Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reality Rocks Expo, A Reality TV Star Convention

If you are really into reality television, you might be interested in Reality Rocks, a reality television star convention.

According to the LA Times, This Reality Rocks Expo happened last weekend ( I just got the news alert today..)

While I'm a little late with this news, it really looks like we didn't miss much. The big stars were Audrina Patridge and Karina Smirnoff. If you really want to see them, you can just watch Dancing with the Stars or find their pictures in Playboy or, you know, all over the internet.

The editor of described the lineup as "pretty weak" and that sounds pretty accurate to me. Still, I feel obligated to cover as much reality tv news as I can and this story popped up in my email. Personally, I can't wait for Big Brother to start.

WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

We watch the current season of Big Brother on CBS and the Feeds. We watch all Big Brother 24 coverage and DVR it and watch it again. There will be posts about things we have seen from watching Big Brother 24/7. If you are a casual viewer of the CBS show-only or do not want to read any spoilers, do not read our posts dealing with the Live Feeds.