Monday, August 27, 2007

Survivor: China; Cast Revealed

The reality show that started it all continues to raise the bar with its exotic locations and high-risk challenges on SURVIVOR: CHINA. The new competition unleashes an eclectic group of castaways on the ancient south central province of Jiang Xi, where they are prepared for adventure, danger and surprises in the hopes of winning $1 million and becoming the ultimate Survivor.

The cast includes a familiar face to WWE fans, as Ashley Massaro (in the middle wearing a black bandana) joins as the only "celebrity". She is not the first professional athlete to compete on the show. On Survivor: Guatamala, former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom played.

On thing is for sure, with this being the first American telecast to EVER be shot on location in China, we can probably expect some big ploys to rake in the viewers.

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