Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Brother 13 Coverage Starts Now

The time has finally come. (Some of) the cast has been announced, and we are assuming the houseguests from season 13 of the reality tv show Big Brother have been sequesterd. Some time tomorrow I think will will find out what is going on, including at least one/some of the twists.

Who is coming back? There has been rampant speculation that some past favorites ( and hateds) will be coming back as "dynamic duos." Speculation includes names like Evel Dick and daughter Danielle, as well as Jeff, Jordan and some other couples or showmances.

Stay tuned for Big Brother Blogging here and well as posts and feeds from the Big brother Blog. As always, you can watch the live feeds with a subscription to the Real Pass program. There are banners on the site, if you are interested, and the subscription comes with a no obligation free 3 day trial.


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Anonymous said...

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