Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Real World Brooklyn: Episode 3

It’s nighttime in Brooklyn and Ryan and Baya have a jam session with his guitar. He practices a little falsetto in the bedroom. Baya thinks that Ryan is talented and a little cute when he performs. Ryan has a conversation with Michelle, his girlfriend, on the phone. He doesn’t know exactly how to start getting into the music business, but Michelle thinks it would be fun.

Ryan and Baya go to Angels and Inks. Ryan gets lucky and talks to a music manager. He gives a lot of information and advice. He has some connections to people who deal with new artists. Baya also gets some connections from the same man for dancing on a music video. The two drink and have a fun time as the night progresses.

Devyn talks to Katelynn in the computer room. Mike, Katelynn’s boyfriend, hasn’t communicated in any form. Devyn wants to make sure that there is some form of communication in the relationship. The next day Katelynn decides to talk to Mike on the phone. He gives curt answers while she talks to him. She ends the conversation and he still gives a short response. In the exercise room, Katelynn and Baya talk about the phone call. Mike didn’t ask her anything about the experience or the roommates. Baya tells her that Mike doesn’t deserve Katelynn.

Scott starts cutting some chicken. Devyn looks at Scott and he slaps a piece of chicken on her waist. She squeals and tells him not to put his meat on her. They flirt a little bit. Afterward, Devyn talks to Sarah about Scott. Scott is different to Devyn than the other girls according to Sarah. Sarah thinks that in 30 days that Scott will make a confession of love for Devyn. They make it a bet ($30) and shake hands.

Ryan, Chet, and Baya walk around the city looking for Crush Management. Chet is hopefully looking for a TV hosting position. They have a website that Chet could become an interviewer for. Baya wants to learn how to DJ and she gets a mentor. Doug, the general manager, tells Ryan that he will get another interview ready with “Machine.” Back in the house the cast sits and listens to Ryan’s performances. He sings a song about a broken relationship. Baya loves the vulnerability.

Back in Angels and Inks, the cast is invited to visit because it is Baya’s first day DJ-ing. She’s nervous and she feels like every mistake is being heard. Katelynn starts to drink after all the nervousness with Mike. She starts to dance with some boys and then she makes out with a girl to the surprise of the cast. Devyn thinks that Katelynn craves attention and kisses anything on contact. Katelynn drunkenly hugs Scott and Devyn. Back at home, Katelynn is still upset about Mike. She loves him, but he’s not communicating. Devyn tells her that drinking only masks problems.

Chet and Ryan drive to the interview with Machine. Ryan’s nervous, but excited at the same time. Machine tries to learn more about Ryan. Ryan talks about his experiences in Iraq. Machine is astonished after hearing about Saddam Hussein. Chet suggests singing the “tampon song.” He sings it to the giggles of Chet in the background. Machine suggests forming a band and growing first. Chet is a little confused by the whole thing. Ryan thinks that he shouldn’t have performed the song he did. Maybe things could have been different. Back at home Baya asks Ryan about how everything went. He’s a little bummed. Baya feels bad and asks him what Ryan should do now. Ryan doesn’t know.

Devyn decides to create the “BFF-omiter.” She shows the chart to Scott. Basically it’s how close one gets in contact with the other. She includes “Dutch Oven” as one peg on the meter. Basically that means that the two can fart around each other without complaints. There is a guest at the gate. Scott invites his model/friend Alex here. Devyn gets introduced to Alex and is a little intimidated and annoyed that Scott brought someone around.

The group decides to go to Elmo. Scott is a little bit of a womanizer. Devyn explains “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” Chet and Alex talk a little about kissing. He thinks that there is a connection. Back in the house, Chet wants Alex in the hot tub. She doesn’t though and Chet hugs Alex. Devyn laughs with Alex about how she broke Chet’s heart. Devyn and Alex talk about Scott before Scott comes in. Chet emerges in swim trunks and tries to impress Alex.

Another day passes. Devyn is on the phone with a friend. She just can’t read Scott’s signals.

Baya dances in a club with Ryan. They dance and joke around. Ryan tells her “I have a girlfriend” and Baya is disgusted that Ryan could even think like that. Back in the house Ryan and Baya brush their teeth in the bathroom. Ryan explains that he got scared when Baya was dancing with him. Baya doesn’t know exactly where Ryan sees the line. There is nothing sexual between the two.

The computer room. Scott and Sarah talk about “Marissa,” a friend back at home. He’s very much in love with her. Sarah is shocked that he’s not actually single. He doesn’t want information to go around too fast, but knows that everyone will find out if she visits. Sarah quickly tells the girls. Devyn is angry that Scott lied the first day. Devyn feels like she needs to talk to Scott about the flirtation. She goes to Scott’s room and talks about the “single” situation. Scott thinks that hugs are harmless. Devyn wants to make sure that he is more careful because some girls misunderstand connections. She’s over the whole thing.

Katelynn is in the phone room and tries calling Mike. She leaves a message. There are still no calls or e-mails. She talks to Sarah very upset about the whole situation. Mike is so mellow and slow to see problems. Sarah explains that Katelynn has to be vocal about everything because he (like most men) can’t guess the problems. Sarah also reassures her that there are people out there that will love Katelynn for Katelynn. After the conversation, Katelynn cries in bed.

Ryan, Chet, Sarah, Katelynn and Baya drive to Matchless. Katelynn meets Matt, one of the guitarists performing that night. The next day, Katelynn preps herself since she’s going to hang out with Matt. Devyn tells her that this is actually a “date.” JD talks to her before she goes. He’s unsure of the whole thing. Katelynn and Matt wander around the city. She makes a Family Guy reference while wandering around. She thinks that the two hit it off well. Night falls and the two go back to the house. JD talks to Matt a little bit. Soon Baya and the others meet Matt. They think that Matt is a good guy. Katelynn is still not sure that she should tell Matt. She’s not at that point. She wants Mike back.

The girls all prep for a day in the gym. Ryan asks the girls about the exercising. It’s a pole dancing class. Ryan suggests that he tag along. They all go to the gym and exercise. While Baya and the girls all look natural, Ryan looks silly the whole time. Ryan jokes around on the pole to the girls delight.

That night Ryan writes an email to Baya. He does like her and still would love the opportunity one day to date but can’t at the moment. In the morning Baya gets the email and is confused. She decides to talk to Devyn about the situation. Devyn suggests making a “BFF-omiter” for her and Ryan. She also tells Baya that she is just so fabulous that he would like her.

Next Week – Sarah has a mysterious dark shadow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol - The Arizona Auditions

We get a montage of the past seasons. People like Kelly Pickler, that guy who threw water at Simon, the guy who looks like Gollum, crying Sanjaya girl, and the Hoff. There is a winner montage to compensate for the bad contestants, ending with the last winner David Cook. It seems like yesterday that David Cook beat David Archuletta, but the past is past and we are at a new season. The executives have promised us less bad performers and focus a little more on storyline/development of the good contestants. There are some changes in format, but we’ll get to that when we get whittled down to the top 36. Any who, we get video of pre-teen girls crying about Archuletta losing. Cook interviews about how winning idol has changed his life.

We get a montage of a whole ton of people who think they have the chops. We get the new edit this year. It’s all about the journey this year. Ryan stands in front of the Grand Canyon and explains that we start this year in Arizona. It’s hot. The crowds are pumped, but sweating profusely.

Randy, Simon, and Paula walk in. Let’s introduce our newest judge: Kara DioGuardi. She has an impressive resume for songwriting and has penned songs for fellow idol contestants Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta, Carrie Underwood, and Katherine McPhee. We get a montage of Kara being a crazy judge who could hold her own with Simon.

Our first person up is Tuan Nguyen. He has hair and he attempts to sing and drill/tap at the same time. He drinks some water to keep himself well hydrated. He wants to be Michael Jackson/Britney Spears and he sings “The way you make me feel.” It’s sub-par and the judges laugh the whole way through. Randy was entertained, but it wasn’t good. He is rejected, but gets a montage to “Careless Whisper.”

Emily Hughes grew up to having a singer mother. Her mother gave up singing to take care of Emily. She is a singer in an all girl rock band. She sings “Barracuda” and it makes Paula smile. Simon liked it and called her different. If she makes it, she breaks up her all girl band. She hopes that maybe she can get her band mates back if she wins. They all pass her through. She gets cheers through the audience. We’ll find out what happens to her and her band in Hollywood.

Our next contestant is Randy Madden. He says he’s 28, but he definitely looks older from how he dresses. He says he has no training and he tears up during the whole process. He attempts “Livin’ on a Prayer” and tries to gives it his own spin. Simon calls it “wimpy” and Randy tries singing it again. Simon calls it cliché. He starts to cry as Simon criticizes him. Paula tries to be positive and Simon pesters her. Kara tries to comfort Randy as well. The four say no. He gets a cry montage as he leaves.

J.B. Ahfua actually gets some time to sing and he sings well. The four say yes. He explains to Ryan that it’s his opportunity to help his family. He gets no storyline whatsoever.

The waiting room laughs and has fun after J.B. succeeded. In comparison our next contestant, Michael is quite nervous about the whole situation. He doesn’t feel well about the whole thing and the contestant next to him tries to console him. It doesn’t work. He makes it in front of the judges and sings “It starts with goodbye.” The noises that come from mouth are incomprehensible. Randy had to cover his face in laughter. Michael wants to come back, but Simon says no. He then attempts a Kara song and Kara is a little shocked. He gets rejected. Outside he’s sweating profusely, sits on the floor, and eats a banana.

We get a montage of bad singers. Will Kunick butchers “Mad World.” D.J. Bradley kills Celine Dion (well, her song). Shawn Vasquez squeals through “I’ll Never Love this Way Again.” Speaking of bad contestants, our next contestant “X-ray” is excited and comes in with a lot of energy. X-Ray sings the song “Cactus Baby” and puts down his guitar. Why do you bring a guitar if you’re not gonna play it. The song is obscene but quite catchy. Randy is laughing too hard to reject him. The four all pass on “X-ray.” He has to be escorted away.

Our next contestant is the bubbly, young Arianna Afasar. She created “Adopt a Grand-friend” where she cheers up the senior citizens. Simon makes a crack at Paula being a senior citizen. She sings “Put Your Records On” and she is light and has a nice lilt to her voice. Simon likes it. Paula calls it stunning. She gets four astounding yes’s.

There were nine others who made it to Hollywood on Day 1. After day one Kara loves her job.

Day 2. Everyone is all smiles. Clearly they don’t know what to expect. We get a montage of several bad high keys sung by previous rejects. That’s never a good sign. We get someone who reminds anyone of “Chocolate Rain.” His name is Elijah. He has a deep baritone. It’s apparently his real voice and it amuses the judges. He sings “My First, My Last, My Everything” and he’s quite deep and slow in execution. The judges snicker and Simon calls it part of a horror
movie. Paula thinks that he’d make a good voice actor.

Lea Marie Golde is a pink cowgirl from Connecticut. She calls herself a cross between Madonna and Hillary Duff. She spins and falls over. She is Kara’s biggest fan. She wants to show her songwriting book to Kara. She hands her book over to Kara and Kara takes a look while she sings “Everytime We Touch.” She sings the whole song through her nose. Simon rolls his eyes. He calls the singing “annoying.” Kara appreciates her writing. Lea tries her best to convince them, but the four reject her.

Stevie Wright was named after Stevie Nicks. That’s some big shoes to fill. She giggles her whole way through. She sings “At Last” and she has a very beautiful voice; she easily hits the highs and lows. The judges are wowed by her control in her voice. Simon wants to make sure that she has to be more competitive in her spirit. The judges pass her through. Paula compares her to Kelly Clarkson.

Michael Sarver works at an oil rig. It’s the fifth most dangerous job. He’s a family man and he wants to make a change. He sings “Thank You” and executes a good country voice. He has a soul in his voice. Randy thinks that he doesn’t look like how he sounds. It’s a yes for everyone.

We get another montage of bad singers. Some are yellers, others just have bad hair, and even more suffer from bad make-up. Up next is “Bikini Girl.” She flirts with Ryan. Simon is quite happy for how she dresses. She lightly sings through Mariah Carey’s “Vison of Love.” Simon gives it a yes. Kara doesn’t get why both Randy and Simon liked her. Kara thinks she has no swing. Bikini Girl tries to hit high notes and Kara tries to reject her. She counters her by saying that Kara’s voice is not better. Bikini Girl, aka Katrina, made it through. The girls hate her, but she made it through. It’s the flaw of having four judges, since it seems that you only need two to make it through. She runs to Ryan and kisses him. He’s flustered. She jumps into the pool.

There is some more Kara montage. No one knows how to pronounce her name. At one point Simon calls her “Golda.” Simon continues to call her “Car-a.”

Speaking of names, our next contestant is Eric Thomas aka “Sexual Chocolate.” He’s in awe in front of the judges. His nickname came from high school. He sings some Stevie Wonder, but he’s not amazing. If he fails, apparently his mother will buy him a car. They reject him.

Brianna Quijada is a ball of excitement. She screams “oh my gosh” all the way to the judges. She sings “Let’s hear it for the Boy” and she sings like a pixy. Simon thinks that it was her personality that let her get through to the judges. Paula asks her to sing “Killing Me Softly.” She’s all nervous and Simon pesters her. After calling Simon “Simey,” she muddles the words, but does a decent job. Simon likes her spirit, and although Randy and Kara say no, Paula and Simon say yes. She gets hugs and makes it through.

There is a family montage. The moms and other family members are the support. Unfortunately Deanna Brown has no family and asks random people to be family members. She is reminiscent of Kellie Pickler. There is a husky tone to her voice as she sings “Sitting on the dock of the bay.” A husky version of Dolly Parton. The judges like the interesting voice. The judges love her and she goes to Hollywood. She calls her mother and she screams.

Cody Sheldon is from Michigan and has a flank of family. There is a dark side…he makes horror films. This makes the judges eyebrow raise. He sings “Wonderful World.” He has an interesting tone to his voice. Kara doesn’t think that his voice and his look don’t go together. Nonetheless, he emerges with the yellow slip of justice.

Simon asks contestants “Which countries that they would be popular in.” Alex Wagner-Trugman gives some interesting countries, including Canada. He used to sing in the closet and got a mold cold. He has a dry sarcasm. Simon makes “out of the closet” jokes. He attempts “Baby Come to Me” and although he wiggles through the whole thing, he has a beautiful sound in his voice. Randy likes the tone; it worked in a weird way. He sarcastically tells Simon that he could sing “God Save the Queen.” Simon says no, but Randy, Kara, and Paula say yes. Randy compares him to Joe Cocker.

There is a western showdown montage. There is a group song to “Wanted Dead or Alive.” All of the singers are bad, except for Bikini Girl. There is some air guitar for extra measure.

Our last contestant is Scott Macintyre. He’s 23 years old. He’s blind, but can see a little bit of tunnel vision. He learned how to play classical music and is wonderfully fluent. He’s conquered the lack of sight (he even dances!). Can he conquer the judges? The interesting fact that he has was that he graduated college at 19. He sings “And so it Goes” by Billy Joel. His voice is pretty, but because of the lack of sight, he looks aimless towards the judges. The judges love him and they all say yes. Ryan tries to give him a high-five.

There were 27 tickets given out. And after a montage of winners jumping into a pool, Bikini Girl trips the camera man. Next time: Kansas City.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Real World: Brooklyn Episode 1

I'm probably not going to continue with recaps of Brooklyn. It really depends on how much better this season can be. - Paz

Season 21? Already? Ugh, anywho. This season we got a few firsts. We have eight housemates this year and the first season (unnecessarily) in High Def. Also, although it’s the third season in NY, it’s the first in the borough of Brooklyn (The other two were in Manhattan).

We get the traveling videos and we’re introduced first to Ryan. He drives and shows his home video. He is an ex-army guy and is convinced he could read anyone in a few minutes. We go to Montana and are introduced to Katelynn, she introduces Mike her boyfriend. She mentions that she’s transgendered. She had gender reassignment in Thailand so she has different bits down there. She kisses Mike and hops on a plane to New York.

We get tons of HD New York shots, like graffiti, ballers, and street signs. To counteract the wonderful scenes we go to Chet. Chet sews at home. What? What kind of transition was that? He puts pink into his collar. Not just pink, Neon Pink. Now that’s self confidence. He’s afraid that he will be shot when he gets to New York. He probably will if he goes around wearing a loud neon pink vest or neon orange scarf. Devyn was formally a beauty pageant girl. She meets Chet at the pier area and the two hug. She instantly likes the purple. They hug and Chet talks about how he loves the now defunct TRL. He’s Mormon and apparently “fun.”

Baya and Ryan meet at Coney Island. Baya wants to be a professional dancer and she shows her Honey-esque audition video. Baya is not Mormon which surprises Ryan, the two laugh as they drive to the house.

Sarah is the California “weird” girl. She gets a lot of tattoos and apparently is pegged to be the klepto. JD is from Miami and he is hoping to get a family out of the experience. He’s a dolphin trainer and there is video of him at Sea World. Sarah wants to be an art therapist. JD is single, but Sarah has “the one” at home. The two get water-taxied past the Statue of Liberty. She talks about how she formerly liked girls but hopes that her male “one” is the “one.”

Scott has “iron abs” and wants to be the mactor. He bumps into Katelynn, who is still nervous about the whole transgendered thing. She flirts a little with Scott, but they are excited. They talk in the car ride and the two connect with their physical-training background.

Devyn and Chet are the first to the house, they climb up the stairs.

Opening credits. To compensate for the eighth person (Devyn) she has to say the final phrase “The Real World” before everyone yells “Brooklyn!”

They swing the door open to a fish tank. Then there are some gratuitous sponsorships. Rock Band, Subway. They look at each of the rooms and the two discover that there are eight beds. Devyn doesn’t think that the 8th bed is for a roommate.

Chet is worried that he comes off as gay. Devyn asks if he was possibly Bi, but no.

Baya and Ryan excitedly walk in and hug the two. The two are soaked. Ryan is convinced that Chet is gay. The thunder and lightning strike as Scott and Katelynn arrive. More introductions and hugs. Devyn likes Scott’s looks. Ryan is intimidated by the Abs. Why does Ryan come off as so insecure and slightly racist?

Katelynn is worried about the nakedness in the bathroom. Ryan is unsure of Katelynn. Here’s our next sponsor Crunch. JD and Sarah walk in and Baya is convinced that someone is gonna be voted off since there are eight beds.

Sarah runs to the interview room and loves the whole thing. Everyone picks rooms. Baya and Scott decide to room together (Scott likes cleanliness). Devyn and Katelynn room together. JD and Sarah decide to stick together. We’re left with Ryan and Chet. Ryan has a girlfriend who is named Michelle but is nicknamed Belle. Chet admits that he’s a virgin due to his religious observances. Scott shows off his magazine articles. Devyn has the hots. Scott shows off the abs to Devyn’s delight.

Sarah admits to Ryan and others that she formerly was dating girls. Ryan is on a witch hunt. Ryan is convinced that Katelynn is transgendered. Ketelynn walks in and they stop talking.

The cast walk into the hot tub and Ryan stares at Devyn’s boobs instead of her eyes. Chet talks to JD and Ryan about boobies and Katelynn. JD is a little offended by Ryan’s assumptions. JD knows from his experiences that she’s transgendered.

Muscles McGee walks out to the hot tub to the pleasure of the girls. Scott is single and the girls cream their pants. Hey, who doesn't love a good pair of abs?

The alcohol comes out in 25 minutes of the show and the group plays Rock Band. Katelynn talks about multiple relationships and she admits to being part of a five-some. Nice. Ryan is weirded out.

Katelynn talks to her mommy and she loves the fact that there is no dumb blond (I think it’s Devyn). She mentions that she thinks she’s the only LGBT person but knows that Sarah formerly dated girls. Why she doesn’t assume JD or Chet may have been, that’s odd.

It’s morning and everyone wakes up. Scott is in the gym, people brush their teeth and shower. Ryan talks to “Belle” his girlfriend and calls the other roommates eccentric. Ryan talks about Katelynn and continues his witch hunt. Baya and Katelynn talk about how nervous Ryan can be. Ryan decides to keep the army in the closet. Ironic.

The eight all wander out into Brooklyn and go get pizza. Real Pizza. They try a game of stickball but the girls just squeal. Night falls and the group watches a concert. Chet in glasses loves the Brooklyn love. Everyone dances, especially Devyn with Scott. Ryan gets intensely drunk and does the “angry white guy.” They all go upstairs and JD is worried about Ryan drinking too much. JD hands him some water.

Another day passes by and Ryan and Sarah talk about the family. He admits the whole army thing to Sarah and she is happily surprised. They had a good one-on-one. She asks if he’s ever shot anyone. He has. She wonders about transitions, but he thinks that it’s a light-switch to him. He admits to one friend who committed suicide. Ryan admits to writing to release his stress. He shows her this book of all those thoughts. Sarah is amazed and loves the fact that he opened to her.

Chet, Baya, and Ryan talk about the army experiences. He shows his army photo, but it doesn’t look like him. He was infantry and also admits to doing it just because. Chet is impressed.

Chet wants to play a duet. Ryan and Chet get in a boat and he serenades Chet with an army song. They look lovingly at each other as the sun sets on them. Ryan wants to record his music. Chet admits to having a moment. The two wonder what Scott’s song would be. They talk about exercise and roast beef. The two sing and Chet admits to thinking that Scott is cute. They poke fun at Chet’s sexuality. They coyly flirt.

Ryan is still on the Katelynn witch hunt. He stares at her panties and Chet calls her out, they giggle a little.

JD and Katelynn decide to get dinner. They decide to go to Elmo, JD’s favorite place. Night falls and JD walks past Ryan and Chet. Ryan’s gaydar kicks in and Chet is confused. He doesn’t have the gaydar installed. I guess it didn't come packaged in "Windows: Mormon Edition." Ryan’s witch hunt continues.

Ryan and Chet corner JD about eating together. Ryan outs JD and thinks that it’s bad that JD is talking to Katelynn by himself. Ryan comes off as a douche, but he now understands why JD and Katelynn are eating alone. Ryan wants to make sure that he doesn’t get it. Chet thought he saw a winky. Katelynn fixes her make-up.

JD and Katelynn leave and Chet talks to Scott about the whole gay/transgendered song. Scott is convinced that she’s a girl. Chet trusts the gay guy’s gaydar. Scott is offended that Chet spills the beans a lot.

JD admits to being a foster kid. He was beaten and he’s put his father in jail. He’s chosen his own path in life. Katelynn admits to being transgendered. She also admits to being post-op. She is a little conflicted inside but deals with outreach. The two hug and cry. JD wants to make sure that he will be the brother for her. Katelynn admits that she went too far with the five-some. JD knows that there’s a lot of potential in her.

The show ends in smiles. Of course, only for the first episode.

This season: The people make fun of JD. Devyn plays with a stripper-pole. Ryan kisses a cross-dresser. Mice with Sarah. Scott is hot. Baya is a nervous dancer. Ryan screams. JD slams a bowl down and breaks a table.

WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

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