Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big Brother Live Feeds are Now Free

As mentioned over at the Big Brother Blog, Big Brother 9 Live Feeds are now Free.

How does that work? Well RealNetworks Super Pass offers a 2 Week Free Trial. Well, there are less than 2 weeks left in the season. So just signup for a free trial and cancel before it's up.

Watching Live Feeds isn't always exciting, but almost everything worth seeing happens there and you can't see it on tv.

Watch Big Brother 9 24/7 on SuperPass

WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

We watch the current season of Big Brother on CBS and the Feeds. We watch all Big Brother 24 coverage and DVR it and watch it again. There will be posts about things we have seen from watching Big Brother 24/7. If you are a casual viewer of the CBS show-only or do not want to read any spoilers, do not read our posts dealing with the Live Feeds.