Sayonara boys go and grab Donnell, incorrectly. Idiots. The producers go crazy. People will get fired. Cathy is swept away, and everyone says goodbye. Donnell is ready to bring it (again) next week.

Cue sad music. The Boys bring Cathy outside and she still maintains the Staten Island. As they say you can take girl out of Majide, but you can’t stop her from making Staten Island symbols.

Next Week: Crazy dancing. Weddings. Devils? Donnell explodes. Andrew elbows a table. A sexy hotel/apartment.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mole: Episode 7

Last Week On The Mole: People are lonely, make some money, fell like bricks and Alex went home.

Nicole is getting lucky enough to guess her way through this show. That’s not a great strategy, but I guess she now knows it’s not Victoria, Bobby, or Alex.

We get another Smart/Dumb game. Oddly enough both were smart last week. “Go Figure” involves numbers, puzzle solving, running, lack of pens, and the dumb team has to remember 5 sets of numbers. There are a lot of plazas in this town. Dumb team does some math involving teats. The smart team has big numbers. Apparently they can’t do math. Oh well. Clay is apparently a math genius. Don’t trust lawyers. The poor playground looked boring. But I guess as a kid it would be a lot of fun. Craig doesn’t think that a very Catholic society doesn’t use the Gregorian calendar. Paul gets the team lost. They are off by Ocho blocks. Ocho! Mark’s veins pop out of his head.

Did they have to do their puzzles in order? I guess so. The smart team has to run and do math. They make it in 7 minutes. The dumb team messes up their last number, it’s not 228. They send out Nicole, most likely that she could actually run. Nicole says that they were off by 1. Clay thinks he’s gotten a pattern. The group says its 233, Nicole says its 227. Everyone screams awkwardly, 233. I guess I’ll say that Clay is a math genius. Or like Dorothy, damn lucky.

Mark has gone crazy. Mark apparently went “Nicole” the whole test. I feel as though some questions can be tossed towards someone else. I know in celebrity mole Kathy Griffin survived getting only one or two questions and being quite fast. Clay talks to Nicole and they think its Craig. Nicole plays the black card. I guess it could be Nicole if some of the questions also tossed towards Craig. Knowing she only played the black card, either Clay or Nicole will be gone quite soon. Looking back at last weeks test, Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 8 are all toss ups between Nicole and Craig. Even if Clay & Mark got 4 questions right, and if Nicole isn’t the mole, she would have gotten questions 1 and 3 if she answered every question as Alex. One would assume that if Alex put Nicole straight through, he only would have gotten 1 question right. That or only got either 4 (was slow/Nicole tossed 2 questions somewhere else) or less But I guess I’m just doing statistics.

People are missing family. Nicole is looking quite pretty for no reason. The next game is a Trust game. The votes are split between Mark & Clay, with one vote going to Nicole. Black power. Wait, did people actually pick one trustworthy person? The host tells us that family and friends are here. We are put in the train station. Craig & Clay are up first. It’s a memory/time game. It’s a little sad because family vs friends are a totally different thing. That’s a little unfair. Paul or Mark would clearly know their wives better than Craig who knows a girl for 9 months. Craig’s friend is named Brendi. Who names their children Brendi? I really hope there’s some familial basis. I guess I’m a fan of the classics. Like “Paz”. Ha.

Clay must have gotten only 3 right since “movies” isn’t a favorite memory and “The Crow” is an amazing movie, not a band. Nicole on the other hand, was quite accurate & fast on her questioning skills. Maybe she is a good OBGYN. Nicole, I could almost guess that she had all 5 questions right. Mark is going slow and is pissing off Nicole. Nicole slips one question, but fixes it in time. The door opens for Nicole’s Mom. I think Mark’s stress lines have increased since the beginning of the show. Clay is doing the nervous blank, but only had time to ask 4 of the 5 questions. Mark’s wife was crying before the door opened. Fortunately the door opens for her. Paul is last and uber-nervous. Actually he looks like a New Yorker. As a true New Yorker, he doesn’t know *mole* about his wife. Okay maybe a little. The train pulls up, and his very New York-looking family awkwardly waits during the commercials.

The commercials have finally finished and the doors finally open. What? I really thought Paul messed it up. Paul’s daughter is amazing with her witch-door-opening powers. A Yonkers daughter. I hope she doesn’t go to Sacred Heart.

Everyone is spending special time. Nicole is sad that she’s being isolated. Paul picks on her. Nicole totally answers a question with a two-sided answer. If there was a Bribe soon, Nicole would probably take the money. Nicole is ready for Self-Destruction by tossing questions either everywhere or towards herself.

I really think Paul is a good dad. I hope the show is stressing him out. Nicole’s mother would totally play the game similarly to Nicole. To a T. Her mother would even kill a contestant. Hah.

This test at least is a little more specific than the last test. One could probably get the first 4 right guessing. Clay has apparently picked the eliminated players as the mole, similarly to Nicole’s strategy.

There’s a quick shot of a Tiki torch and I don’t know if that’s a clue or a nod to Survivor. There’s a tie tonight, and knowing Nicole’s strategy, she probably went really fast. Paul, who happily wasn’t in this episode much, is in the Green. Nicole’s plan to self-destruct backfires. Clay, with his slight Lazy eye is eliminated. Nicole apparently just did the test. Her mother calls her Omarosa. Hah!

Now with my main suspicion is gone, I guess I’ll throw it to who my sister thought it was, Craig. I have a feeling Mark and Clay tied.

Next Week – Another trust game! One of those puzzles where you have to change the word Cell to Mole by changing one letter at a time! Paintball! Red screen of death for one!

Before I Go Let’s play with some statistics:

Question 1: Is the Mole?

Male - 75%
Female - 25%

Question 2: During the mission "Go Figure," was the Mole wearing a hat?

Yes – Craig – 25%
No - Mark, Paul, Nicole - 75%

Question 3: During the mission "Go Figure," did the Mole return to the park to recalculate one of the answers?

Yes – Nicole – 25%
No - Craig, Mark, Paul – 75%

Question 4: In "Go Figure," which team was the Mole a part of?

Dumb players - Craig, Nicole – 50%
Smart players - Mark, Paul – 50%

Question 5: In the "Ticket to Ride" mission, who did the Mole pick as their most trusted player?

Clay - Mark, Craig - 50%
Mark - Nicole, Paul – 50%
Nicole – Clay – 0%

Question 6: In "Ticket to Ride," how many people chose the Mole as their most trusted player?

Zero - Craig, Paul – 50%
One – Nicole – 25%
Two - Clay, Mark – 25%

Question 7: In "Ticket to Ride," who was the Mole's loved one(s)?

Brenda – Mark - 25%
Brendi – Craig – 25%
Kim – Clay - 0%
Ledora – Nicole – 25%
Tori and Alexa – Paul – 25%

Question 8: During "Ticket to Ride," in what order did the Mole see their loved one(s)?

First – Craig – 25%
Second – Clay – 0%
Third – Nicole – 25%
Fourth – Mark – 25%
Fifth – Paul – 25%

Question 9: During drinks before the "Ticket to Ride" mission, from Jon's perpsective, where was the Mole sitting (from r to l)?

First – Nicole - 25%
Second – Clay – 0%
Third – Craig – 25%
Fourth – Paul – 25%
Fifth – Mark – 25%

Question 10: Who is the Mole?

Clay - 0%
Craig - 25%
Mark - 25%
Nicole – 25%
Paul – 25%

See It’s a total coin toss with these tests. You know, although it's all pure luck, it'd be funny for Craig to be eliminated next week if you look at their names alphabetically, Craig is the only one by himself.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew Wallpaper

I like Fanny Pak. So I threw these wallpapers together.

Check out the rest on my deviantart page

I Love Money Episode 3: Short Summary

Hey everyone out there. I'm really sorry, but i've just been having really busy weekends to really cover this show. I'm gonna switch my focus on another weekend show, America's Best Dance Crew, but I will still give quick summaries of this show. I'm asking for forgiveness by making some neato wallpaper.

Team Captains: Gold – The Entertainer , Green – Mr. Boston

Game: Awkward kissing game.

Weirdest cross-reference: TMZ. These people aren’t famous.

Winners: Gold Team

Bottom 3: Mr. Boston, Megan, Heat.

Eliminated: Heat.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Results

We start off with a group Bollywood routine. They look like a rainbow. I’m sure that was intentional. They are showing a lot of comfort as well. This routine isn’t as intricate as the Katee/Josh one. Aw we welcome Cat she is sporting a nice dress and pony-tailed hair. She looks pretty with anything. We are told Mandy Moore, Wade Robison, and Shane Sparks got Emmy nominations. Except for the fact that Shane . Haha, Cat said “Jidges” again.

Our recap seems longer than normal. Maybe because I did a blog recap yesterday, but it gave the information.

We now have the girls’ performance. I’m not sure what’s in Mia Michael’s head but it’s quite interesting. I’m a little tired of the use of Celine Dion this year. They kept going to shots of Chelsie and Kherington and I didn’t know who they were because of the extensions in their hair, lighting, and airy makeup.

The girls are up on the chopping block. Chelsie is first and she is safe. Comfort is one of the bottom two. Makes sense. Katee is clearly safe, just due to the way they were lined up. Courtney & Kherington were next and Courtney is called safe. I’m so surprised that they didn’t go to commercial. Does that mean we have content this week?

The guys are up next with a “mystery choreographer” it’s a Broadway routine. I’m not sure why they are wearing sweats and wife beaters. It’s nice to see the camera not cut away too much. That means it took them only one take? Well that’s the illusion. So we at the end find out that the mystery choreographer was actually Nigel. Hmmm, maybe he wanted an Emmy nomination. Maybe he wanted more credibility.

So the guys are up. Starting with Joshua, who has fun with Cat by trying to walk away. There is a shot of his grandfather. He’s safe. I’m reminded with Will that it wasn’t Hot Tamale Train last night, but Love Boat. Boring. Any who, Will is safe. He runs downstairs and hugs Katee. Mark is in the bottom two. Leaving Gev and Twitch. Gev has to stand on his tippy toes to make it to Twitch’s shoulder. Twitch is safe.

We are shown more Snuggle sponsored homemade idiot videos. David R. Wins. Congrats?

Comfort is up, I like how her hair is in the front, she looks like she has a beard. She doesn’t do anything that spectacular. Maybe the audience doesn’t want to give Comfort a second chance. Lil’ C instructs her to keep fighting. Everyone does that dance gang sign.

Mark is next. I’m always interested by is song choices. I kind of don’t get it most of the time though. Especially the odd hoodie-without-arms thing.

Wait… there’s no musical performance? Thank you Cat. Thank you.

Kheringon is up next. Am I going to lose my Teeth? Ugh, I guess I should prep finding another soon. Kherington isn’t that bad. Very flexible.

Gev is last and is dancing to Michael Buble. Quite swanky. He’s flexible too. If I lose Kherington and Gev this week I’m gonna have to pick a new Teeth and a new Hottie. It might just be “Braced-teeth” Joshua. On both accounts.

The girl with the lowest votes is Kherington. Comfort is safe. I think she hit her peak during Twitchington.

The guys are up next. Gev is eliminated. Poor guy. I think it was the height thing. And he gets the All American Reject’s song. I always loved his solos.

Did I mention I got 4 for 4 in the bottom this week? I also got Kherington. I’ve kinda shocked myself.

2008 Emmy Nominations

This year we got a lot of the same, and a new category

The newbies are italicized.

Outstanding Reality Competition
American Idol
Dancing With the Stars
Project Runway
The Amazing Race
Top Chef

Outstanding Reality Program
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Antiques Roadshow
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
Dirty Jobs

We have one new category:

Outstanding Host of a Reality or Reality-Competition Show.
Ryan Seacrest - American Idol
Tom Bergeron - Dancing with the Stars
Howie Mandel -Deal or No Deal
Heidi Klum - Project Runway
Jeff Probst - Survivor

We'll see what happens. But Heidi? Not Phil? And Howie Mandel? I'd rather have Padma.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So you Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 Perform

Yay the time when I don’t trust America! And the opinions of the judges don’t matter! Yay! We welcome our dancers and Courtney has a scarf on that doesn’t really match. Are you cold? Put on pants. Twitch is still sporting the glasses. Cat Deeley is looking as good as always. As with the news report that I posted before, no Jessica. Jessica comes up, she apparently broke two ribs and the doctors have stopped her. Cat genuinely wishes her the best. I like Cat. Comfort is back…

Here are the judges. That’s not Shane Sparks… it’s Lil’ C. You know, Shane’s face is not allowed as he judges America’s Best Dance Crew. There are two dances and solos. Everyone is broken up. Oooh! The return of the hat!

Courtney & Joshua – Hip-Hop

You think Gev would teach Courtney something involving Hip-Hop. I guess he was to busy trying to mack with her. Fortunately Josh may cover up some mistakes. Bride of Frankenstein time! Luckily Courtney spent the first few measures stationary. I think as a “creation” Courtney can get away with missing steps. Joshua is clearly smoking her. He then electrocutes her. Or Vice-Versa. Lil’ C is too close to the mic. He says nothing important. Mary, likewise, just screams a little. Nigel agrees that Joshua was better than Courtney in this one. She apparently messed an arabesque. Didn’t notice it. I love how this show shows Slow-Mo’s mistakes. America’s Best Dance Crew highlights the amazing parts.

Solo – Chelsie

Her dress is throwing me off. Like a little pine tree dancing in an open forest. Chelsie really would look better with a partner. Poor girl.

Kherington & Mark – Country Two-Step

Country-time. A preggo is gonna teach them a two step. Looks like fun. Even with the baby she’s spinning. Does the baby get dizzy? Will the baby be born and then puke? She looks like the instructor could pop in a month. I’m more concerned about the baby than the couple. They start off looking quite uncomfortable. They just don’t seem as into it that well. It seems kind of untidy and slower than it should be. At least my Thayne replacement, Kherington is showing a lot of teeth. Lil’C didn’t get it. They messed up. Maybe it was Twitch that was carrying Kherington. Mary compares Country Two Step with Quickstep. Do we have another dance of death? The slow-mo captures Kherington’s wiggly unattached-arm. Nigel mentions lack of faith. Kherington has to let Mark lead her. It’s a shame. She looks like a bottom 2 candidate, right now.

Solo – Gev

I think Gev messed up his jump where he does the leg jump. But I love watching him. He does a weird arm out of armhole move then jump ropes his shirt. Oooh, take off the undershirt too! I think he used his 30 seconds much better than Chelsie.

Comfort & Twitch – Waltz

Comfort gets another Waltz. A chance to redeem herself from that Viennese Waltz. Comfort has to act close to Twitch. Booty/Cooch hand. Nice Twitch. Haha, they dance to an Idol favorite, Journey’s Open Arms. Comfort still seems uncomfortable doing waltzes, but she definitely is a step better than her last waltz. Ouch, Twitch lifts her Booty up and she doesn’t show discomfort. That’s like a free prostate exam, if Twitch lifted…say Gev. Lil’C is pointing the lack of float-y-ness. Mary says no. They didn’t step up to the plate, 15 innings of stress. Whoo, that ballgame last night. I digress. Nigel is disappointed, but they did the lift correctly.

Solo – Courtney

Courtney spins, splits, extends, looks like she forgot her pants, and overall doesn’t do that badly. Courtney is either so short or Cat is wearing massive shows but her head is in Cat’s boob.

Katee & Will – Broadway

Tyce mentions being over the top. She’s supposed to be a blond this week. Tyce is expecting a lot from the two. Will emerges with dork glasses and nerdy get up. Boat! In the middle of the floor! Oh no! Don’t get out of the boat, you may drown! I think the two did the best with what they could with a Broadway routine. Apparently Will Drowns at the end. Random quick shot of Mia. Tyce is apparently a beast. Lil’ C said “Conversate”. I’m not sure if I could listen to the rest of what he said. It’s “Converse” and get it right. Mary is joining the Hot Tamale Boat. Nigel liked it as well. Will doesn’t have to drag Jessica anymore. Yay!

Solo – Mark

Mark rocks out to queen. A little bit of a shirt lift to try to entice the audience. He still is acting like quite a bird with his arms and beak-hawk. His sign language is also not legitimate.

Chelsie & Gev – Contemporary

Gev is too short, but luckily gets a Contemporary. Gev’s prowess is good. Let’s hope that Gev doesn’t get a stiffy at the end. I think both of them get it. I believe this performance. I like how Chelsie’s hair whips around so quickly. They don’t really do the hump in the opening video. That’s good. I like how they have to put Gev’s hair up to make him look taller. Lil’ C likes the commitment. Gev looked smooth. I heart Sonja with her intense horse-hawk hair. Mary likes it as well. Nigel believes the chemistry. Gev wasn’t passionate enough according to Gev. Nigel still talks about the Gev/Courtney pairing.

Solo – Comfort

Comfort is bringing it harder than she ever has. Hell, she even tries a jump. It’s not amazing, but she tried one.

Round 2:

Solo – Twitch

I love Twitch’s selection of music. He uses the whole stage and gets a wide range of break, hip-hop, and gymnastics. I heart Cat’s playfulness with the contestants.

Courtney & Josuha – Rumba

Rumba: The dance of love. Apparently Courtney was afraid it would be quite hard. There is quite porny music playing in the background. Makes me regret saying “quite hard” Ugh, Enrique Iglesias. Fortunately Joshua and Courtney look quite into it. I like how it looks like Josh is sniffing her the whole time. Josh gets a load of Courtney in the face as he lifts her in the finale lift. Lil’ C mentions the hands and touching. Lil’ C says a word that merges “elegant” and “eloquent” I’m not sure which one he is looking for. Second strike, Lil C’. Mary mentions the difficulty of the Rumba and how Josh & Courtney got it. Nigel believes the fit. To Nigel, Joshua was a little too Butch, not for me though.

Solo –Katee

It’s our first time seeing Katee and I think she definitely shows passion in her hands. She may not be the highest jumper but just watching the ripples in her fingers is amazing.

Kerington & Mark – Jazz

Feel the music and perform. It’s a style performance. No stupid story today. Haha, nice songs today. Something that is a little too Disco, but okay. They are better synced this performance than the last one. Kherington does a high kick where it looked like she kicked her own face. I don’t get why this is called a Jazz performance. Hell, it could have fallen under the Pop category they used to use. Lil’ C says “good job”. Mary says it was meh, middle ground. She wasn’t pumped. She’s quite sedated today. The people aren’t really putting coal into her hot tamale train. Or does her train run on other forms of hot air? Nigel calls it basically a shopping list of moves. Not outstanding.

Solo – Will

Will is quite technical. Again, like Katee he’s bringing the fingers. He jumps high and swirls around a good amount.

Comfort & Twitch – Hip-Hop

Something in their Comfort level. Eh, okay that wasn’t funny. Futuristic Hip-Hop? Comfort & Twitch are bringing it against each other. I think the costuming department got to Twitch again. Someone went, “Hey lets glue mirrors on that shirt, that’s futuristic!” They hit most of their steps well. Nothing spectacular, no huge jumps, but quite clean. Lil’ C calls the routine “buck”. Oh, no. Not buck again. Comfort nails it. Mary uses “buck” again. But at least she knows that it doesn’t fit her vernacular. Mary notes how Comfort fought for it. Nigel, says it didn’t look choreographed. That’s nice. I want to go to a club and pull that off. Comfort amazes Nigel. That’s nice.

Solo – Kherington

It’s nice seeing her not do something by OneRepublic. She didn’t wow me though.

Katee & Will – Pas de Deux

I’m under the understanding that the “Pas de Deux” is a faux-ballet. Katee has to become Gumby today. Do not try this at home. David Archuletta? That may be a funny sign. Who’s gonna get David Cook next week? It seems as though, Katee is doing most of the work, and she kind of misses one extended turn. When they break into their individual parts, each stand out differently (which works well for the voting montage later) Katee with her arm passion, Will with his technicality. Damn, those lifts are hard. Haha, Mary said the song was beautiful. Why don’t you just say, “Go and support American Idol!” Artistry in motion. I believe her. Nigel loves Desmond Richardson. High praises here. I agree. Nigel mentions the mistake, and says that they can do better and that’s good. I never thought of it that way. I make mistakes to make myself better in the future to rectify the mistakes.

Solo – Joshua

So, Joshua gets the pimp spot. Chelsie & Gev get the couple’s pimp spot. Interesting. I like the choice of song. He’s good at what he does. It’s funny you know he has a lot of tricks in his bag and he picks a few.

Chelsie & Gev – Jive

Fast challenge today. Jean Marc is crazy. I could see why this would be last. Gev slipps a little at a few points but nothing too bad. They were going a little fast, slips are bound to happen. Gev doesn’t really have the lightness of his knees. They looked like they had fun though. Lil’ C said that Chelsie out stepped Gev. Mary liked it. Not hot tamale tonight, Chelsie was clearly better. Mary used the blasphemous words “Dancing With the Stars” Chelsie being the star. Nigel agrees.

This week seems hard. My personal bottom 4? Comfort & Kherington for the girls. The boys? I dunno, maybe Gev & Mark. I personally want to see Mark gone and I’m gonna give Comfort one more shot for acing the Hip-Hop, so I’ll say Kherington. Tomorrow, A Bollywood! Yay! Goodnight Cat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Episode 4

Last week we finally saw Darcy get windshield wipered across a huge car window. Okay, that didn’t happen. We realized that Donnell is afraid of girls doing better.

The teams welcome back Meaghan. The yellow penguins apparently bet cookies against Meaghan. Mary sees that the challenges aren’t that exhausting. Yeah, maybe you should get off the couch.

Mama-san greets the team and wants the team to learn Japanese. She teaches Justin “How Much is it?” Are you sure he’s not gay? Cathy is taught, “I’m sorry.” The teams are brought back into the studio. They are given the baby outfits. Donnell sports the bonnet to the side. Meaghan makes it worse and puts her hair in pigtails. Mark becomes “angry baby” and lifts a couch. The teams stretch.

Majide!!!! Extra exclamation points today. Shaking of the tambourines!

The teams are brought out to the laughter of the audience. I guess Meaghan was taught “I love you” and Donnell was taught “I love Japan”

The Challenge: Big Baby Go Boom

So in this challenge the teams are dressed like babies, not modern day, but the type that would be in a cartoon, bonnet and all. They are spun in an oversized crib. The now dizzy teammate will have to climb out of the crib and make their way through an obstacle course carrying two cups filled with milk to pour into a large baby bottle. Falling will ensue. I love the little animation. Even better! Baby Monkey & Baby Penguin! One baby in the yellow team has to be put in the corner. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Yellow team is up first. Belinda is out of this challenge. Cathy gets out of the spinning first. Cathy is spun around as she gets the milk. Right as she gets itm she spills it. She has to finish the course even if she didn’t have milk. Mark is next. He holds some milk as he spins off of the peppermint patties. Fog attack!. He pours about a little bit of milk. Justin wobbles a little bit, but he clearly is drunk often. I think the Nipple Rings are a clear giveaway. Mark is up again, he slips but maintains a good amount of milk. He couldn’t make it to the bottle before time is up. They are definitely nervous.

Commercials. Do I make funny faces as I gargle? No I tear up badly as the Listerine kills the bad germs.

Baby Green Monkey team is up next. The host tells the audience that he loves watching everyone fall. The green team decides to have an eyes closed technique. Donnell doesn’t do well at all. He goes plop almost as quickly as gets the milk. Did he just clothesline himself? Meaghan is next, she does the balance board correctly but she cant get past the first peppermint. Judge Bob. Still making correct signs in the background. Like a bad Y in the YMCA that your grandmother does during weddings. Meaghan makes about half a thing. Mary survives the peppermints without a lot of spinning. She pours a lot in. One minute to go. Donnell is last. Donnell swoops and no milk. He has to finish the course. Clearly, time is gonna run out. Game over!

They bring the Penguins out. Judge Bob brings out the bottles. He peels the green label off. That’s not a lot. Bob then pulls out the yellow teams label, more than green! Not by much, but moonshine Justin saved the day. The prize? Soba-noodle making day! Losing team? Harvest Clams! Insert double entendre about clams here. That’s three in a row for the teams. Donnell thinks that Mary doesn’t deserve to go in. Meaghan’s “immunity” is on the line. Really? Towel truces? Donnell is really afraid of these women.

Mary wakes up early and looks off into the Japanese skyline. Mary really doesn’t deserve to go. Mama-san makes sure that people have to wear dirty clothes for the green team. Yellow team gets to go the second oldest temple in eastern Japan. The team gets a soba-noodle making lesson. The guy doing the demo does an amazing job. The other team is greeted by old women who are shucking clams. The clams smell, like clams. Insert sexual joke here. Yellow is served the soba-noodles. Cathy is so Staten Island. Meaghan is freaked out by the whole living clams. The tongue licks her I’m sure. Mary is grossed out. Donnell. They bring another bucket out for the team to finish.

The teams are brought back. Mary decides to apparently have one-on-ones with the contestants. Cathy says that “You’re not here to make friends” Drink! The other green teams are up to change and Donnell goes tries to convince Mary to go up against Meaghan. Mary is hesitant and adjusts her glasses. Time is up.

They bring the Green Monkey team out. The girls and Donnell smell like clams. Donnell likes the smell. Insert another sexual joke here. Who is up? Mary & Donnell. Mary is true to her word. Meaghan is sent pack. The two remaining contestants are told to strip and put on chicken heads. Kinky.

The Eliminator: Big Chicken Butt Scramble

The contestants are first tarred and feathered, the tar today is oil. It kind of reminds me of those times I eat chicken wings at Chinese take out and there is that one lone feather stuck in the wing-part. That never stopped me from eating it. Any who, they have to run to their “nest box” and pop eggs with their bums. What? If I was a mother hen, I would guard my eggs. Oh well.

Mary is up first. Did the waiting room change and get darker? Oh well, Mary, who looks like Chicken Little, is lubing herself up. Sexy. Time starts when she starts to slide down. I don’t know how they judge the feathering. Mary is off and she gets a good amount until she hesitates on the 5th egg. She gets a flow with her “tiny” booty. I don’t know how she gets the 9th one. It pops itself. She falls. The eggs would not budge. The oil gets to her. With time running out she edges out a 10th. Haha the host said “Buttocks”. They have to clean up after Mary yolked everywhere. Yeah, she got egg on her face. I must be five today.

Donnell is up next. He greases himself up as the sexy music plays in the background. Slide time, he feather’s himself and Bob okay’s him. Donnell has trouble with the first, but gets a flow going. After the 7th, he gets a bad egg. He finally gets the 8th and 9th. And gets the 10th. With a good amount of time, he gets #11. Donnell wins. Mary is a chicken tender. The Sayonara team comes in to swoop Mary away. Poor girl. If she just broke her word Meaghan would have gone home.

Incredible hulk music plays as Mary walks away. Mary was happy during the whole time. That’s good. They show the last clip of Mary making a food of herself. Nice.

Next week: Return of Velcro suits. Doors, Monkeys, and Pandas with Pom-poms! More commercials that give us too much information! I swear, less sexual references next week. Majide!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Breaking News: Comfort gets another chance…

So You Think You Can Dance contestant Comfort Fedoke is back in after Jessica got injured. Who? Oh right the girl who i thought should be eliminated with Comfort. Dammit. She had her time and her little goodbye montage played already. But due to an injury, Comfort is getting another shot.

Source: Associated Press

The Mole: Six Contestants Remain

Previously on the Mole – We just watched it…but Kristen is gone.

Nicole is the only woman left. Damn. I hope the first question is “Is the mole Male/Female” and she isn’t the mole. 1 Question guaranteed.

Wine! The winery probably smells like manure. The groups are broken into 3 runners and 3 thinkers. Mark is the best athlete, Paul is the communicator. Due to the volume levels.

“The grapes of cash” – Find 7 bottles. Each is 10,000. Thinkers have to solve puzzles, the answer is a coordinate, Paul gives coordinates to people. Mark has to run the treadmill. And he can help the puzzles.

1) Which word does not fit – Apparently, wood, because it’s not congealed. Paul is dyslexic, switching a 6 with 5.
2) They think it’s 3.
3) Trick question. It’s 12.
4) Paul tries to look like he knows and complains.

They find one wine bottle. And Mark is put to six.

5) Mark thinks it’s a multiplied by 3 kinda thing.

Mark is increased again.

6) Mark thinks it’s B. Nicole acts dumb.

Speed increased some more.

7) There are too many words. If I had effort I’d think. They think it’s C.

Paul tries to read. I don’t think it works. Paul wants to erase the wrong answer. Nicole and Paul bicker. Clay and Alex are waiting for coordinates. Mark runs.

They go to 5’s coordinates. Mark get’s 7’s brain teaser right. Alex has a propensity for booze. Like many musicians. Paul is dyslexic and screams out funny numbers. Mark is put to 10. People can’t get it. Mark’s treadmill is maxed out. The guys get back 53 minutes after starting. Alex wants to booze up.

Alex and Paul are thinking it’s Nicole. Clay & Mark think it may be Nicole. Clay is still on my radar.

Nicole is Molerific. Not Mole-icious.

Clay & Mark want to booze up Alex. It’s funny, I’m amazing at Cranium drunk.

Swing Out – Time for that one bungee challenge. Make a bull’s-eye. Get money. Nicole decides to go last, and makes those mmm-hmm, emphasis noises. How about wiggling a finger too? Mark is first, but before he jumps is told the instructions of an exemption. He has to guess how much they would make. Mark says 10,000. He should just miss. And as he swings, he was a little short of the outer box. John and Paul flirt a little. He makes a guess and jumps, he swung and throws the baggy into the river.

Craig calls Clay a “Chocolate Bear”. The guesses are kept confidential for dramas sake. Clay’s eyes were closed and he kind of makes a random toss. Craig has vertigo, and I hope he get’s that Hitchcockian swirl as he falls. Why doesn’t Craig have a helmet on? Thanks safety team, he’s too big for one isn’t he? Even The Amazing Race made modifications for Midgets. Craig jumps into a commercial break.

Craig makes a scream of death and a toss. It misses. Clay was afraid that he went squish. Alex has Charlie Brown syndrome and blurts out a number. Alex tosses and makes 4G’s. I would guess 0. Nicole looks down. Dumbass. “Girl Power?” She apparently fell for a day and missed. Final Number? $4,000. That sucks. But I’m sure bungee jumping is fun.

Mark said 10,000. Paul said 12,000. Clay said 14,000. Craig said 20,000. Alex guessed 15,000. Nicole said 28,000. My guess of zero would at least have been in contention.

I’m already done with the whole last woman standing editing. Clay and Mark get wine for Alex. Clay tries to give some white wine to Alex.

Quiz time! Ha! Question 1 should be easy for Nicole. Did Craig overthink questions? Why did Clay have a collar for a physical task? Who sits where? Who jumped when? Which idiot didn’t say 1 dollar a-la Price Is Right? What is “Slike”? Who is the mole?

Alex…scanning…boom! Red light! Maybe the boozing worked? Alex had fun, played the guitar and kinda enjoyed it.

Next Week: People can’t read a map, people are lost. People are stuck in trains. Paul may get all Yonkers on a train. Nicole will probably say that she is the last woman standing again.

WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

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