Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bye Bye to a Classy Jackass

Well, our loveable Jackass, Steve-O, couldn’t hold out any longer and was eliminated last night with his lingerie-clad partner, Lacey. I was really starting to warm up to him and actually like him, stupid TV show and drug use behind him. He seemed like a really nice guy and went out with class. (Learn something from that, LT - although I’ll give Lawrence credit, he’s improved his attitude as of this week too).

Lil’ Kim & Derek are asked to perform their Jailhouse Rock Jive as the Encore Dance. It looks just as good as Monday and a bit looser - amazing what "not being judged" can do for a performance.

Some backstage confessional moments: Steve-O wondering what was up with the judges on Monday. "I forget the dance, I get a 5. That was my best dance yet, and I get a 4." (I hear ya, Steve-O, but don’t try and figure out Len. It will send you back to drugs). Chuck says that "Bruno liked me raunchy. Carrie Ann liked me raunchy." Julianne laughs that she likes the fact that Carrie Ann liked him raunchy better, but Chuck doesn’t care, good scores are good scores.
Members of the cast of West Side Story perform "America" and bring the house down. I think I’m going to have to check that out again, I’ve only seen the movie and it’s been eons. That was a great performance.

Backstage, Samantha interviews some of the stars and Steve-O is thankful for the "outpouring of love and support, regardless of what happens." We find out there is no Dance-Off tonight (thank you, dance gods!) Confessing to the camera after his dance on Monday night, Chuck says "I am so turned on I don’t even remember what the judges said." (I imagine Chuck & Julianne are taking a bit of a risk with their relationship, doing this show together and Julianne having to be a hardass to teach Chuck. Going back to their roots for a sentimental reminder of their first date was probably a pretty good idea.)

The first two couples are told they are safe: Lil’ Kim & Derek and Lawrence & Edyta. Edyta looks genuinely surprised and happy - and after reading a lot of the message boards, it’s been noted that Lawrence may be giving Edyta the "Karina syndrome" because she seems like her heart is not in it this season. I started paying attention and can see from their rehearsal footage that she looks tired and Lawrence isn’t helping. Maybe LT’s newfound enthusiasm will help pick up Edyta a little.

Rascall Flatts perform a song from their new album, which I have decided I have to buy. They’re one group everyone can like whether they like country or not. Tony and Julianne perform, and Julianne does the head-whipping thing again - she’s gotta have a headache after all that! (Or am I just projecting how I would feel? Probably. Although if it were me, I would have broken my neck!)

We find out the Stars get to design the costumes for next week’s dance. It’s hysterical seeing the stars in the room with the costume designer and the professional dancers locked outside, wondering what is up. Lil’ Kim is picking out pink for Derek - and Derek doesn’t care what she dresses him in, as long as he doesn’t have to wear her pasties. Cheryl looks sour, saying "this is a bad idea," and Lacey yells at Steve-O "don’t make me look fat!" Lawrence says his mom will be around next week, so he’s thinking a little bit more clothing for Edyta. (Many, many male viewers of the program have just decided that LT is gay.)

Shawn & Mark and Melissa & Tony will be back next week, they are safe. Backstage, Samantha talks to Lil’ Kim about plotting Derek’s costume, and Kim says "I can put him in a paper bag and he still looks hot." (Go ahead, Kim, feed that enormous ego!) Samantha teases LT, telling him "you may disappoint most of the US by putting more clothes on Edyta," and Lawrence says "yeah, she doesn’t like to wear much."

Carmen Electra dances with a group in a cabaret-style number choreographed by former Pussycat Doll Lindsley Allen. It was fun, although we got to see that Ms. Electra has gained a little weight. (Just as I type that I feel lousy - she has a KILLER body that’s maybe - what, 10 pounds heavier than we last saw her in the limelight, she still looks absolutely fabulous, and all anyone can say is "wow, she gained weight!" See how screwed up society is? Now I know what Cheryl was yelling about when the media made such a big deal of her little weight gain. And another thing .... um, oh. I’ll get off the soap box.)

A body language expert comes in to tell us what the stars are really feeling. Kim has big eyes and her mouth is always open, so she’s taking it all in. Shawn isn’t secure, as proved by her shoulder-shrugging. Ty holds onto Chelsie a lot, he needs the reassurance that she’s there. Melissa shows a lot of fear. Chuck is trying really hard. Gilles looks up a lot, as if he’s praying, which shows he’s humble. Lawrence stands with his chest puffed out, meaning he’s open and can take whatever the judges dish out. Tom quips that the expert "made everyone feel practically naked - but then, they are!"

Gilles & Cheryl are told they are safe, leaving Chuck & Julianne, Ty & Chelsie and Steve-O & Lacey to sweat it out during the commercial break - and the director or somebody goofed a bit. The music ended but they didn’t cut away right away, and we see Tom walking toward the remaining couples saying "well, that was abrupt!" Good thing he didn’t say anything nasty or embarassing - live TV can bite ya in the butt sometimes!

Back from commercial, Chuck & Julianne are told they’re safe. Tom asks the judges about the remaining two couples, and Bruno says that Ty is the perfect gentleman, while Steve-O brings a childlike quality to the show. Tom pins him down as to who should stay on the show, and Bruno says "the best dancer." Having to give a name, Bruno offers that Ty should stay, and he’s right, Steve-O and Lacey are done. He was complimentary to Lacey for putting up with him, (I think - you be the judge) saying "sometimes I tend to manstruate." (I looked it up. There is no such word. I don’t want to even guess at that one!)

So next week is the big, allegedly fun un-judged group dance along with the individual couples’ dances. It will be a 60's theme (early 60's or the acid-laden late 60's? Yeah, let’s see some "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida!") And will we see Derek in pasties? We’ll find out next week!

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