Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday's SuperNanny

If you watched ABC last night, you were bound to sit through an excrutiating episode of the Supernanny.
First of all, where do they find these people? The Dostal's, a married couple on the brink of divorce, call the British Nanny because they have a five year old boy who is out of control...kicking, punching, biting and scratching his mother until she bleeds. One may think, this boy most likely wasn't born bad, so where did he learn such behavior? Well, my question was answered not far into the episode, when the father was shown pushing the boy around and aggressively discipling advise, go get smacked around by your wife...seems like your marriage could use it!
Anyway, Jo (Supernanny), comes to the rescue in her red cape and little British car, and fixes everything for them in one neat little package. Their marriage is saved and the children are tranformed into angels. Not too shabby for an hour.

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