Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Brother 14 Feeds Early Bird Special Sale Time

It's that time of year again- Almost time for the 14th Season of the hit CBS reality tv show "Big Brother." There is always a great deal of anticipation for the reality television even of the summer, and some would say the highlight of the year when it comes to reality television programming.

Season 13 gave CBS great ratings for the summer season and this year promises to continue the annual tradition. Rumors going around are saying this season of Big Brother is going to be "Super sized."

While we won't know the cast for quite awhile, Real Pass is offering the annual "Early Bird Special" for the Live Feed subscriptions. Big Brother Fans Blog has some more details here:

Suffice it to say, if you ARE planning on subscribing to the Big Brother live Feed, the Early Bird special is always the best deal. You can typically save at least $10 getting in early, and unlike a lot of time sensitive online offers, they always do raise the price once the show starts.

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WARNING: Big Brother Spoilers!

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