Monday, February 20, 2012

The Amazing Race 20 Kicks Off with Big Brother Stars!

It's time once again for another season of The Amazing Race.  Hard to believe this is the 20th Race, and CBS has once again loaded it with a variety of teams battling it out for 1 million dollars.  They've even casted 2 of Big Brother's most talked about houseguests from the past couple of years, Brendon and Big Brother 13 winner Rachel.

The Big Brother team did pretty well in week 1, but still has a long way to go if they plan on winning the 1 million dollar prize.  The Amazing Race is probably the most fast paced reality game show out there, as the action never has a chance to slow down with the frantic pace of the teams racing against time to avoid being last.

Full coverage of the race can be found at The Amazing Race blog, as we all watch each week to see one more team eliminated from the game every Sunday until just one million dollar team remains.

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