Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big Brother 11 Cast Updates, Live Feeds, and More

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Things have been slow around here lately, but reality television is about to explode once again. Big Brother 11 is coming this Thursday night, July 9th, 2009. There is great anticpation for this season as usual, with promises of a theme and even more twists.

The Big Brother 11 cast has been announced. However, there are rumors of at least 1 additional cast member. The word is the extra house guest will be a member of a previous season. That's the twist. Or is it? Some are spreading the rumor that as many as 4 previous house guests will return to the Big Brother House for season 11.

The HGs will also be split into cliques. Can you guess what the cliques are? The members include a real estate broker slash MMA fighter, a bikini model, Star Wars nerd, and a neuroscientist. Of course there are others. Tune in Thursday to see.

As always Real Pass also offers subscriptions that allow you to watch all the action live and uncensored. I have been watching the Live Feeds since season 8 and think they are a great value. There is even a Big Brother 11 Live Feeds early bird special going on for a limited time. They are offering 25% off- or all 3 months for just $29.99. You can sample a free trial.

Things are changing here at Reality Shows Blog. We've had some writers leave for better gigs. We wish them the best. We also have other writers that only cover certain shows. We know that Big Brother is a big deal in the reality tv world, so we look forward to checking in with Big Brother 11 updates. If I can't personally do much posting on the topic, I will be linking to other BB sites as well as asking for guest posters and cross posts to keep things going this season.

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WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

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