Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Two Coreys Season 2 Premier Review - Comedy Out, Drama In

Well I just finished up watching the premier of the second season of A&E's "reality show," "The Two Coreys." Now almost a year ago, I wrote a post where I gave the reason why The Two Coreys "reality show" sucked, and I guess I wasn't the only one, because the show has totally changed its approach. My main complain was that this show was so horribly scripted, that no one could even talk themselves into actually believing the stuff they were seeing was "reality TV." Actually it was so bad, i was totally shocked when I saw a commercial for a second season of The Two Coreys. This season they're basing on the big finish of last season, which was Haim calling Feldman's wife a bitch, and the two putting on some sort of minor brawl, with no punches thrown of course, but just some tough talk and grabbing each other by the collars. This season, they're claiming that based on that little rumble, the two are no longer friends and haven't seen or spoke to each other in the last 6 months, but now have to work together on the Lost Boys 2, so they try to patch things up. They're actually at least giving a realistic tone to the show, as the two are seeing a counselor, and bringing up some tough issues like child abuse Haim has gone through, and of course the drug problems. All I can say is, it's a LOT easier for me to believe that Haim still has drug issues, as all you have to do is watch him for a few minutes and see his mannerisms and that's enough to make it halfway believable that he still has issues, and it's not just problems from his past. Two new episodes aired here, and it looks like the whole season will be based on the attempted reconciliation of the two. At least if all this is once again fake this season, they're doing a better job of faking it, and at least has some interesting moments that hint at Haim still having drug problems, and Feldman putting on some sort of intervention that involved Todd Bridges from Diffrent Strokes. All the corny humor is totally gone from the show, and the "situational" stuff that I hated from last season is gone. This show has totally turned to a dramatic approach, and it works a lot better. Maybe as the season goes on, it will be easier to see how much of this stuff is legit, and maybe this show can at least become partially entertaining, as we all know these two can be entertaining together in the right situation, but corny overacting that's supposed to be "real" just doesn't cut it, so we'll see what the dramatic approach does, and at least leaves us feeling like we MIGHT have seem something real, instead of laughing at the show for all the wrong reasons.


Ronnie said...

Referring to the two being molested at age 14-15 by Corey's best friend, could that have been MJ? Read between the lines, I believe so.

Anonymous said...

It the complete history of television, I cannot think of a worse waist of time, as sitting through even a minute more of this crap-for-tv. Instead of "The Two Coreys", I'm opting for zero coreys.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody agree with my opinion on these two goof-balls?

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