Thursday, January 8, 2009

Real World: Brooklyn Episode 1

I'm probably not going to continue with recaps of Brooklyn. It really depends on how much better this season can be. - Paz

Season 21? Already? Ugh, anywho. This season we got a few firsts. We have eight housemates this year and the first season (unnecessarily) in High Def. Also, although it’s the third season in NY, it’s the first in the borough of Brooklyn (The other two were in Manhattan).

We get the traveling videos and we’re introduced first to Ryan. He drives and shows his home video. He is an ex-army guy and is convinced he could read anyone in a few minutes. We go to Montana and are introduced to Katelynn, she introduces Mike her boyfriend. She mentions that she’s transgendered. She had gender reassignment in Thailand so she has different bits down there. She kisses Mike and hops on a plane to New York.

We get tons of HD New York shots, like graffiti, ballers, and street signs. To counteract the wonderful scenes we go to Chet. Chet sews at home. What? What kind of transition was that? He puts pink into his collar. Not just pink, Neon Pink. Now that’s self confidence. He’s afraid that he will be shot when he gets to New York. He probably will if he goes around wearing a loud neon pink vest or neon orange scarf. Devyn was formally a beauty pageant girl. She meets Chet at the pier area and the two hug. She instantly likes the purple. They hug and Chet talks about how he loves the now defunct TRL. He’s Mormon and apparently “fun.”

Baya and Ryan meet at Coney Island. Baya wants to be a professional dancer and she shows her Honey-esque audition video. Baya is not Mormon which surprises Ryan, the two laugh as they drive to the house.

Sarah is the California “weird” girl. She gets a lot of tattoos and apparently is pegged to be the klepto. JD is from Miami and he is hoping to get a family out of the experience. He’s a dolphin trainer and there is video of him at Sea World. Sarah wants to be an art therapist. JD is single, but Sarah has “the one” at home. The two get water-taxied past the Statue of Liberty. She talks about how she formerly liked girls but hopes that her male “one” is the “one.”

Scott has “iron abs” and wants to be the mactor. He bumps into Katelynn, who is still nervous about the whole transgendered thing. She flirts a little with Scott, but they are excited. They talk in the car ride and the two connect with their physical-training background.

Devyn and Chet are the first to the house, they climb up the stairs.

Opening credits. To compensate for the eighth person (Devyn) she has to say the final phrase “The Real World” before everyone yells “Brooklyn!”

They swing the door open to a fish tank. Then there are some gratuitous sponsorships. Rock Band, Subway. They look at each of the rooms and the two discover that there are eight beds. Devyn doesn’t think that the 8th bed is for a roommate.

Chet is worried that he comes off as gay. Devyn asks if he was possibly Bi, but no.

Baya and Ryan excitedly walk in and hug the two. The two are soaked. Ryan is convinced that Chet is gay. The thunder and lightning strike as Scott and Katelynn arrive. More introductions and hugs. Devyn likes Scott’s looks. Ryan is intimidated by the Abs. Why does Ryan come off as so insecure and slightly racist?

Katelynn is worried about the nakedness in the bathroom. Ryan is unsure of Katelynn. Here’s our next sponsor Crunch. JD and Sarah walk in and Baya is convinced that someone is gonna be voted off since there are eight beds.

Sarah runs to the interview room and loves the whole thing. Everyone picks rooms. Baya and Scott decide to room together (Scott likes cleanliness). Devyn and Katelynn room together. JD and Sarah decide to stick together. We’re left with Ryan and Chet. Ryan has a girlfriend who is named Michelle but is nicknamed Belle. Chet admits that he’s a virgin due to his religious observances. Scott shows off his magazine articles. Devyn has the hots. Scott shows off the abs to Devyn’s delight.

Sarah admits to Ryan and others that she formerly was dating girls. Ryan is on a witch hunt. Ryan is convinced that Katelynn is transgendered. Ketelynn walks in and they stop talking.

The cast walk into the hot tub and Ryan stares at Devyn’s boobs instead of her eyes. Chet talks to JD and Ryan about boobies and Katelynn. JD is a little offended by Ryan’s assumptions. JD knows from his experiences that she’s transgendered.

Muscles McGee walks out to the hot tub to the pleasure of the girls. Scott is single and the girls cream their pants. Hey, who doesn't love a good pair of abs?

The alcohol comes out in 25 minutes of the show and the group plays Rock Band. Katelynn talks about multiple relationships and she admits to being part of a five-some. Nice. Ryan is weirded out.

Katelynn talks to her mommy and she loves the fact that there is no dumb blond (I think it’s Devyn). She mentions that she thinks she’s the only LGBT person but knows that Sarah formerly dated girls. Why she doesn’t assume JD or Chet may have been, that’s odd.

It’s morning and everyone wakes up. Scott is in the gym, people brush their teeth and shower. Ryan talks to “Belle” his girlfriend and calls the other roommates eccentric. Ryan talks about Katelynn and continues his witch hunt. Baya and Katelynn talk about how nervous Ryan can be. Ryan decides to keep the army in the closet. Ironic.

The eight all wander out into Brooklyn and go get pizza. Real Pizza. They try a game of stickball but the girls just squeal. Night falls and the group watches a concert. Chet in glasses loves the Brooklyn love. Everyone dances, especially Devyn with Scott. Ryan gets intensely drunk and does the “angry white guy.” They all go upstairs and JD is worried about Ryan drinking too much. JD hands him some water.

Another day passes by and Ryan and Sarah talk about the family. He admits the whole army thing to Sarah and she is happily surprised. They had a good one-on-one. She asks if he’s ever shot anyone. He has. She wonders about transitions, but he thinks that it’s a light-switch to him. He admits to one friend who committed suicide. Ryan admits to writing to release his stress. He shows her this book of all those thoughts. Sarah is amazed and loves the fact that he opened to her.

Chet, Baya, and Ryan talk about the army experiences. He shows his army photo, but it doesn’t look like him. He was infantry and also admits to doing it just because. Chet is impressed.

Chet wants to play a duet. Ryan and Chet get in a boat and he serenades Chet with an army song. They look lovingly at each other as the sun sets on them. Ryan wants to record his music. Chet admits to having a moment. The two wonder what Scott’s song would be. They talk about exercise and roast beef. The two sing and Chet admits to thinking that Scott is cute. They poke fun at Chet’s sexuality. They coyly flirt.

Ryan is still on the Katelynn witch hunt. He stares at her panties and Chet calls her out, they giggle a little.

JD and Katelynn decide to get dinner. They decide to go to Elmo, JD’s favorite place. Night falls and JD walks past Ryan and Chet. Ryan’s gaydar kicks in and Chet is confused. He doesn’t have the gaydar installed. I guess it didn't come packaged in "Windows: Mormon Edition." Ryan’s witch hunt continues.

Ryan and Chet corner JD about eating together. Ryan outs JD and thinks that it’s bad that JD is talking to Katelynn by himself. Ryan comes off as a douche, but he now understands why JD and Katelynn are eating alone. Ryan wants to make sure that he doesn’t get it. Chet thought he saw a winky. Katelynn fixes her make-up.

JD and Katelynn leave and Chet talks to Scott about the whole gay/transgendered song. Scott is convinced that she’s a girl. Chet trusts the gay guy’s gaydar. Scott is offended that Chet spills the beans a lot.

JD admits to being a foster kid. He was beaten and he’s put his father in jail. He’s chosen his own path in life. Katelynn admits to being transgendered. She also admits to being post-op. She is a little conflicted inside but deals with outreach. The two hug and cry. JD wants to make sure that he will be the brother for her. Katelynn admits that she went too far with the five-some. JD knows that there’s a lot of potential in her.

The show ends in smiles. Of course, only for the first episode.

This season: The people make fun of JD. Devyn plays with a stripper-pole. Ryan kisses a cross-dresser. Mice with Sarah. Scott is hot. Baya is a nervous dancer. Ryan screams. JD slams a bowl down and breaks a table.


Anonymous said...

Nice recap Paz as always. I've seen all the real worlds, and why is this season just seeming off? Lots of ugly and uninteresting people to me. I like it better when they have hotter people acting wild. I guess i'll see if it improves, but this first show just didnt excite me. Keep up the awesome coverage of all the shows.

Michael "Paz" Pascua said...

It's funny, i think i prefer the normal people, except for whenever Paula goes crazy on the challenges.

The preview did show JD go crazy, so there is some hope yet.

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