Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Real World Brooklyn: Episode 3

It’s nighttime in Brooklyn and Ryan and Baya have a jam session with his guitar. He practices a little falsetto in the bedroom. Baya thinks that Ryan is talented and a little cute when he performs. Ryan has a conversation with Michelle, his girlfriend, on the phone. He doesn’t know exactly how to start getting into the music business, but Michelle thinks it would be fun.

Ryan and Baya go to Angels and Inks. Ryan gets lucky and talks to a music manager. He gives a lot of information and advice. He has some connections to people who deal with new artists. Baya also gets some connections from the same man for dancing on a music video. The two drink and have a fun time as the night progresses.

Devyn talks to Katelynn in the computer room. Mike, Katelynn’s boyfriend, hasn’t communicated in any form. Devyn wants to make sure that there is some form of communication in the relationship. The next day Katelynn decides to talk to Mike on the phone. He gives curt answers while she talks to him. She ends the conversation and he still gives a short response. In the exercise room, Katelynn and Baya talk about the phone call. Mike didn’t ask her anything about the experience or the roommates. Baya tells her that Mike doesn’t deserve Katelynn.

Scott starts cutting some chicken. Devyn looks at Scott and he slaps a piece of chicken on her waist. She squeals and tells him not to put his meat on her. They flirt a little bit. Afterward, Devyn talks to Sarah about Scott. Scott is different to Devyn than the other girls according to Sarah. Sarah thinks that in 30 days that Scott will make a confession of love for Devyn. They make it a bet ($30) and shake hands.

Ryan, Chet, and Baya walk around the city looking for Crush Management. Chet is hopefully looking for a TV hosting position. They have a website that Chet could become an interviewer for. Baya wants to learn how to DJ and she gets a mentor. Doug, the general manager, tells Ryan that he will get another interview ready with “Machine.” Back in the house the cast sits and listens to Ryan’s performances. He sings a song about a broken relationship. Baya loves the vulnerability.

Back in Angels and Inks, the cast is invited to visit because it is Baya’s first day DJ-ing. She’s nervous and she feels like every mistake is being heard. Katelynn starts to drink after all the nervousness with Mike. She starts to dance with some boys and then she makes out with a girl to the surprise of the cast. Devyn thinks that Katelynn craves attention and kisses anything on contact. Katelynn drunkenly hugs Scott and Devyn. Back at home, Katelynn is still upset about Mike. She loves him, but he’s not communicating. Devyn tells her that drinking only masks problems.

Chet and Ryan drive to the interview with Machine. Ryan’s nervous, but excited at the same time. Machine tries to learn more about Ryan. Ryan talks about his experiences in Iraq. Machine is astonished after hearing about Saddam Hussein. Chet suggests singing the “tampon song.” He sings it to the giggles of Chet in the background. Machine suggests forming a band and growing first. Chet is a little confused by the whole thing. Ryan thinks that he shouldn’t have performed the song he did. Maybe things could have been different. Back at home Baya asks Ryan about how everything went. He’s a little bummed. Baya feels bad and asks him what Ryan should do now. Ryan doesn’t know.

Devyn decides to create the “BFF-omiter.” She shows the chart to Scott. Basically it’s how close one gets in contact with the other. She includes “Dutch Oven” as one peg on the meter. Basically that means that the two can fart around each other without complaints. There is a guest at the gate. Scott invites his model/friend Alex here. Devyn gets introduced to Alex and is a little intimidated and annoyed that Scott brought someone around.

The group decides to go to Elmo. Scott is a little bit of a womanizer. Devyn explains “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” Chet and Alex talk a little about kissing. He thinks that there is a connection. Back in the house, Chet wants Alex in the hot tub. She doesn’t though and Chet hugs Alex. Devyn laughs with Alex about how she broke Chet’s heart. Devyn and Alex talk about Scott before Scott comes in. Chet emerges in swim trunks and tries to impress Alex.

Another day passes. Devyn is on the phone with a friend. She just can’t read Scott’s signals.

Baya dances in a club with Ryan. They dance and joke around. Ryan tells her “I have a girlfriend” and Baya is disgusted that Ryan could even think like that. Back in the house Ryan and Baya brush their teeth in the bathroom. Ryan explains that he got scared when Baya was dancing with him. Baya doesn’t know exactly where Ryan sees the line. There is nothing sexual between the two.

The computer room. Scott and Sarah talk about “Marissa,” a friend back at home. He’s very much in love with her. Sarah is shocked that he’s not actually single. He doesn’t want information to go around too fast, but knows that everyone will find out if she visits. Sarah quickly tells the girls. Devyn is angry that Scott lied the first day. Devyn feels like she needs to talk to Scott about the flirtation. She goes to Scott’s room and talks about the “single” situation. Scott thinks that hugs are harmless. Devyn wants to make sure that he is more careful because some girls misunderstand connections. She’s over the whole thing.

Katelynn is in the phone room and tries calling Mike. She leaves a message. There are still no calls or e-mails. She talks to Sarah very upset about the whole situation. Mike is so mellow and slow to see problems. Sarah explains that Katelynn has to be vocal about everything because he (like most men) can’t guess the problems. Sarah also reassures her that there are people out there that will love Katelynn for Katelynn. After the conversation, Katelynn cries in bed.

Ryan, Chet, Sarah, Katelynn and Baya drive to Matchless. Katelynn meets Matt, one of the guitarists performing that night. The next day, Katelynn preps herself since she’s going to hang out with Matt. Devyn tells her that this is actually a “date.” JD talks to her before she goes. He’s unsure of the whole thing. Katelynn and Matt wander around the city. She makes a Family Guy reference while wandering around. She thinks that the two hit it off well. Night falls and the two go back to the house. JD talks to Matt a little bit. Soon Baya and the others meet Matt. They think that Matt is a good guy. Katelynn is still not sure that she should tell Matt. She’s not at that point. She wants Mike back.

The girls all prep for a day in the gym. Ryan asks the girls about the exercising. It’s a pole dancing class. Ryan suggests that he tag along. They all go to the gym and exercise. While Baya and the girls all look natural, Ryan looks silly the whole time. Ryan jokes around on the pole to the girls delight.

That night Ryan writes an email to Baya. He does like her and still would love the opportunity one day to date but can’t at the moment. In the morning Baya gets the email and is confused. She decides to talk to Devyn about the situation. Devyn suggests making a “BFF-omiter” for her and Ryan. She also tells Baya that she is just so fabulous that he would like her.

Next Week – Sarah has a mysterious dark shadow.

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