Thursday, November 27, 2008

Survivor Episode 11 Recap

This week we got a recap show with unseen footage. Jeff narrates the story of the remaining contestants. After we got a questionable group due to Gillian’s (Susie’s and Crystal’s as well) tribe choices, Fang loses a lot and Jeff is edited saying Kota way too much. Fang complained too much and slowly eliminated Michelle and Gilliam. There is a small shout out to the only Kota who went the wayside before swapping drama: Paloma. She would have been interesting since she would have targeted Ace. We’re reminded that Marcus loves onions but who is Jacquie again? How many people spelled her name Jackie during the tribal? I would have.

Today’s episode focuses on the final seven and how exactly they got there. We get to look at some audition video tape as well. Bob’s looks to be more interesting on his audition tape than anything Bob has done during the show (sans the fake idol).

We start off the night with some audition videos of people but we start first with Bob who sports his tie. He is chased by a bear and calls cafeteria food crap. Crystal has a boring tape. Susie has a normal video as well, who used her oven as a timer. Heh. Ken still has his braces on in his video and looks even younger than he does now. I like his hair longer. Corrine sounds like a bitch where she talks about herself too highly. Sugar sounds and looks like more fun than she was on the show; I’ve seen her MySpace and she’s has a crazy voice (and I don’t mean crazy good. Matty has an HD video and his has a cool edit of him being cool. That’s probably why I wouldn’t vote for him to win; that former trust fund baby.

We’re back at the beginning. Kota wins things and we watch them celebrate early on. Fang attempts to eat some sort of snail things. Ken attempts to eat some ants; Crystal eats a grasshopper. Apparently Randy got attacked by a leech in the water; this scares most of the tribe, but Matty goes in with no problem. Or so he thinks. He comes back and he got leeches on his legs. They squish it and Matty’s blood comes out.

On the other side, Corrine talked to Bob about the Onion Alliance. They exiled Dan but he was too dumb to find the idol. In Kota Marcus flirted with Jacquie and it pisses off Corrine. She bitches to Marcus to stop, she was probably jealous. After one Fang win, Sugar was sent to the Sugar Shack for the first time. Corrine and the rest of the tribe think that Sugar is too useless, but Sugar shows everyone. She tells Ace.

Fang is low on rice and Randy considers eating one meal a day. Matty tries his best to cheer up the group by making his group sing about his girlfriend. What? That’s uplifting? Randy talks to Matty about how his former dog was his life and how everyone else is bad. Fang considered making an alliance of Randy, Matty, Dan, and Susie. There was a tribal switch and it killed Matty’s ideas. Fang made some bad choices again. Sugar is sent to Exile Island again; she chills in her shack.

Randy tried his best to not be an ass around the tribe and he helped win immunity in a very lop-sided game. Crystal, Kenny, and Matty (and GC) considered voting someone out Crystal’s decision of Jacquie went well. Sugar was disappointed. Luckily Corrine had a bitch fest watching her ally never show up. We get a new video of Bob. Bob’s strategy is to be a cool fatherly builder. He makes slingshots, sundials, and other random stuff. Corrine complains about him. Really Corrine?

GC didn’t help the losing Fang cause and everyone let him go. The next day Crystal found Sugar’s hidden immunity idol. Matty tried his best to win challenges, but they lost. Crystal cried in disappointment. Kelly went home.

Sugar broke records by going to exile for the fifth time. We get to watch video of the lunch reward. It turns out that there was a lot of stuff in the picnic. Corrine complains that no one knows what kind of food everything is. There is some wine drama causing food division. Corrine is voming off as a horrible bitch.

Sugar was bored and made clothes, picked fruit, flowers, swam around, tanned, and had food. She started to break down because everyone else didn’t get to eat. Exile was probably the best thing to happen to her. We have a double tribal council and in the immunity challenge Marcus won. He gave Sugar immunity. Kenny decided to try his best to convince Sugar to blindside Ace, it wasn’t a full lie because Ace was trying to get her idol away when they were talking. Ace and Dan went home that night.

There was a tribal feast that wasn’t actually a merge, it was just lunch. Kenny saw the clue for immunity, but Charlie messed it up for him. As an aside, he actually did a good toss to Marcus of a piece of paper. Randy and Marcus threw the idol in the water. The tribes shuffled. Matty told Sugar that she was duped. Matty won Fang immunity. Marcus being an idiot pointed out that he wants to get rid of Kenny. Marcus decides to talk to Susie about the same thing. Crystal and Ken discuss and manage to sway Susie. Marcus gets blindsided. That’s what you get for throwing the immunity into the water.

Corrine bitched some more. Fang won and sent Bob to exile. Fang had fun at the reward. At Exile Bob decided to make his own idol. There was a merge and Susie won a fire making challenge. Unfortunately for Charlie, Matty, Crystal, Ken, and Susie managed to convince Sugar to vote him off.

Sugar talks to Corrine about life. She tells Corrine that she speaks cancer. Amazing. Corrine flips her script about Sugar’s lifestyle. Her eyes start to bulge as she complains to Randy. She speaks really fast to Randy in whisper. Bob tells Sugar about his fake idol.

At the reward, Randy tried his best to make himself look nice in front of the tribe with a cookie plate but Sugar wasn’t taking it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t Sugar cookies. Randy came back complaining. Randy hoped that Bob had the idol and his plan is to be a bastard. He starts with a complaint about Susie yawning. Susie yawning? That’s all you could think up of? When someone tells you in a very surfer accent, “Be nice, Bro” you know it’s a bad decision. Everyone is afraid that he will throw food out or something. Randy may possibly be eating goats that cross bridges. Bob gives Randy the fake idol. Everyone laughed during the tribal especially a scheming Sugar.

What will happen next time? Corrine will bitch. There may be loved ones. Will there be more Sugar cookies?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Finale (Parts 1 & 2 !)

Dancing With the Stars Finale Part 1

Realizing that there is a lot of time but not a lot of performers the producers have decided to show a clip show of what the contestants thought was their best ballroom and Latin dance. Since I don’t recall things perfectly, I have a feeling that producers should post edit the dance to cover-up a few foot mistakes with a close-up or two.

Brooke & Derek – The ballroom quickstep that they have performed as their favorite. Their favorite Latin was the Paso Doble. They talk about consistency and how she has the best average of the season (which is nowhere near Kristi Yamaguchi). Brooke talks afterward about having positive thinking and how Warren is trying to psyche him out.

There is a little bit of an editing warble where there is an echo. It gets edited as Lance & Lacey talk. Maybe we aren’t as live as we think.

Lance & Lacey – Their best ballroom is the tango. Thinking about it now, that performance fit the Halloween theme when it was performed. Their best Latin was the Mambo. Lance has had the biggest lead coming into the finals and is the only other contestant who beat Brooke for first.

Warren & Kym – They say that their best ballroom is the Viennese waltz. It showcased Warren’s gentle gliding abilities. They pick the Paso Doble as their best Latin. They call the outfits intimidating. They talk about their strengths is that Warren is a fan favorite, they’re apparently also averaged second most of the season, though I don’t think that’s a positive.

The junior trophy winners are Craig & Samantha. They re-dance their Jive again. It must be awkward for a brother sister team to dance with emotions aimed at each other. After receiving their trophy, Samantha waves the trophy in front of her brother’s face.

There is a video that says that this could be the greatest ballroom competition, ever. I think that’s because they are equally on the same level. Still nowhere near someone like Stacy Kiebler (Until she flopped the freestyle) or Kristi Yamaguchi. The judges are here and everyone does their official welcoming. Len talks about how he’s so excited that he may have to pee. Everyone starts laughing.

Samba Smackdown – The order goes Brooke, Lance, Warren. Brooke’s challenge is to make her steps amazing. Lance and Lacey wants to be creative with their section. For Warren, they want to do better than the last place scores they received the last time they did the Samba. They do a group rehearsal where everyone tries to intimidate each other. Lance and Lacey play dumb during the practice. Warren tackles a wall to scare Lacey.

The Samba starts with Brooke & Derek. They decide to go with technicality and a lot of floor covering. They use a lot of strong hip action to keep them going. They do a few rolls and short runs. Lance & Lacey emerge and they go with a lot of strong fast leg works. Lacey does some interesting spins. They go with some unconventional moves. Warren & Kim come in and Warren still looks a little awkward, but he definitely has improved. In comparison to the other two Warren lacks the technicality. The three finish off with some synchronized dancing and an interesting human windmill. Len loves his band as they continuously pimp out the band. Len thought that all three improved: Warren was better, but lacked a little bit of footwork. Lance had more movements and was powerful. Brooke is still the one to beat. Bruno calls Brooke dazzling, Lance clean, and Warren irresistible. Carrie Ann likes that Lance has improved, she’s blown away by the improvement of Warren, and Brooke has the best technicality, but was too ambitions.

The Scores:
Brooke – 9, 9, 10 = 28
Lance – 9, 8, 9 = 26
Warren – 9, 7, 9 = 25

Round 2 – The Freestyle

Brooke & Derek – There was a bad Jive, but a good Salsa. Derek tells her if there are any mistakes he wants her to breathe. They attempt a lot of lifts in practice, it hurts Derek a little so they move to a swimming pool. I’m worried about Brooke’s outfit until I realize that they went for a Grease theme. There’s a lot of kicking, Broadway-esque moves, and they put Brook on the judges table where she becomes Bad Sandy. They do their leaps. She does the leg spiral (which I saw on So You Think You Can Dace) into a group tumble. They flip to the end. Brooke loved it as he flails his arms in amazement (he also uses the words Kama Sutra). Carrie Ann thought that they brought it. Len thought it was the best freestyle that he’s ever seen. The scores are: 10, 10, and 10.

Lance & Lacey – Last week they aced both their dances last week, so they are coming in with strength and confidence. They practice some hip-hop type music and Lance booty shakes. Lance thinks that he should do an Nsync move to shout out to his more successful partners. They do an old-school hip hop. I’m at a loss of words for the whole thing. It’s oddly good, but so out of place for this show. Though I will say, the two would have done well on that other dancing show on Fox. Lance takes off his shoe at the end. Carrie Ann thought it was clever, but she thought that there was one section of awkward with the Cha-Cha. Len liked the song, but he liked the fact that the Cha-Cha was there. Bruno called it youthful and creative. The scores are: 9, 9, and 9.

Warren & Kym – They did well last week, but Warren still is called out for a lack of content. They decide to go with a lot of different lifts and attempt a death flip. They go for a “Proud Mary” so the beginning is slow. They dance and ace the first lift. They remove their original costumes in lieu of a silver getup as the song speeds up. Kym’s dress loses pieces as they attempt lifts. Kym does her best to make Warren look great. They do a similar lift-spin move that Brooke did, but ended with that into a pose. Len was entertained to the max. Bruno wants to lay back and enjoy the ride. (What?) Carrie Ann called it her favorite dance, but pointed out that he messed up at one small point. The scores are: 9, 10, and 9.

The Scores
Brooke – 28 + 30 = 58
Warren – 25 + 28 = 53
Lance – 26 + 27 = 53


Dancing With the Stars Finale Part 2

There is a final dance for each of the contestants, but of course we are given basically an hour and 15 minutes of fluffer. We get a recap of what happened last night. There will be a lot of recaps tonight. They play up the fact that everyone did well and how everyone worked hard.

We get a clip of whatever happened to Cloris. She plays a disheveled bum and eventually just Wonder Woman spins around and interviews people about who they were voting for. She dances around with some and with one she holds the microphone upside down for another. She then mistakes the phrase “dawg” and laughs.

Alicia Keys has the first performance of the night. After some intense research I found out that both Alicia’s and Miley Cyrus’ performance was taped yesterday (Possibly why the shots of Miley in the background were the same shot twice later on). Nevertheless, I appreciate Alicia for doing some dance moves. You traditionally see her behind a piano and it’s nice to see that she’s coordinated. She eventually goes back behind the piano but it’s still great.

We get a big recap of all the contestants. For week one and two we’re reminded that Cloris was crazy, Jeffery Ross was poked in the eye, and Ted McGinley was on the show. Weeks later I am saddened that Misty-May was eliminated so early. Jeffry is back dancing his quickstep. It’s disappointing that Edyta got a dud partner, but I’m happy she got to sub for Julianne. This dance is a lot better than I ever remembered too. Ted McGinley dances his foxtrot and I always liked his drive and want to be on the show. He’s one of those contestants who looked like he was having fun the whole time. He’s still a little stiff, but he’s happy. Kim Kardashian dances her mambo and she still looks bad. I think she improved her movement a little bit, but I think it’s because she knows that it doesn’t really matter anyway.

We now have weeks 3 & 4. Cloris was still crazy, Cody played with a leg and I’m still disappointed by the loss of Misty-May. Week four was great for most and a miss mostly for Cloris and Rocco. Misty-May and Maks are back, she’s able to walk, but is disappointed that she has to watch on a TV. They get cutesy with Tom. Rocco and Karina dance their Mambo. He still is gawky. I also appreciate the fact that Karina tried to make a sequence of moves that tried to minimize the awkwardness of Rocco.

Before commercial we get a Preview of Cloris going crazy. They call it “Dirty Dancing: The Retirement Years.” Week 5 had the new dances introduced this year. I see that the West Coast Swing was ignored the whole time. The hip-hop dance was questionable for most. Julianne’s surgery was put in place, Cloris was still crazy. Also, Michael Flatley was amazing. We have an interview with Toni Braxton; she apparently has recovered from a few surgeries.

“Clorky” decide to their tango. Out of all their dances, their tango was the one that probably had the most content (dance-wise). It’s still dramatic and a little disturbing seeing someone who could be my grandmother flirting with an older gentleman. She gets a standing ovation. She equates the dancing with pregnancy. She isn’t doing the Broadway play Spamalot, because it is being canned.

Susan Lucci does the Paso Doble. She is more emotional in this performance than she ever was during the show. She also seems less frail than she ever did during the performances, not afraid to actually go for it. A little late don’t you think?

Maurice and Cheryl decide to the Salsa. There is a little bit of drunken camera to remind us that this show is actually (on the whole) is live. The Salsa is quite a fun dance and I hope that this and the Jitterbug make it back in future seasons. Maurice may not be the winner, but I’m sure he got his chicken dinner.

Weeks 7 and 8 brought us a questionable dance without shoes, a bad group dance, and Edyta’s substitution. The solos were great for Brooke and Maurice, but mostly awkward for Cody.

Jeffery Ross is back to roast the remaining contestants. Before he gets to the roasting he talks about his eye and how somehow Cloris beat him. Warren to Jeffery has great boobs. Brooke is pointed out that she has too many kids, we finally some gay jokes about Lance (something I was convinced that ABC was tip-toeing around especially after the whole Grey’s Anatomy situation) relating Lance to Clay Aiken, and Warren is still somehow fat after weeks and weeks of performances.

The youngest contestant, Cody, almost made it to the final three. We’re reminded that Brooke choked in the semi-finals. Cody performs his jitterbug with Julianne. Although I know it’s supposed to be an “I Love Lucy” theme, I could see the performance on “Happy Days” as well. Cody successfully slides between Julianne’s legs. I’m always afraid someone will miss the slide and kick their partner.

We’re given another rundown of the competition. Lance gets words like edgy and sleeper. Warren is called light-footed, has charisma, and is entertaining. Brooke says she has the best technique. The last dances remind us that they need to be focused on the end. Looking at what they were wearing during the editing, Warren and Brooke must have changed their last dance last minute because in one three shot where Lance was in his Sailor outfit, but Brooke looked to be in her Samba and Warren looked like he was doing the tango or Paso.

We’re given a weird Superman opening that hypes up the three remaining contestants. There is smoke and fabrics. Why wasn’t this shown in the beginning of the show? Instead it’s put in almost an hour and 10 minutes into the show.

Warren & Kym – The montage shows a lot of improvement of Warren. He is surprisingly light on his feet. He was always busy flying around, but he stayed dedicated to Kym. They have decided to do the Hustle. It seems like Warren is lighter on his feet on this performance and he definitely has improved from the last time that he did the performance. He is looser and looks like he’s enjoying this even more this performance. Len tells Warren that he is the people’s champion. Bruno calls him a crafty Hustler. Carrie Ann called them cool and loved the fact that Warren inspired people to get up and dance. The scores are 9, 9, and 9. They have an 80 out of 90 without the audience’s vote being counted. I’m still disappointed they attempted a disco in the finals after Stacy Kiebler flopped on hers.

Lance & Lacey – The progression of Lance was interesting. He was happy that they were edgier and did what they wanted. Both Lance and Lacey have grown up. There is a funny simile of Lance coming out as a butterfly. They do the infamous shoe Jitterbug in hopes that a shoe doesn’t fall off. The performance is still uplifting and bouncy. Lance sometimes can have this crazy look on his face. Lacey looks like she messed up a lift, but they recover very well. The rest of the performance is clean and the two become emotional. Bruno calls Lance a great showman. Carrie Ann pointed out the struggle with the lift; she applauds them being so edgy. Len knows that Lance deserves being here after a strong showing the last few weeks. The scores are: 9, 9, and 10. An 81 out of 90.

Brooke & Derek – They point out that Brooke has improved a lot and then they added the technique. They have a lot of respect for both of them. They dance the Viennese Waltz. It’s almost like their swan song/last dance. It’s graceful, beautiful, and clean. Brooke has this silly grin on her face, but it’s still good. In that wonderful ending, Brook kisses her daughters. One of Brooke’s daughters makes the most awkward stare into the camera. Carrie Ann is in tears because she’s so fantastic. Len still thinks that the dance was the best dance of the season. Bruno calls it amazing as well. The scores are: 10, 10, and 10. The last dance is the perfect score. It’s a 88 out of 90. I wonder who’s gonna win?

We get a final wave from Kristi Yamaguchi. The third place team is Lance & Lacey. I guess Lance couldn’t beat Joey Fatone. He talks about being excited the whole time. Lacey thanks him for everything. It’s a little sad that the two don’t get a final dance.

We have Miley Cyrus next and you could clearly see she’s grown a little. The dancers are having a fun time. Miley flirts with the judges. The strobing lights probably gave someone a seizure.

The two talk positives about each other. Derek calls the competition “close” even though there is an eight point disparity between the two. Tom talks to the eliminated people and he points out that they did better and how everyone shouts out their projects. Kim is the only one to shout out a project.

We’ve finally got to the final judging. Brooke is still technical; Warren is still entertaining. This season’s champions are Brooke & Derek. Another front-runner wins the trophy. I’m not sure who is more excited: Brooke or Derek. Mark, Corky and Julianne quickly rush Derek and they both get lifted up, somehow Corky is maintaining his balance of Brooke the whole time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Survivor: Gabon Episode 10

Last Week: Randy caused unnecessary drama at the reward challenge. There was a real merge and Ken & Friends got rid of Charlie. In post interviews, Susie’s fire win took more than an hour. That’s survival skills for you.

Its night 27 at Nobag (I’m still disappointed that it could have been “Kotang” because ity would have sounded like both “Tang” and “Kotex”) and Randy is upset about the shift of power. Corrine is upset about the loss of Charlie but wants to reevaluate when morning hits.

Day hits and Sugar talks to Bob and he shows her the fake idol. She’s really surprised by its authenticity. She doesn’t know exactly what his intentions are but she’s okay with it.

Corrine talks to Randy talk about trying to break up Sugar and Matty away from the five. Randy talks about being “charming” and that’s quickly followed up with a discussion with Corrine saying that he hates everyone. Corrine wants to convince Matty to flop.

There’s a tree-mail with envelopes; the mail basically explains an auction. Corrine’s strategy is to hold until something can help her in the game. The contestants walk in and we are given the rundown: $500 and bids in increments of $20.

The first item is beer and peanuts. Randy decides to go for $180.
The next item is a question mark. Randy decides to go with his remaining $320, but Kenny gets it for $340. It’s a choice to send someone to Exile Island and take their money and Ken decides to send Bob.
The third item is another covered item. Sugar cuts past Randy again with $340 and it turns out that she bought peanut butter and chocolate. Unfortunately there is no milk for her.
The fourth item is a hot bath and a nice new set of clothes. Randy goes with $320, but Susie outbids him with $340. Susie chills in the tub while the fifth item goes up for bids. It’s a burger meal. The bidding is intense but Matty gets it for $400. Susie gets out of the bath upsetting Sugar. Sugar would have stayed in the whole time.
The sixth item is covered and it goes to Randy for $280. It turns out being spaghetti.
The seventh item is a note. Corrine goes with $500. Kenny is the only person to outbid her, but he decides to give it to Corrine. She wins the bottle with the note and is instructed to not open it until the immunity challenge.
The eighth item is for the tribe and Randy buys it for $20. It turns out to be chocolate chip cookies, Sugar denies her cookie at first. Randy hands his last cookie to Sugar and she hands it to Matty. Randy is upset about the whole thing.

The contestants return and Matty thanks Sugar for the extra cookie. Randy flips out on Matty about the cookie because it should have been his cookie or at least Randy’s credit. Matty talks to Sugar about how Randy is fuming. Matty tries to talk to Randy about how Randy is playing the victim; he decides not to talk to anyone. Corrine tries to plant a seed about him being eliminated sixth.

In Exile Island Bob decides to go for the clues again. What? He made a fake idol after not finding the idol and he tries again? He reads a clue and realizes it’s the same clues as before. Bob decides to go on a high definition safari walk. CBS always has to have the shameless swooping of the camera.

Back at the council the five talk about getting rid of Randy. Matty wants to make sure that Bob goes next. This surprises Sugar because she knows that having an ass around in finals so you would win is a smart strategy. Randy shows up at the hut and then wanders away. There is yet another visual of small ants eating a bug.

Randy talks to Corrine that he wants to “crash and burn” and make life miserable for everyone. He considers that Bob should give the (fake) idol to Randy and he plays it. The three would then get rid of Susie and more time. He talks to Matty complaining about Susie. He then turns on Matty. Matty decides to try getting rid of Randy. Randy upsets conversations and it pisses off Crystal and Susie.

The contestants go to the immunity challenge and Bob returns from exile. The challenge is two part: a balance beam first and puzzle challenge second. The puzzle involves dominos and trip wires. Corrine reveals the clue in the bottle that she automatically gets to the second (puzzle) round.

The rest go through the competition and Matty and Ken do well. Susie seems to be in a distant third. Matty moves into the final first followed by Ken. The final round goes and the three untie their satchels. Matty and Corinne work to the front and Kenny decides to go in the end. The tripwires are annoying and Kenny shakes most of his pieces off. Matty looks like a snake while he goes through the tripwires. Matty and Ken finish around the same time. Ken tries and it messes up. Matty, Corrine and a recovering Ken all try. Corrine’s stops short, Matty’s stops next and Ken wins.

Back at Nobag Kenny is congratulated and Randy is ready to talk to Bob about the hidden idol. He talks to Corrine about the whole idol thing. Sugar talks to Bob about him buying time in the game. Sugar decides to convince Bob to give the fake to Randy. Bob realizes that the move is the best thing. Corrine talks to Bob like he was five with all her talking. Bob decides to give the fake idol to Randy. Randy feel surprised about the whole thing. Sugar thanks Bob. She runs to the huts and tells the rest of the tribe that the competition will get funky.

The competitors enter tribal council and the jury enters. Jeff asks about the cookies at the reward. Sugar mentions how she gave it to Matty. Randy thinks that everything is overplayed and Sugar thinks that he’s a kid. Susie wonders if Randy is actually the character that he portrays in Survivor. Corrine mentions that Randy told Susie to shut the (beep) up. Crystal hopes that Randy is just playing part of the game. Randy plays the happy to be here part. Kenny decides not to give the immunity idol away. Matty starts the voting process.

Corrine’s vote is for Susie, Sugar is for Randy (she has a great speech), Randy calls his vote personal, Crystal screams into the camera Randy’s vote and everyone could hear it. She’s great for TV. Sugar can’t stop laughing. Jeff comes back with the pot and Randy plays the idol. Jeff points out that it isn’t a hidden immunity idol and Sugar and Crystal can’t stop laughing. Jeff reads the votes: Randy, Randy, Susie, Susie, Susie, Randy, Randy, and Randy. Randy’s torch is snuffed and he storms off. Marcus and Charlie giggle at the Jury bench.

Next Week: Bob convinces Corrine that Marcus may not have fully thrown the other idol. Or he’s just trying to convince Corrine that she’s going home in the same way. I thought that there was a clause that the idol was a one time thing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

America’s Next Top Model: Episode 13

Throughout the season there was a mix of good and weird. Last week Marjorie got drunk and had a great time, but was sent home.

The girls come back from panel and there is already a Tyra Mail. It’s a note about the upcoming Cover Girl commercial. There are 3 scripts that have some Dutch in the first sentence that the girls study for the rest of the night.

The girls arrive to their commercial and photo shoot. The photo will become a national ad and be in Wal-mart (clearly a model’s haven). Jay introduces last season’s winner Whitney, who explains that the product of the night is some sort of lipstick/lip-gloss. Apparently there is some mouthwash in it so that even though the gloss never reaches your tongue it refreshes ir.

Analeigh practices in front of Sutan but she loses all her lines almost immediately. The girls get on the boat to shoot. The commercial is a basic girls-meet-boy commercial. Samantha goes first and she looks around confused as she tells her lines. After some tips from Jay she focuses a little more on the camera. She kisses the boy and worries about catching Herpes.

In her first take McKey starts to channel Caridee (Season 7 winner) and looks crazy in the eyes, she does the look up to the side in that very blond fashion. McKey sounds good, but she was disjointed. Analeigh’s first take happens and nothing comes out. Jay has to feed her each line. It turns out pretty good. At the kiss with the boy she laughs and is nervous, he gives her a peck and she wasn’t prepared for it.

Jim De Yonker is doing the photo. Jay tells the girls that he won’t be there so there are no training wheels. Samantha was awkward to Jim. Analeigh was great with her posing. McKey’s smile doesn’t look too natural; Jim calls her cuckoo.

There is a Tyra Mail about the elimination. Samantha is nervous. Analeigh knows that she has a chance of winning; she’s just worried that everything can end so quickly. That sounds like tragic foreshadowing.

Tyra welcomes the girls and they show the commercial. It’s quite hokey, but every Cover Girl Top Model Commercial is. Samantha is evaluated first. She struggles with the Dutch part and she is a little too bouncy in her commercial. Nigel didn’t like it. The judges don’t think that she was convincing. The photo looks forced and her neck looks broken. The smile looks really fake as well. It’s almost as if Tyra picked that photo to kill any chances of Samantha winning or if Tyra photoshopped Sam’s head too far. Analeigh is next and it was butchered and horrible since all the lines were fed. Tyra is disappointed. The photo was a little actress-y. Analeigh complains about looking too sexy and showing teeth to counteract it.

McKey’s commercial is decent. Tyra thinks that memorization was better than her teleprompter. Her photo looks nice without teeth (Whitney) and she looks modern. Tyra warns her that she suffers from a crazy look in her eye.

My Life As A Cover Girl – It’s a montage of Whitney’s work. She doesn’t say too much and that’s the way it should have been. It’s sad that her life as a Cover Girl consisted of biking around and baking cupcakes.

The judges deliberate. To Paulina, Samantha was decent overall. Nigel thought she was catalogue, but the photo showed that she wasn’t. Paulina doesn’t think that Analeigh has the face. McKey was great overall. There is a little bit of a bad walker in McKey that worries Tyra. Tyra calls McKey first. The bottom two are Analeigh and Samantha. She tells Analeigh that she is great with poses but suffers from a commercial face. Samantha is told that she’s really commercial, but she lacks the commercial in the advertisement. Tyra calls Samantha; she is warned about go-sees and the look she evokes. Tyra hugs Analeigh and mentions that Paulina thinks that she’s a great actress as well. Analeigh is upset, but has no regrets. They do the photo montage and she fades away.

Ann Shoket welcomes the girls to the Seventeen shot. Samantha looks a girl who wants to be part of Seventeen with her clothing options. McKey looks like a model that can be booked for Seventeen. Ann doesn’t know what the challenge is.

Sam and McKey see the runway and are worried about the Dr. Seuss-like pink hills. Jay tells the girls that the paint was mixed with sand so there is some traction for the hill. The girls get make-up and fittings. Whitney is placed in an ugly dress that makes her look fat. Tyra goes to the back and talks to the two girls and tells them that nervousness isn’t a bad thing. She reminds them to make “black mama proud.”

The show begins with Tyra, Nigel, and Paulina walking in. Ms. Jay walks with a guy with a big bubble and he pops it. Whitney started the runway first and was underwhelming. McKey does this run to make it up the big hill. She looks a little dead with the eyeliner. Samantha walks and worries about running up the hill. She has a little bit of the weird pout that she does. The two girls are in the back changing. Samantha struggles with putting her shoes on. McKey has to run with her skirt scrunched to even get up the first hill. Samantha meets up with her and the two walk together. There is the finale walk and the two voiceover about wanting to win. Tyra goes to the back and talks to the two about standing out.

Back at judging, Tyra welcomes the judges again. There is no guest judge. She reminds the two what the prizes are. They go through the runway walk. McKey’s first and Ms. Jay liked the walk. Nigel thinks that she needs a little bit more practice. Samantha’s walk was good for Ms. Jay and loves the way she worked the dress. Tyra points out the downturned lip and how she thought too hard while walking.

They go through the photos. The first shoot, Election, shows potential, but wasn’t great. The swim wear shoot was great for both. Nigel loves Samantha’s shot. Tyra points out the hair change that she likes. Tyra likes McKey’s muscle. We fast forward to the Clipper ship shot. Nigel loves McKey’s shot with the legs. With Samantha’s shot, it was passionate but a little fat looking actually. Tyra’s shots are next. The normal Tyra shot is the best for Samantha. The editorial shot is perfect for McKey, Tyra likes her movement in the shot. Samantha’s shot is great because of the usage of limbs. I’m not surprised they ignored the Cover Girl shot.

Top Model’s in Action – It’s Anya! She looks equally as pretty as a brunette, instead of that pee-blond look. It’s a little intimidating for Whitney that they decided to use Anya.

The judges deliberate between the two. Nigel starts and dislikes the fact that Sam is not Commercial but isn’t that High fashion. Jay likes the contortion, but dislikes that it’s too model 101. Nigel recants his words in the beginning about not being a star; he likes the glimmer. Jay likes the body movement of McKey and she’s great with high fashion and still has a great commercial look. The judges made their decision.

Tyra announces that the model is McKey. She is happy and hugs Samantha. Tyra runs to McKey and she hugs her, McKey lifts her. Tyra gives a big squeal. Tyra thanks Samantha and she leaves. McKey thanks the judges and has a fun posing time. They do a photomontage of some of her shots. They do the post-winning shot right afterwards. Tyra screams to end the season.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Results Show

There must be a busy show tonight because the results really started at 8:40 (Eastern Time) with the children’s dances.

Kirill & Hanna – The two came back to celebrate at what seemed like their dance studio, but the two got back to practice. Tony came by to check up on the couple. He makes sure that they have hips. He calls them sponges and has faith. The do the Cha-Cha with large smiles the whole time. I’m surprised by the legwork and the splits that Hanna does. Len loved the footwork. Bruno loved the arm placement and the naughtiness. Carrie Ann loved it as well.

Mitchell & Maria
– They had an interesting Paso and they returned to Philly. The ambulances and fire department thank them. Julianne comes in to teach. She emphasizes looking at the partner really intently while having sharp legs. They do the samba this time and cover a lot of ground. They also are very sharp. They are quite entertaining. Bruno thought that there was power and staccato in their performance. Carrie Ann thought that it was poetry in motion. Len calls them better than Julianne and Mark when they were that age.

Craig & Samantha – They returned to Jersey to a high school prep rally. As they practice, Maks shows up and he really makes sure the two are precise; even with their facial expressions. They dance the jive. They definitely capture the speed and energy associated with a Jive. I find it almost unfair that the three couples had three different styles. Craig does a kick that almost kicks his sister in the face. Carrie Ann thought that they were animated. Len is knocked out since he never saw them perform. Bruno called them energetic, active, and light (like birds).

There are no judge votes this week for the kids. It all depends on audience votes.

We have the traditional “Last Night” at 9PM (Eastern) about the whole Lance rising, Brooke struggling storyline.

The first special performer is Aretha Franklin; she is accompanied by Karina, Inna, Dmitriy, and Louis. She performs “Chain of Fools” in a large Muumuu-type dress. Her voice is still shrill. I can’t get past the fact that Dmitriy was dancing in this dance. Starting with Lacey, now with Dimitriy they just keep moving “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants over. He’s a great dancer though, as are all of the performers.

Leona Lewis performs “Bleeding Love” and now I really am having flashbacks of “So You Think You Can Dance” with the Chelsie/Mark performance this summer. This time we have Karina and Maks. I always love Maks’ lines and Karina is so smooth; even when jewelry goes flying around. Leona’s singing is as amazing as Karina’s dive from the judge’s table.

After the points results, the judges talk about qualities. Len thinks that Cody’s strengths are his dedication and cuteness. Bruno thinks that Lance is creative and full of content. Carrie Ann likes Warren’s entertainment. Len likes the technique from Brooke.

Julianne performs “My Halleulah Song.” She’s not exactly the best voice out there, Mark and Derek join her at first and they do a lot of spins. Lacey is next with her footless dancing. I heard a rumor that this performance was previously recorded, possibly a reason why some of the audience doesn’t look the same. Derek and Lacey return and have a fun time. She then switches over to Mark, until they all sit in front of the singer.

Samantha is in the back talking to all the contestants. They all talk about how they were having a good time and have accomplished a lot.

John Legend performs “Green Light” and the camera drunkenly stumbles around in the beginning (the only thing that convinced me that this performance is also live). The women dance around him and the rest all kind of mock a live concert. John then goes into some weird beam stage. The rest of the dancers do some paired synchronized dancers then split into two lines so the camera could get away with doing swoops. They then do soul trains down the line. There is a lot of running in circles in the end until they collapse.

There is a video about the contestants’ loved ones watching the contestants. Warren and Cody’s mom are amazed. Brooke’s husband has the hots for her. Lance’s grandfather is happy as well. Cody’s mother flies from Texas weekly. Lance’s granddad watches and votes twice. They talk a little about the evolution of the contestants.

Aretha comes back in her muumuu performing “Respect” and Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas are back to perform. Although Aretha’s voice is raspy, it’s still better than half of the performers out there today. Kristi starts with some strong lifts and spins. She looks like one of the professionals out there. Kristi schools the rest of the competitors left.

There is a little bit of a clip about how hard the competition is. They all wear some black and put the contestants in some alleyway. There’s also some smoke. Cody says some sort of poem involving the words “Lance,” “Dance,” and “Pants.” I’m reminded that he’s only 18.

We finally got to the results. After a synopsis of each of the contestants the two couples safe are Lance & Lacey and Brooke & Derek. The bottom two are Cody & Julianne and Warren & Kym.

After the commercial break the couple going home is Cody & Julianne. I guess the point disparity did them in. Cody talks about his growth and learning in his life from the show. He thanks everyone. They have a little goodbye clip. You know it’s sappy when you hear the words, “Words can’t describe.” Julianne thanks him and the two go off to their last dance. The two do their final booty-shake.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dancing With the Stars: The Semi-finals

Last Week: Maurice went home; I doubt anyone actually was surprised.

There are two dances this week: Each contestant has their last Latin dance remaining and one of those new dances this week. Julianne is back to dance. She looks quite like Christina Aguilera.

Round 1:

Brooke & Derek:
Brooke was technically great last week. They have the Jive and Salsa. Derek is a little unsure of the Salsa because it’s not his forte. Brooke was worried about the wow factor; she wants to be entertaining. They start with the Jive and Derek is energetic off the bat. Brooke, although technical, looks like a horrible actress. The gasp-look in her face looks foolish. I liked the lift too. There’s something stiff about Brooke in this dance. Len thinks it was a disaster and it had a lot of mistakes. Bruno pointed out that the technique was bad, he’s shocked. Carrie Ann points out that she went for a blatant illegal lift. The scores are: 7, 7, and 7. This is Brooke’s lowest score ever.

Cody & Julianne: Cody had an interesting time with Edyta, but managed to survive for the return of Julianne. Cody went to the CMA awards and surprised Julianne. Cody was worried about how stiff he dances. Julianne likes his determination that grew while she wasn’t around. They have the Salsa and Paso Doble. Cody is worried about how manly the Paso has to be. They do an army inspired Paso and Cody maintains a stone face the whole dance, which I’m not sure if it’s great or not. He’s a little stiff, but I think it’s the character. He puts on a jacket and knees across the stage. It’s interesting to say the least. Bruno calls it different, a little robotic. He thinks that there were no Spanish lines and the timing was poor. Carrie Ann likes the determination, but there was tension. Len disliked the whole thing. It was too stiff. The scores are: 8, 7, and 7.

Warren & Kym: Warren had a strong Jive and Tango last week. Kym explains that Warren has to fly back and forth. They do the mambo and fly and do the jitterbug at a TV set. He is stressed out. The mambo starts off in the crowd and then involves a lot of walking. It’s very playful; Warren takes off his jacket while balancing Kym on his knee. I really appreciate Kym in this dance. Carrie Ann wants Warren to up the game a little more. Len points out the performance vs. lack of the technique. Bruno thinks that it was engaging but flat-footed. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8.

Lance & Lacey: Last week the foxtrot and samba actually got into Len’s good graces. They have the Mambo and Jitterbug. He talks about his grandfather who did some army work. His dad and granddad watch them practice the jitterbug. He’s dedicating the Jitterbug to his grandfather. They start the night with the mambo. Lacey looks like a conceptual peacock. After three questionable dances, Lances looks a lot better. I have to applaud Lacey’s technique and choreography. It’s energetic and captures Lance’s spirit. Len thinks that it was Lance’s best dance. Bruno thought that it was semi-final material. Carrie Ann thought that it was a show stopper for the night. The scores are: 10, 9, and 9. That was Lance’s first 10.

Round 2:

Len’s Master Class: Len wakes up from a nice dream of him with Kym and Cheryl and goes to teaches. He starts with Lance. He suffers from pigeon-toe. Len makes sure that Lance’s thigh is in the right place. Cody suffers from hip problems. Len makes sure that he rolls his hips and loosens his shoulders. Brooke doesn’t have the right leg action; she bends funny. He points out exactly where she extends and she fixes it as much as she can. Warren’s problem is his feet. He uses an analogy of having a cast on his ankle. Warren tries to teach him his chicken dance.

For a demo of what the dances are supposed to look like we have two professional Salsa dancers. Paul Barris and Yesenia Adame do a real Salsa; besides being quite intimidating for the celebrities to watch, it flows like water.

Brooke & Derek: They start off with a strong lift and I can’t help but look at the fringe that goes everywhere; I’m sure that’s to help cover up the leg bend. Derek and Brooke are trying to be really outrageous with their lifts and splits. They end with this insane spiral where Brooke’s shoulder could have popped out. Bruno loved it. Carrie Ann points out how she’s a champion for rising to the occasion. Len reminds her to work on her crisp technique. The scores are: 9, 10, and 9.

Cody & Julianne:
The two start on the stairs and work the way into the middle. Cody is still a little stiff, but I am impressed by his extensions and his silly faces. Their steps are a little more basic until Julianne does a flip into a spin. They end with an interesting flip. Carrie Ann thinks that there was a lack of musicality. Len thought that there was rhythm and liked the lifts. Bruno thinks he was a cheeky devil, but was loose technically. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8.

Christian Perry and Annette Nicole have a demo of the jitterbug. They are swing champions and they are so bouncy the whole time. Christian looks like he needs to cut back on the caffeine. The whole dance is fun and technically amazing with al the flips.

Warren & Kym: Warren starts in front of the judges dealing cars, he does a little bit of a chicken dance and then just has a fun time flipping Kym around. He manages to kick very quickly. It was never a question that his lifts were good, but I can definitely see a lack of technique in this dance. Len liked watching the performance, and was sold. Bruno makes some reference to “Starship Troopers” and thinks that his feet were everywhere. Carrie Ann liked the performance. The scores are: 9, 8, and 8.

Lance & Lacey: I find it funny that Lance and Lacey have the World War 2 inspired dance when Lacey cameos in Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” video. Their dance is what I was expecting for a jitterbug. They are high in kicking. Lance kicks really hard and loses a shoe and does the rest of the dance with one shoe. He completes flips kicks, lifts, and a lot of other moves with only one shoe. Bruno thought it was brilliant, shoe or not. Carrie Ann thought it was perfect and magic. Len salutes Lance and Lacey. The scores are: 10, 9, and 10.

The Scores:

Lance – 57
Brooke – 49
Warren – 49
Cody – 46

Who’s going home? I don’t know. I’m convinced that Brooke has no real fan-base and Cody has more fans. If I went on talent I would say that Cody was going home since Brooke is technically better. If I said it was determined by the people, Brooke would go home.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Survivor Gabon Episode 9 - The Brains Behind Everything

Last Week: There was a fake-out merge meal that threw off a lot of people’s game. Marcus was too pompous and went home.

We return from tribal council and Susie and Crystal hug. Ken points out how aggressive he got during the challenge, saying that he channeled his inner Crystal. Bob is a little disappointed and knows that he’s in the bottom of the totem pole if there is no merge.

Over at Fang Matty is upset that there is no food or fire. The tree mail has a golf flag with a message about the reward. Corrine is a little upset that there is no merge at the moment. She wants to see Marcus, but as they walk into the challenge Charlie and Corrine are in shock when there is no Marcus. Matty grins happily and winks at Ken.

Corrine is upset. Charlie praises Marcus some more. Ken wants to know why he deserves the praise and Corrine counters that he does. She gives one of those childish answers where it really meant, “Just because.”

The challenge is a golf-esque game. The reward is a big one where they get to experience the culture of Gabon by going to a village.

Kota shoots first. It makes about 150 feet. Fang’s shot gets closer by a little bit. Bob’s next launch is a good one. Matty’s next shot goes left, but get’s close. Randy makes a short shot. Ken makes the first point for Kota.

The second shot makes Kota get at the 125 mark. Fang (with Matty at the helm) gets a little further. His next shot is near the hole. Bob’s shot is about 30 feet within; Ken’s shot is too far. Fang’s shot makes it in so the next point goes to Fang.

The next course is uphill. Matty starts off getting a really close shot. Kota’s launch does well. I love how Ken has to hold Susie to keep the weight balanced. Matty’s next shot gets quite close. Bob’s launch gets them close as well; Ken shoots and closely misses. Matty’s shot puts the ball next to the hole. Ken shoots again and overshoots it. Randy tries to over control the shot. Matty complains to Randy and Charlie. Randy causes a lot of drama for nothing. Fang clearly makes the shot and wins. Randy complains after the win as well. They send Bob to the Sugar Shack. Sugar smiles because she knows he’ll never find the hidden idol.

Fang arrives at the local village and the local tribe greets them with bells and leaves. Matty is overly excited knowing his string of failures. They all get a washing ritual receiving some sarongs. They all walk to another ceremony area. Matty talks about how he loved Marcus being voted out. Charlie talks more about how he misses Marcus. It’s sad that they made him such a one-sided character. There is a dancing portion and all of the contestants tried their best to dance. Matty decides that he’s going to have a fun time while he’s still around since he may be eliminated if there is no merge.

Nightfall hits over at Kota and Ken is stuck in a boat because of one reed poking out of the lake. He circles around the reed for a while until he finally gets it. Other than the struggle with the boat, he’s happy to get three fish. He laughs about how he’s the provider at the moment.

Bob shows up at Exile and decides to go for the clues. He gets each clue, but the audience knows that there is nothing. He keeps looking around but doesn’t find anything. Bob decides to make a fake idol. With a mix of resin, beads and a skull it actually looks somewhat realistic.

It’s Day 27 at Fang and they read a tree mail about being a fire starter. Randy talks smack about Crystal. He dislikes Crystal. He uses different code names like Sasquatch and Bigfoot to describe her.

The tribes come to the challenge the idol is taken back and replaced with an individual immunity. The tribes are merged. They hug and put on their new blue buffs. Bob makes his bow-tie with his buff. The challenge is a fire making challenge. All they have to do is burn a rope. It’s a classic challenge used several times before, not only as a challenge but also as a tie-breaker.

Everyone starts with attempting to catch sparks onto the coconut fibers. Randy decides to start over after only getting dust. Susie gets a flame first from the husks. Matty cuts himself. Susie gets a teepee of wood going along with her fire. Sugar gets the flame next. Susie’s fire has a better structure and is higher than Sugar’s messy pile of wood she put together. Matty is upset with himself. Susie easily beats everyone and gets individual immunity.

Jeff tells us that the tribes will return to Fang’s camp but has new supplies. A name will be created later as well. All personal items at Kota will be brought over to Fang.

The group returns back to the old Fang tribe. There was some actual food and everyone was happy. After a can of beans were opened up and people ate everyone started to shuffle and talk about voting. Charlie thinks that Charlie/Corrine/Bob/Randy should vote for Randy. He points out that Crystal/Ken/Susie/Matty are together. Sugar is the swing voter She wants to vote off Randy, but Corrine and Charlie try their best to sway her. Corrine talks about how she has to pretend to like Sugar. She calls Sugar a moron.

The other four complain about the Corrine/Charlie problem. Ken knows that he has to get rid of Charlie. He makes the cutest of rat noises as he convinces the other that Charlie is the new mastermind.

Ken talks to Sugar about voting off Charlie. Sugar smiles about how everyone gets to talk to her. Back at the camp, Sugar is unsure about anyone. Ken suggests creating the tribe name “No Bag” which is Gabon backwards. Sugar is unsure of everything as the contestants all go to tribal.

Jeff welcomes the first jury member, Marcus. Jeff reminds us that no one talks to the jury. Jeff asks Randy about the ball stress during the reward. Charlie talks about the lack of communication from the drama. Crystal pops up and wants to know why Randy doesn’t like her. Randy uses GC as one of his reasons to why he doesn’t like her. He mentions the whole gang/ghetto mentality that old Fang had. Crystal doesn’t regret any of her emotions. Charlie wants people to process their thoughts. Ken talks about how he doesn’t really know Charlie, but he likes Ken. Charlie says the reverse. Randy says that Ken grew up. Jeff asks Sugar about being Exiled; Sugar knows that people would talk behind her back. Susie keeps her immunity.

Randy votes Crystal (C. C.) and calls her a bitch. Ken votes “Charley”. Sugar is in tears while waiting. Charlie votes Crystal. As she votes she cries thinking about the whole thing.

Jeff reads the votes for Crystal, C.C. (who Jeff asks and Randy responds), Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, and the last vote is for Charlie. Marcus nods in shame.

Next Week:
Randy wreaks havoc. Ken wants to make sure that his alliance is still tight.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America’s Next Top Model: Episode 13 Recap

Last Week: Although Marjorie was nervous at go-sees, it was a stiff Elina who went home.

Samantha returns and is quite happy to have been number one last week. She applauds her picture on the TV. They mention that McKey has never been in the bottom two.

There is a mail about knowing how to sell. Analeigh and Marjorie have a moment to discuss Marjorie’s nervousness and personality. Analeigh tells her that there is a bit of acting to the whole thing.

The girls are bused to a building with Paulina greeting them. There are some tables with random items. The teach is how to sell with other senses other than using their voices. Analeigh has to smell a fish. McKey and Marjorie do decently smelling the fish. Samantha is a little disgusted. Next is toilet paper they play with how soft it is. Samantha can’t really do high fashion with the toilet paper. The next is a cell phone and Samantha and Marjorie don’t do that well emoting. Analeigh and McKey do a good set of emotions. After analysis, the girls go back to another mail. They worry that they have use their teachings in the next challenge. Before the next challenge, McKey and Samantha have some time to talk about making it to the final three.

Marjorie is still nervous as the girls go to Amsterdam Worldwide, an ad agency. The challenge is an audition for a commercial. It’s for a sneaker and there are cute storyboards to describe the situation. Mark Vanderloo (a male supermodel) is their partner for the challenge. The prize is a $10,000 shopping spree for a denim company.

Samantha is first and she has to reenact the commercial in the boardroom. She is on a treadmill and she goes for it. She gets professional about the whole situation after some breathing. Analeigh is next and she does an interesting take as well; after she finished she talks to the other girls about liking her kiss. McKey is worried about being in the bottom two so she tries her best. She doesn’t make the biggest of kisses, but Paulina likes the interaction before it. Marjorie tries her best to have fun with everything. She looks like a deer caught in headlights in some of her expressions. She then she lunges at Mark; it was unexpected but interesting. Paulina thanks everyone. She critiques the girls: Samantha was a little overdone, Analeigh was sweet, McKey’s flirtation was good but her kiss was awkward, and Marjorie was original/honest but a little scary. Paulina announces the winner is Marjorie. She gets to pick a friend and picks Analeigh. She decides to split the win 50/50. It’s funny that they only walked away with three bags.

There is a Tyra Mail about going Dutch. They don’t remember the concept about “Going Dutch.” Somehow Marjorie has the guts to invite some boys over on the phone. They were the boat drivers seen several episodes ago. The girls get gussied up and the boys arrive with pizza and alcohol. Truly guys, I guess. The other three except for Marjorie don’t drink so she pours herself a drink. Marjorie gets too loose. The group decides to play some charades. The groups separate and Sam plays cards; McKey wrestles a guy; and then somewhere along the line Marjorie is kissing one of the men.

My Life As A Cover Girl: Whitney model walks down the street. Then she puts eyeliner on. I guess she hasn’t booked anything today.

Marjorie and the guys are a little too drunk. Somehow Marjorie is in the bathtub with all her clothes with one of the guys only in his underwear. Analeigh is concerned talking to the boys; the boys don’t know why she is looking out for the boys. I guess they are real guys. Samantha and McKey also get a little upset and the boys finally leave. They all go to bed. As the day passed, Marjorie was happy that she was the only one drinking because she knew that the girls would take care of her.

The girls are bussed over to the Dutch countryside. The shoot is an extreme makeup/hair shoot. Barrie is the photographer and he has a good portfolio.

Analeigh is first and Jay is giving good criticism to her. She gives a lot of different shots and attempts some jumping shots. Marjorie, on the other hand is a little awkward; Jay calls her drunk. Her latter shots aren’t too bad. Jay reminds her to step it up in the judging panel. Samantha loves her crazy outfit. She is a little silly and laughs the whole way through. At the shoot Jay mentions that her legs are a little too straight. She struggles with posing; it may be due to the shoes causing her pain. The last few frames were better. Jay warns her that she doesn’t have the time to dilly-dally. She cries in the back and Sutan (the make-up artist) cheers her up. McKey has some really crazy hair and some strong eyeliner. Her poses are interesting with the chain and her climbing.

Back at the house McKey and Samantha talk about the shoot. Samantha is angry at herself for how she messed up. Marjorie sips a glass of wine and talks about not being nervous on the photoshoot.

Tyra introduces the judges and prizes. Ann Shoket of “Seventeen” is the guest judge. McKey is applauded for her clothing and her shoot. She gets her constant compliment about the endless legs. Marjorie is thanked for winning the challenge, but her shot looks like an alien is beaming her up. The judges call her flat instead of nervous. Samantha’s sweater disturbs Tyra; she immediately takes it off. Samantha’s shot isn’t bad. Tyra compliments her lips, but points out the photo was one of the last shots on the roll. Analeigh’s shot is the jumping shot she attempted. She almost copies the windmill behind her. Ann loves it.

Top Models in Action: Kim made it pretty far in Cycle 5. She does some modeling now, but is mostly known for being a reporter for MTV News.

At Judging the judges compliment Analeigh, but Ms. Jay doesn’t think her portfolio is the best. Paulina calls Samantha great, but Tyra is a little upset about her presence. Marjorie’s editorial shot was interesting, but Nigel talks about the lack of charm. Ann calls her condescending. There are no negatives about McKey’s photo.

Tyra calls the winner this week is Analeigh. The next name called is McKey. Our bottom two is Samantha and Marjorie. Tyra mentions that Marjorie’s photos are high fashion, but she’s become boring. Samantha on the other hand doesn’t get being a model. The girl that is safe is Samantha. That means Marjorie is going home, she thanks the judges and Tyra and hugs the other contestants. Analeigh is in tears, but Marjorie comforts her.

Next Week: The finale. There is a Dr. Seuss runway.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Results

Last Night: There were two dances from each couple and solo time. No one really did badly.

Our five remaining couples wait in the middle. We’re reminded that Dr. Drew, Brad Paisley and Benji are here. There was only a seven point difference between the contestants. The judges talk a little about the contestants post-episode.

Len announces that the encore is Warren & Kym’s Tango. Again, without the stress of the competition, both Warren and Kym have fun with the dance. They receive a standing ovation.

Julianne gets interviewed in the back. Cody is lucky to be sandwiched between Julianne and Edyta.

Brad Paisley performs his song “Ticks.” Benji and Lacey emerge in the middle in a country garb. I often forget how much of a camera hog Benji is. He masters lifts while staring at the camera. The two are really playful dancing. They do an interesting flip sequence into a dizzying spin sequence.

There’s a video recap from the audience last night. They all say positives about everybody. They called Cody a “White boy dancing.” We’re given the score results and they reveal two couples that are safe: Warren & Kym and Lance & Lacey.

Dr. Drew gets a chance to talk to the contestants. Lance and Lacey reeled from a fight the last week. Lance degrades himself. Dr. Drew thinks maybe Lacey needs to emote better to Lance. With Warren and Kym, pressure is increasing, but Dr. Drew worries about coping. Maurice and Cheryl discuss about competitiveness. There is a lack of communication between the two. Maurice needs to bring the technique out.

Our Stars of Dance performance is the Jive to “Great Balls of Fire” with Derek and Julianne. She emerges from the piano. She seems like she’s in fine shape from her surgury. The two are high energy and look like they are having a lot of fun. They interact with the winners, Derek sits on Julianne, and they dive on the piano at the end.

Dr. Drew is back and next is Brooke & Derek. They discuss about how she wants to do the best but they fight. Derek sometimes considers her a professional. They have a lot of tough love, but Brooke is offended by the disrespect. Dr. Drew makes sure that Derek isn’t condescending. Cody and Julianne talk about frustration of the competition. He gets emotional about the whole surgery thing. He cries and compliments Julianne about how much of a friend she has become. The two hug in comfort.

Brad Paisley is back with the dancers from the tour. He performs “Let the Good Times Roll.” The three couples do some synchronized dancing in between Brad’s solo shots. Why does it seem like all the dances with the professionals end at the stairs? After the dance, Tom interviews Maks about the hair, the tour and we also find out that Toni Braxton is singing and dancing.

We have another video about the Anatomy of Dancers. They put two professional dancers (I believe Alec and Edyta) into suits and analyze. They have to be fast, spin quickly, and be strong. They mention having strong core muscles. They also talk about strength for lifts. Performance causes the dancers to emote with their faces. Meaning they use all their muscles.

We have one more team safe: Brooke & Derek. Our two teams in jeopardy are Cody & Edyta and Maurice & Cheryl. After the commercial we find out that the team with the lowest score and is going home is Maurice & Cheryl. He says that he had the best time. Cheryl calls him the hardest working partner that she’s ever had. I guess Drew Lachey never had to work that hard to win.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dancing With the Stars: Week 8

Last Week: Susan Lucci couldn’t break out of the box and she was eliminated.

We’re welcomed by our hosts and they all walk out. No one is looking that good and all the girls seem to have those dresses that show where their love handles would be if they were fatter. Of course Cheryl is wearing a full dress. There is a ballroom and Latin dance. In the Latin dance they have some solo time.

Len is all excited about the 15 seconds of solo time. Sounds like a short amount of time.

Round 1 – The Ballroom Dances

Cody & Edyta – Cody’s spirit is down after last week and he’s quite nervous. He should be because Disney stars don’t normally survive that long. His friends come in and basically gawk at Edyta. One even gets the chance to touch her. He has the Foxtrot for his ballroom. When they dance, Cody’s grin sometimes kicks in when he knows he got something right, but his facial expression is good. The footwork is a less gawky, but Edyta’s lines are amazing. It’s nice to see the two having some chemistry. Len was surprised about the routine; he liked the elegance and footwork. Bruno points out how sophisticated he’s become. Carrie Ann loved the performance and gives a plus to the partner change. She is knocking off a point though for a lift. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8.

Brooke & Derek - Brooke got the first perfect score of the season. Derek has decided to push Brooke harder. Brooke has the Tango and Mambo. I didn’t notice until Derek mentioned, but Brooke is the only woman left. Right as they start I almost worry if that was a lift. The emotion is definitely there and the lines seem clean to me. Derek and Brook’s kicks are sharp. Bruno says some overtly metaphorically challenged phrase and ends with “stunning.” Carrie Ann calls her phenomenal and pitch-perfect. Len saw a lack of leads and a loss of stance in different points. He claims to criticize her on a professional level. The judges’ scores are: 10, 8, and 10.

Maurice & Cheryl – Maurice lucked out from a strong group dance. Maurice has the Paso Doble which was the group dance, so they studied the video over. The quickstep throws Maurice off, but he vows to do well on a ballroom. Right off the bat I’m a little disappointed. It seems like the steps are okay, in one dip it seems that Cheryl lost an earring. Cheryl ends with a cartwheel; I wonder how allowable it was. Carrie Ann liked that he refined his work. Len likes how his footwork was great. Bruno likes how he didn’t deflate in the middle of the dance. The scores are 8, 8, and 8.

Lance & Lacey
– This week the two have the Samba and Foxtrot. Lacey has changed her strategy for adding a little bit more technique. Although Lance has a little bit of an awkward face through most of the performance, the dance isn’t too bad. I assume it’s his character. It’s so smooth that I didn’t realize that it ended so soon. Len loves the traditional Lance & Lacey but still points out the footwork in holds. Bruno loves the play between the two. Carrie Ann likes the animated style and thought it was fun as well. The scores are: 9, 8, and 9.

Warren & Kym
– Although the Foxtrot was questionable, be had a strong team Paso. He blames himself for the Foxtrot. They have the Tango and Jive this week. Warren does his best to kick as much as possible with the kicks. With the tango they practice hard. It’s funny that even before the dance, Warren is sweaty. I find the secret agent tango was a good choice for the two since he’s such a character. Most of his steps are there as well. The crowd goes wild for him. Bruno liked it. Carrie Ann makes fun of the sparkles and loves how Warren connects with the audience. Len thought it was also fantastic. The scores are: 10, 9, and 9.

Round 2 – The Latin Dances

Cody & Edyta – No little video package! Cody is still doing the funny chin face. Although the thing is quite paired, it seems like Cody has a lot of individual time. Cody uses his solo time quite interestingly. He ends by launching himself onto the table. I’m sure Bruno was smiling. Carrie Ann gives it an A for the effort, but thought that it was a little erratic and disjointed. Len is worried that Warren doesn’t lunge. He thought it overall was good. Bruno liked the Mambo fever but it was a little jerky. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8. Edyta was happy to work with Cody, but Julianne will be returning next week.

Brooke & Derek – Brooke emerges looking quite similar to Marie Osmond. She decides to put her solo in the beginning flattering the judges. Derek is really quite a character isn’t he? After Cody’s dance, Brooke looks like gold. She’s not disjointed at all. Len thought it was quite ambitious; he liked the beginning, but thought some areas of legwork was a little bent. Bruno thinks that she is a great dancer. Carrie Ann liked the solo, but thought that the posture was a little awkward at points. The scores are: 9, 9, and 9.

Maurice & Cheryl – I always find it interesting when they have contemporary music. The dancing is quite passionate. I think that Maurice got lucky because he got to twirl the cape around for his solo. Both Cheryl and Maurice were quite good in the performance. Bruno called the cape twirl a wind turbine; he liked it. Carrie Ann loved how he focused and how the steps are right; she wants a balance between the power and grace. Len liked the cape part in this sense because it was in his solo. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8.

Lance & Lacey
– I still love Lacey with Latin dances. Lance’s solo was placed in the beginning. His steps were a little too NSYNC for my tastes. Lacey’s legs are actually quite fitting. The lines are nice on her end. Speaking of end, Lance ends the routine sliding into Lacey’s feathered bum. Carrie Ann called the Samba a hard dance but he did a good job; she was distracted by Lance Looking up at the balconies. Len saw some of the moves, but he wanted a little more Samba in the solo. He wants to point out the footwork. Bruno liked how he got the audience without Lacey’s help and also the attempts of the rolls. The scores are: 8, 7 and 9.

Warren & Kym – It’s quite entertaining to see a big guy like warren being so light on his feet. Warren’s solo is quite interesting, a little bit like a chicken, but cuter. The rest of the dance is entertaining, but not as kicky as I remember the Jive was. Len loves the joyfulness in the dance, his feet were horrible. Bruno loves the fun, but the technique was flat. Carrie Ann liked how the feet were still going. The scores are: 9, 8, and 9.

The Scores:

Brooke & Derek – 55
Warren & Kym - 54
Lance & Lacey - 50
Maurice & Cheryl – 48
Cody & Edyta – 48

Who’s Going Home? I think that Lance has enough points that he’s safe. I would think that Cody may get the Julianne vote still, so I’m throwing my vote towards Maurice.

Tomorrow: Benji! We also have the return of Julianne and some country singers. I’m sure there is some more fluffer that I’m not thinking of.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Survivor Gabon Episode 8

Previously on Survivor: Jeff dropped the bomb that both tribes had to vote off a member. Marcus wins immunity and gives an extra immunity to Sugar. Fang decides to blindside Ace, while Kota votes off a paranoid Dan even though Susie pissed off Corrine.

The Kota tribe returns from tribal council and Randy points out how tough the vote was at Kota; he snaps at Susie laughing. Marcus wants a little group meeting; Randy wants to make sure that the six will get rid of four. The rest of the group pins Susie, mostly Corrine who’s pissed off at the remarks Susie made about her.

Fang returns from their council. Sugar was so happy to get rid of Ace. Matty was worried about the whole thing and was happy about the whole promise thing left. Sugar trusts Ken more. Crystal wants to make sure that they go open. They decide to try to go for a plan made by Ken if they go to merge.

The next day at Kota, Corrine is still complaining about the whole thing as they get the tree mail. It has a spoon. They want personal possessions and something about going to a beach.

Both tribes arrive to food and all reintroduce themselves to each other. There is a box with a mystery in it. Everyone passes food around and speculates about the box. Matty and Ken notice the clue. Ken grabs for it and Charlie makes him read the immunity idol clue. Marcus suggests that no one wants the immunity idol. Randy wants to send it adrift. He finds it and places it on the table. Everyone wants the idol, but taking it would look bad. Everyone heads over to the beach and Randy tosses the idol to the ocean. Marcus pats himself in the back. They get back and open the box. The first note points that each person grabs a numbered stone. The second explains that there are two new tribes of five.

New Kota: Crystal, Ken, Marcus, Susie, and Bob
New Fang: Charlie, Corrine, Randy, Matty, and Sugar

Susie thinks that she has all the power. Crystal is nervous. Marcus has way too much hot air and convinces himself that he’s amazing.

Ken and Crystal are amazed and happy about their new camp. Ken is nervous about being in the minority again. Marcus apparently knows Crystal’s cousin. Marcus almost wants to help Crystal because of past friendships. The have some time to talk and Crystal decides to try using Marcus as much as possible.

Over at New Fang, Charlie is trying to be positive by making the Kota Six into the temporary Kota Three. Corrine and Charlie think of getting rid of Matty, but possibly flusing out Sugar. Matty talks to Randy and is uneasy about the whole thing. Matty and Sugar discuss Kenny’s plans. She starts to crumble a little on the inside.

Over at Kota, Susie is a worker bee. Marcus and Bob keep talking about voting off Susie. Susie talks to Marcus about having the power. She wants to use the power right now to get rid of Marcus.

Fang gets some mail; Randy suggests throwing a challenge getting rid of Matty. Sugar and Matty come back with a clue talking about immunity and holding on to something.

Matty explains that Fang=Ghetto to him. Jeff explains the challenge. They have to hold two poles to a board for as long as possible. The first tribe to lose their players, lose the challenge. All the heights have been adjusted for fairness.

Almost immediately, Crystal and Sugar drop out. Susie loses her concentration and is out. In the same time Randy and Corrine are out. Ken drops the pole. Marcus’ arms shake immensely and he is out. Charlie drops out and the last two remaining are Matty and Bob. Matty starts making noises to throw Bob off. Matty’s poles are on the edge, but Bob drops the pole. Matty keeps the tribe safe.

Personally, I’m impressed by Susie’s game play. She has gone under the radar so long that she finally emerges as a power player. She really has all the power and unless the other four realize it, she’s deciding who goes home.

Kota returns in some dismay and Marcus was disappointed. He does want Ken out though. Marcus tries to convince Crystal that he wants to replace Susie with her. Marcus calls out the fact that Crystal sucks at challenges. She does some intense neck-work to the audience. Marcus and Susie talk about who should be voted off. Susie decides to put trust in Marcus. Crystal decides to tell Ken that everyone else is voting Ken. Crystal decides to get Susie on her side. She explains that Randy and Corrine don’t like Susie. If I were her, I’d tell Crystal/Ken to vote Marcus and hope Marcus/Bob votes Ken and vote Bob.

At tribal, Crystal explains that it is a battle of suits vs. the ghetto. Bob points out that he regrets voting out Dan last week. Susie makes a face. Ken decides to call out Marcus and tries his best. Marcus decides to act very corporate in response. At the vote Marcus votes with a swirly after Ken’s name. Crystal votes Marcus, Bob votes Ken, and Ken votes “Marc-Ace” which is quite funny to me. Susie’s vote is left shrouded in mystery.

Jeff reads the votes. Marcus. Ken. Ken. Marcus. Susie’s vote was for Marcus. It turns out that he will be the first juror. Crystal has the biggest grin for the blindside.

Next Week: There’s a party! Fang complains more. Ken is happy to still be around.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America’s Next Top Model Episode 10

Previously: Sheena was too hoochie, even for the Red Light District. She was sent home.

Back in Amsterdam, the girls talk about being the top five. Analeigh is in high hopes. Elina is still stiff and Marjorie points out that she’s a one-note when it comes to facial poses. Marjorie feels uncomfortable under all the pressure.

There is a Tyra Mail telling us that it’s go-see week. There are four points that the girls are being judged. Each girl also gets a boat, a map, and a time limit. If they are past 5PM they are eliminated. The girls get into their boats and go. The boats would go faster if they rowed. Marjorie puts too much pressure on herself. Samantha is first and she tries her best to follow some instructions. She connects, but is too commercial for the first designer.

McKey meets with a designer and Monique is impressed. Marjorie, on the other hand is lost. Samantha gets lost as well; her pronunciation is also bad. Analeigh tries to read signs unsuccessfully. Marjorie tries to ask everyone, but gets nothing.

Analeigh meets with Hans and he seems to have liked her. Elina runs to Mart. He complains to Elina for being sweaty. He doesn’t like her because she’s not a model. Analeigh, Elina, and Samantha all see two designers while Marjorie doesn’t see one. She decides to go to number two.

Marjorie is worried about her lank of bank-ability. She makes it to one designer, but Marlies points out her hunch. Elina is outside waiting and she immediately gets rejected because of her tattoos. McKey has her third go-see and it turns out well. She loses track of time because of the beauty of the place. Elina is at her fourth, Analeigh shows up next for her third. Monique likes Analeigh because she is willing to learn.

Marjorie gets to her second go-see. She cries outside thinking that Hans didn’t like her. She decides to go back to the agency. Time goes by and Analeigh gets back next. Elina struggles with getting out of the boat but makes it back in time. Sam makes it back in time. All the girls are hoping that McKey doesn’t make it in time. She doesn’t. She’s upset with herself and she’s disqualified. She basically would have won.

Samantha gets dinged for being too commercial. Elina gets dinged for the tattoos again. Marjorie was really nervous. Analeigh’s hair was good and she was fresh, she may have tried too hard. The prize is clothes from the designers. Analeigh wins.

There is a Tyra mail and the girls speculate about a nude shoot. Marjorie has that losing mentality. Samantha is still worried about nude shoots. Jay shows up with Christian being over made in makeup. Tyra is the photographer and they are doing two shots, one with no make-up and the other over-done; what Tyra calls “fierce.” The photos will be black and white.

Samantha goes first and she gets the explanation about the Polaroids from go-sees. After the make-over she has to work her bubbly pants. She does better theatrically.

Marjorie still does her Hunchback in her Polaroids. She bounces around and thinks too hard. In her make-over, her hair is shortened even more. Tyra pretends to be a photographer, Marjorie works her profile.

Analeigh gets generic pony-tail for her shots. After the makeover she does okay.

Elina gets criticized for her nails. She does these mannish poses. She gets criticized for being too stiff again. Elina tries her best to breakaway from her stiffness, but fails.

McKey does a little too well. In her make-over Tyra wants some intense “Clockwork Orange” eye. She is quite flexible as she does her shots.

The mail reminds us that the elimination is next. At judging Tyra wears a top that looks like someone threw paint at her. Jay Manuel is our extra judge today. Samantha is first, and she booked two jobs out of four. Apparently the shoot is based off of an old Tyra shot. The plain shot is amazing, very Calvin Klein. Her high end shot is great as well.

Analeigh would have booked all three go-sees. The natural shot is too “casting” to Nigel. Analeigh’s shot is amazing, she sports crazy legs. Marjorie psyches herself out, and would have booked nothing. She has that same broken shot. It actually was her test shot; nothing else was any good. Her makeover shot was fierce.

Elina looks like a bad Angelina Jolie; Jay fixes her by removing her shirt. The tattoos led to her being booked for two out of the four. Elina’s natural shot/profile was okay. Her crazy shot was bad. She tries a crazy attempt and fails. Tyra is shocked that she’s 18. Elina screams, but I still don’t believe it.

McKey got to four go-sees but was too late; she would have booked all four. The natural shot was good, Tyra takes all credit after her teach a few episodes back. The makeover has an intense angle. Boy, can that girl can curve her body.

At judging, Samantha is good. Analeigh has big proportions in her face and that makes her interesting. Nigel doesn’t like Marjorie because how frail she is. McKey’s shot is amazing. Elina is a no; Ms. Jay makes fun of her.

Tyra has eight photos this week. The winner this week is Samantha (I blame Nigel). McKey and Analeigh are next. Marjorie & Elina are our bottom and they get the same criticism that we hear week after week. Elina holds on too much. Marjorie has no nerves, but it’s okay. She’s safe. Elina starts to cry; Tyra wants her to be edgier.

Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Results

Last Monday: Some dances were bad, some group dances were worse.

We’re live and all the groups are in their group dance clothing. After the recap of Monday, which seems like forever, the groups do the encore. We find out that Susan picked Lance/Lacey first.

Lionel Richie also performs "Good Morning", danced to by professional dancers Edyta and Alec. The song really isn’t that good. The whole thing is quite generic actually. Edyta is quite pretty and angular in her moves. Alec is very masculine in his movements.

Dance Center is back with another hilarious segment, starring Season Two competitors Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice, with head judge Len Goodman. They call Michael Flatley better than Len. Warren got Jerry in the football games, Warren winks too much. They make dings on Susan being light, Maurice being fast, Brooke having too much leg, Cody having oddly attractive eyebrows, and Lass being a Bass .

Dave Scott created some original dance for “us.” When things start with magicians, I question how good this thing can get. They use some smoke machines, but overall I don’t like it. Too much smoke. Knife swallowing? When did that become a dance move?

Up next is a performance from Lionel Richie with his classic "Dancing on the Ceiling.” He is accompanied by professional dancers Cheryl, Maks, Kym and Tony. Kym seems most out of place, though Maks’ hair is the important part of the performance.

The whole Paso Doble team is announced safe before any Cha-Cha member. There was a big disparity between the two of them.

The contestants talk about what is easy and what is difficult. Cody mentions that Edyta is his trouble.

Team Cha-Cha is on the bottom and Lance & Lacey are the first safe team. The couple that is leaving is Susan & Tony. She thanks everyone and dances off to “Hit the Road Jack” which I find tasteless.

Apparently next week we will have solos. This show is slowly turning into “So You Think You Can Dance” one week at a time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dancing With The Stars: Week 7

Last Week: Cloris finally went home. I guess that means that there’s less crazy left on TV.

We’re quickly reminded that Cody is paired up (indefinitely) with Edyta. We also have two teams for the group dances: Brooke/Warren/Maurice vs. Lance/Cody/Susan and they will get team scores.

Warren & Kym – Warren had a few missteps last week will his foxtrot this week be good? Kym wants to make sure that the technique is on, so she brings him to Nick to see his lines. As they dance, I feel as though his pants are too long. I don’t know, but I feel as though he’s still kind of stiff. I like their spirit, but spirit can only get one so far. Kym’s choreography is a good thing though. A returning Len liked Kym’s personality, but he didn’t think it was the best. Bruno, after playing with a boa, didn’t like it all. He points out a going backwards. Carrie Ann wants to know what’s wrong and Warren complains about his shoes not being right. The scores are: 7, 7, and 7.

Susan & Tony – Was the mambo a breakthrough? I don’t really know. They practice in the “All My Children” rehearsal room and Tony really wants the passion. Susan gets frustrated. Tony wants emotion. With traditionalist music for this Paso, it is at least one good thing. I still think that Susan is a little too tactical in her performance, but she definitely is moving up the ladder. Bruno makes some analogy of Susan riding a bull. Carrie Ann makes Susan stare at the camera and say “I’m doing good.” Len liked it as well. The scores are 8, 8, and 8.

Maurice & Cheryl –
After a questionable Viennese waltz, this week Maurice has the Cha Cha. He’s stressing out again. During the group rehearsal, Maurice hyper-extended his leg and he definitely is fighting through pain. I can’t believe that they started him off on top of the stairs with the leg problem. Cheryl is busting out of her dress this week. For any injury, Maurice showed nothing on his face. Carrie Ann called it a good mix. Len called it “cheap jewelry” and still calls it his best dance. Bruno likes the natural sense of rhythm, but he wants him to hone it. The scores are 8, 9, and 8.

Cody & Edyta – Cody was successful from the Samba, but this week with a new partner we’ll see what happens. They have the Viennese waltz. They visit Julianne, and she hints how Cody is good at being a character. They look like they are finding their bearings. As they start their dance I’m almost shocked by the better choreography that Edyta created this week. It clearly shows that she was given a dud with Jeffery. It almost goes by too fast. Len thought that Cody looked uncomfortable. Bruno compares him to a little bird that falls out of the nest. Carrie Ann thought it was good and she likes the extensions that Cody made. The scores are: 8, 7, and 7.

Lance & Lacey –
Last week showed a strong showing from Lance. This week they have the Rumba and Lacey wants to do the dance barefoot. Lance broke his toe and it’s not working. Lacey throws a little hissy fit because of his foot. She apologizes the next day for being rude. They start off a bench and dance to John Mayer. I actually understand the organic idea that Lacey wanted. It’s very smooth and I applaud the fact that they are creating points with their feet without shoes on, especially Lacey who would have had a heel to help her. Bruno called it seductive and romantic; he liked the contemporary spin. Carrie Ann loved the risk for going barefoot. Len didn’t get the barefoot-ness. He calls Lance flatfooted and says that Lacey shouldn’t use the nonsense. Bruno and Carrie Ann try to argue back to no avail. The scores are: 9, 7, and 9.

Brooke & Derek – Brooke fell off of the top of the leader board from a disappointing Rumba. They have a little regroup moment discussing their Foxtrot. Derek really wants Brooke’s gracefulness to emerge in this dance. The dance is very playful in an MGM performance way. It’s quite smooth and Brooke is definitely graceful. They spin quite gracefully to end the performance. Carrie Ann thanks the welcoming of the leader. Len loved all the elements. Bruno loved the whole thing as well. The scores are: 10, 10, and 10. The first perfect score of the season.

Team Cha-Cha:
Cody gives a pep talk to the team about being good actors. Each team has a solo piece. Susan talks to a video of Cody. I guess technology got to her. Susan makes sure that she’s not the weak link. Everyone is quite nervous. Also, although it seems obvious, Lacey was the choreographer for this dance. I do realize by using some close-ups it shows a little less of the mistakes. I also like the fact that the guys unbuttoned their shirts. Cody’s solo is oddly sexual, it’s a little gawky. Susan on the other hand still has that controlled sensuality to her dancing. Lance and Lacey are the strongest team, maybe due to Lacey’s interesting choreography in their solos. Susan again in a group still struggles, which is odd because she was great in her solo. Kathy Griffin applauds in the audience. Len liked the formation and Lance/Lacey did the best. Bruno thinks that Lance/Lacey saved everything. Carrie Ann called the unison brutal to watch. If Lance/Lacey could get a separate score, they would do better. The scores are: 6, 7, and 7.

Team Paso Doble: Team “Super” gets all hyped up. Cheryl puts her team in the middle, just in case they mess up. Not the best of signs. They all practice sliding and solos. Warren gives a big team motivational speech. The Paso gets the natural advantage of being more dramatic. Also Warren and Brooke were good the last time they had Paso. Warren is still good. I do love Cheryl’s emotion in her dancing, but she was right to sandwich herself in the middle because Maurice was a little bland. Derek is always passionate in his dancing and he gets a lot from Brooke who hits everything sharp. The group work in the end is quite synchronized. Bruno loved it because they looked like a team. Carrie Ann agrees. Len understands that the lines were easier than the Cha-Cha, but he wants to point out that marching is easier than cha-cha-ing around. The scores are: 10, 9, and 10.

High (Team Paso):
Brooke – 30 + 29 = 59
Maurice – 25 + 29 = 54
Warren – 21 + 29 = 50

Low (Team Cha-Cha):

Lance – 25 + 20 = 45
Susan – 24 + 20 = 44
Cody – 22 + 20 = 42

Who’s going home? Well we’ll have to wait an extra day to find out. Knowing that Cody has a new partner, I feel as though he gets a little bit of buffer votes. So that means Susan is going home.

WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

We watch the current season of Big Brother on CBS, Big Brother After Dark, and the Feeds. We watch all Big Brother 20 coverage and DVR it and watch it again. There will be posts about things we have seen from watching Big Brother 24/7. If you are a casual viewer of the CBS show-only or do not want to read any spoilers, do not read our posts dealing with After Dark and the Live Feeds.