Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Start Tonight!

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

Big Brother 18 kicked off with an information overload last night as the first ever 2 hour premiere took CBS by storm! Of course we had to know with a 2-night premiere there was going to be a big cliffhanger, and the fact that live feeds don't start until tonight made it even worse!  But the wait is almost over and live feeds officially kick off tonight after night 2 of the big premiere. 

Last night of course the bomb was dropped that 4 returning houseguests - Frank from BB14, Nichole from BB16, and James and Da'Vonne from last year's BB17 are in the house and are playing with 12 all-new houseguests.  Of course we will find out tonight who will be the first evictee already, but that will most likely only add to the animosity in the house.  The tension and scheming in the house began within minutes, which of course means we have great possibilities for the Big Brother 18 live feeds!

As with every year, the feeds are available on multiple devices including tablets and phones, and the Big Brother house is equipped with cameras everywhere so you literally don't miss anything.....yes even language, nudity, and everything else is caught on the live feeds which makes for the ultimate uncensored Big Brother experience.

Will Da'Vonne's tension with Paul boil over early? Which houseguests will end up in a showmance?  And when will the first alcohol deliver be?!  We'll start to get answers to some of these questions when the Big Brother 18 feeds go live later tonight!  Be sure to get your Big Brother 18 live feed subscription and get a week FREE! 


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