Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check Out The Amazing Race Australia Show Recaps and Commentary

Just thought I would make a post for those who are interested in The Amazing Race. Contributor azmouse has been writing up some really good recaps of current season episodes of the The Amazing Race in Australia. Have the teams been running into any Strange Kangaroos? Check out the TAR recaps to find out.

This blog will continue to feature general commentary on a variety of reality tv shows, with some crossover posts from time to time. However, a couple shows are really big events for us and have their own dedicated blogs. For example The Amazing Race at www.theamazingrace.info.

As always, I know people are looking forward to the summer and a new season of Big Brother. We will have a lot of blogging going on about Big Brother 13 over at bigbrotherfansblog.com.

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Unknown said...

I love Amazing Race its one of my favorite shows, but I must admit those costumes were quite stupid


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