Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcoming the New Guy.

Hey everyone out there in blogger world. I’m Paz and I’m the newbie coming in here. For the summer I’ll be covering 4 shows: I Love Money, So You Think You Can Dance, The Mole, and I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Along with that I’ll be bringing occasional blogs about other reality shows and reality news. I was excited to watch The Mole tonight and didn’t notice that the Bachelorette had another hour. So I’ll be giving some opinions on the four shows that I’m covering, since I’m joining in with all the shows in process.

I’m so glad that the Bachelorette is over. I always end up catching the last 10 minutes of the show. Nashville Star never keeps my interest. I hope that the whole thing isn’t just hired actors and Deana becomes Flavor Flav. I guess I will never understand why people would try looking for love on television.

The Mole:

My suspicions originally were on Victoria. She seemed too much of a BFF to play the game. Now that she’s eliminated I’ve focused my attention on Clay. At this point though, the remaining contestants all have suspicious moments. It seems disappointing that there is only one woman standing, but if Nicole isn’t the mole, she would always get the question “Is the Mole Male or Female?” right. Ah, Statistics. You could always play the probability game, make a coalition with one person who swore they weren’t the mole and then there’s 2 less of a chance of getting a question wrong. If I was on the show, I’d bring a lot of colors for clothes so I match someone else and lower the chance of the question being asked. Or I’d become Corbin (Celebrity Mole) and think too hard.

So You Think You Can Dance:

I have mixed feelings on the cast this year. The producers really force-fed people like Twitch to the audiences. I am throwing my support on Katee since I feel that she is going to become overlooked when they shuffle the couples and that bad editing in the beginning of the show. I think they made a mistake by creating power couples this year early on. I think Comfort is on her last leg if she doesn’t step it up during solos. Who’s gonna win? I dunno, when you start breaking up couples we’ll talk.

I Survived a Japanese Game Show:

This show has a lot of potential. I scream “Majide!”, slide my hand through my hair and make the M shape every time they do on television. Hello, I’m Paz and I’m a sad individual. This show does re-establish my problem with reality shows, people get rid of fellow contestants on a superficial nature during the earlier episodes and some people would be either surprisingly fun or better drama in the future if they survived episode 1. Darcy got lucky. She didn’t seem like too much fun or drama and now she’s made it to episode three.

I Love Money:

This show is basically The Real World/Road Rules Challenges with more drinking and drama. Looking at the preview for future episodes, clearly the budget was higher for the alcohol than it was for the challenges. I never watched any of the shows all the way, except for Charm School, so many of these people look familiar but don’t really stand out. I’m going out on a limb and predict drinking, screaming, crying, and people going. And chickens being flung in the air. I hope these wanna-be celebrities get what they signed up for.

One day I hope to see an MTV vs VH1 reality competition. Now that would be classic.

I'll see you all soon for synopses on the four shows soon.
- Paz

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