Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother After Dark Big Brother 14 July 13, 2012

I'm watching Big Brother After Dark on Show2. Tonight is the second night of the Big Brother 14 season. There was no CBS show tonight- those are Thursdays on CBS.

So far the After Dark action on Big Brother 14 is pretty boring. It basically feels like being a voyeur in a co-ed college dorm- if nothing ever happened in college except lounging around and being boring.

I saw the son of pro wrestler Sid Vicious lying on a hammock whining and telling some other male houseguest that he's not going to discuss strategy with Boogie. Boogie is, of course, Mike "Boogie" Malin, one-half of the legendary ( if reality show bromances can be called legendary) Chill Town partnership with Dr. Will from the first season of Big Brother and the All-Star edition. He has made a career as a perennial reality shows contestant and bar owner.

Then I see a couple blonde chicks hanging around in tank tops and small shorts, holding solo cups, and talking about really boring stuff like "I don't like to workout. Do you?" "No." "But does it, like, make you feel better and stuff?" "Yeah.".. You get the idea. And like I said, it's basically like hanging out with some older college students and not doing anything. We've got Playmate of the Year 2006 Kara Monaco and some other model-looking chicks, but they are hanging out in their loungewear having what seems like the lamest slumber party since 4th grade. Then you have a bunch of dude dudes hanging around thinking "Bro, those puppies look pretty sweet in that t-shirt, and I see your little mesh shorts rising up your thigh, but if I want to see more I'm going to have to get a subscription to Mr Skin. or something."

Now someone just brought out the famous Matthew McConaughy line from the movie "Dazed and Confused," when his older perv character laments how he keeps getting older but these "High School Girls Keep Staying the same age."

Followed by a few "Mary Jane" references, like the Tom Petty song "Last Dance with Mary Jane."

This needs to be more exciting. Fortunately, I have some experience hanging around really boring college parties, as well as summer get togethers with co-workers at seasonal jobs.  And if my experience is any indication, often when a bunch of attractive young people are hanging out, no matter how mellow things are, once the liquid libations get flowing, the inhibitions start to lessen, and SOMETHING happens. So either some one is going to Get It On..sometime.. Or one of these dudes is going to get pent up with rage and get tired of ogling clothed cleavage and start BRoing out, starting some fights with someone. Stay tuned.

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