Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing Race Episode 1: Don’t Let the Cheese Hit Me - Comments about the Race

1st – Margie & Luke
Last – Preston & Jennifer

Some comments:

+ Does 4’9” connote midget status? I love the fact that the two brothers can actually support themselves.

+ There were Asians playing the piano. Then they played a card game in the opening. I’m surprised that they weren’t playing Mahjong.

+ I fear that Jamie and Cara will become two Starrs. And this season there is no Nick to calm her down.

+ I’m so glad they haven’t gone to South America. Although I hear rumors of India and China returning, I’m okay with it.

+ I appreciate the new direction of the opening sequence, the graphics, and the editing style that they created. I appreciate the split screen usage. Even if it is kind of 24-esque. I even appreciate the fact that at one point the cheese teams were reading the instructions and intercut was Mel & Mike actually reading the pit stop instructions.

+ Amazing Google Map with the Amazing Blue/Red lines. I’m gonna miss the old graphic, but I appreciate the degree of accuracy.

+ I was afraid of bickering couples plaguing this race and although we didn’t see much of Amanda and Kris, I’m glad that Preston and Jennifer were eliminated early.

+ There’s an interesting double standard. When Steve screams at Linda I feel bad but when Mary screamed at David (back in season 10 and all-stars).

+ I heart huge crotch bells.

+ Cheese + Falling + Locals Drinking + Laughter = Great Television

+ The clues seemed better. The picture was a throwback to the first season, but the wording that the team “Will” be eliminated was a good choice. I’m hoping for a TBC two episode arc.

+ That bungee was insane. Watching Victor go down took days.

+ An actual footrace! Amazing Footrace!

Here are some title thoughts:
“I guess hay isn’t for horses”
“And I’m 51! Yay!”
“Fast! But follow the speed limits”
“Oh Cheese”
“It’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just that we don’t trust you”

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