Monday, February 9, 2009

Real World: Brooklyn – Episode 5

Previously: Scott has a girlfriend, Marissa and Devyn is disappointed. Chet wants to be a TV host, Ryan admits being an Iraqi veteran.

Scott wants to pursue modeling and acting. He meets Rick and he takes some portfolio pictures in black underwear. Scott likes taking body shots because he is proud of his body and the work he’s done. Afterwards, JD and Scott talk in the car about Marissa. She has been “busy” and they break it off. It upsets him, but he wants to be a gentleman. Scott thinks that there should be a lot of dating, to figure out what you want in a partner.

Baya runs around the house. It’s fashion week and Sarah loves to dress people. She helps dress Baya. People are excited because they get to go a fashion show. They take group photos before they leave the house. JD tries to lift Ryan and drops him. They go to the Love Brigade fashion show. It’s has an art gallery feel to it. Scott takes pictures of some models and flirts with others. His roommates have to whisk him away. Back in the house Devyn talks to Scott. He successfully got a number from a model.

Ryan has a trademark prank. The shoelace prank. He replaces the direction of the laces so the bow is on the bottom of the shoes. He does it to Scott, JD, Baya and himself so that he can’t be caught. Apparently he is five years old. Scott and Katelynn come back from exercising and JD wants their help. JD wants to spray shaving cream into their rooms. He climbs on tables and sprays into the room. Ryan is upset and goes into JD’s room. He screams at JD to clean his room. Ryan was totally upset and wants revenge. He contemplates things that would connote abduction and/or rape.

Scott talks to JD about Ryan. They assume that Ryan associates the shaving cream with bombs going off. Scott calls out Ryan for doing a prank. Ryan tries to justify it. In the car Baya, Devin, and JD discuss Ryan. His emotional outrage is disturbing to them. Ryan says that it’s “on.” Expect more pranks later.

Asbury Park. Chet gets to do some friend or enemy video work with the group Hey Monday. He talks to the camera operator Santos and he can’t find a lot of information on Hey Monday. He’s introduced to Jersey the Bassist. He’s from Jersey. He asks Hey Monday what the group is made up. Dan gets an interview with Cassadee, the lead singer. He asks silly questions about dating the other members. He definitely asks questions that aren’t as generic. Chet likes the off kilter jokes. Dan, the manager, doesn’t want him to make fun of the band. He asks for forgiveness.

The computer room. Nikia, a model, is with Scott and he shows her his photos online. Devyn realizes that he’s in rebound phase. She clearly still wants him. Chet walks into the room and sits into the bed. Chet farts in the room. Nikia laughs hysterically and Scott doesn’t notice it. He ignores Chet. Nikia laughs about the whole situation. Scott thinks that Chet’s immature.

Ryan’s brother calls Ryan. A friend shot himself in the head. He’s in shock and upset about the situation. He decides to play his guitar to take out some of his stress. Ryan mentions Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to Baya. He saw that some of the buddies he went to war with had PTSD. He doesn’t think he has a problem because he’s happy. He continues to play while Baya says nothing.

Manhattan. Chet goes into the Viacom buildings. He heads into MTV’s territory. He wants TRL tickets. The guard has to explain to Chet that TRL got canceled. One of Chet’s dreams are crushed.

Ryan points out that he felt like he was in the middle of the attacks of 9/11. He has a KIA (killed in action) bangle, because a friend was shot by a sniper. He points out that it was like losing a family member. He felt like 9/11 was personal and he went into the army because of it. He’s in IRR, the reserves, and could be assigned at any time. His parents signed paperwork because he joined in at 17. Ryan doesn’t think negatively about the situation.

Dramatic music. Jocelyn, a friend of Scott, emerges. She introduces herself to Baya and Devyn. Baya doesn’t think that Scott notices that he continuously brings a flavor of the day. Devyn talks to Chet about Jocelyn not being Nikia. Scott and Jocelyn go out to chill. Baya, Devyn, and Sarah talk about Scott. Devyn thinks that he’s not “scankalicious.” She’s still under the impression that Scott is dating black girls because he wants to make Devyn jealous.

After Jocelyn leaves, Chet makes a “How to date Scott” dating list. He points out the same steps that he does with every girl that emerged. Chet places the message in a deck of cards. Scott opens the deck and glances at the paper. He shrugs this off while Sarah reads it. Ryan is amused, Scott is a little angry.

Chet knows that without TRL, MTV still has FNTV left. He wants to be a part of Pete Wentz’s show. He talks to Doug, Crush’s manager, about talking to him. He mentions that he could do an interview at the restaurant.

The Car. Devyn points out Scott’s bruises. She associates the bruises from hanging out with so many girls. Scott knows that Devyn is jealous. In Devyn’s book, Scott is a player.

Baya points out that several other magazines and news companies are coming to interview Pete Wentz. She asks Chet to tell her about Pete Wentz. He gives an almost Wikipedia article about Pete’s life. Chet gets prepped and looks silly. Ryan calls him Orville Redenbacher. Katelynn puts a picture of him as the wallpaper of the computer. Ryan puts popcorn next to him.

Angels & Kings. Chet studies a crib sheet before he meets Pete. As they go in interviews, Chet has a little bit of problems in the beginning, but Chet warms up to Pete. He even refers to Orville Redenbacher. He talks to Pete afterwards and gets Pete’s number. Chet is exited for the whole thing. He comes back shining like a star. He explains to Sarah that he got an important contact.

Scott talks to Devyn about his situation. She thinks he changed. Scott points out that he’s just being a gentleman. Devyn explains quality versus quantity. Anyone would be called out if they did what Scott did. He’s upset about the comments.

Ryan wants to go to the 9/11 ceremonies this year now that he’s in New York. He calls Darren, an army buddy, and invites him to go to the ceremonies together. His friend joined on 9/11. The two meet and go around the city. The two reminisce and talk about the situation. Although there are loud noises and big crowds, the two talk about the situation. They sign some commemorative boards.

Night time. Scott and Baya cuddle. He wants to be established in his career before he gets a girl. Meanwhile, Ryan and Chet stare at the memorial. Ryan compares 9/11 to Pearl Harbor. He’s happy that he was in New York for the day.

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