Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cowboy Rides Off Into the Sunset

Okay, folks, I babysat the grandbabies again tonight, and didn’t get home till 9:55 p.m. The hockey game starts at 10 PM so I’m blasting through the TiVo version so I won’t miss too much of the Red Wings stomping the Ducks - so this will be the succinct version!

The show begins with Raphael Saadiq singing. I’ve never heard of him, although he’s a Grammy winner. He looks like a nerd. Zipped through that one quick.

Going through the highlights from last night, Ty says "We might be on the bottom this week, but in week 1, we were 13th. Now we’re all the way up to 4th."

Shawn & Mark’s Argentine Tango is the encore dance tonight. Looks just as good, if not better, than last night.

Former champions Helio Castroneves, Brooke Burke & Drew Lachey comment on the final four. Helio says this may be the best season - "since mine." He also noted that Gilles reminds him of himself! Brooke & Drew are more serious in their comments, but Helio is having fun with his.

Tom tries to make it sound like there will be a surprise elimination tonight - which makes me think that Ty is going home. The more he tries to build it up, the less a "surprise" it is.

The two pros-to-be, Mayo and Anna, will be dancing tonight with pro partners. They have choreographed a Latin and ballroom dance. Mayo is dancing with Kym Johnson, the Cha Cha and the Tango. I liked the Tango very much! Not sure about the Edyta costume on Kym...see- through "dress" with a bikini underneath. Len said people ask what he likes about ballroom dancing, and if asked again, he will tell them to "watch Mayo and Kym’s Tango." Bruno said Mayo provided a great frame for the gorgeous Kym - and mentioned that for once Kym got to dance with someone with longer legs than she has. Carrie Ann was impressed with the choreography but wanted more of Mayo’s personality. Mayo likes working with Kym because she’s a fantastic dancer but "doesn’t have a big head."

Anna & Maks are dancing the Samba and Quickstep. When Anna meets Maks, he tells her that he’s a lot more difficult than celebrities. Maks says that she has to choreograph the dances for him, and he’s very picky. As they rehearse, she decides the way to deal with someone tough is to be tougher. The Quickstep is one of my favorite dances, and they looked great! Bruno starts complimenting and Maks thanks Bruno, who says "not you, it’s for her, honey." Carrie Ann said any celebrity would be lucky to have Anna. Len says that Anna is only 21 years old but dances with maturity. She brought the best out in Maurice last week and now the best of Maks. Anna tells Samantha that working with Maks was fun, especially when he "showed up on time." Early morning rehearsals are not for Maks!

Gilles and Ty get interviewed by Samantha backstage. Gilles says it’s great to get a perfect score, but he’s standing across from a man who gets a zillion votes, so he’s still nervous. Samantha asks Ty if he goes through to next week, does he have one more week in him? Ty quips that he didn’t think he had ten weeks in him!

The Macy’s Stars of Dance Design-A-Dance contest comes up. The public was able to vote on costumes, dancers, the dance and the music. The costume designer, Rebecca Farmer, is sitting in the audience (the person didn’t last year, it’s nice that she was able to be there). The pros chosen by the fans to dance are Derek, Mark, Lacey and Julianne and they’re dancing the Quickstep, and it was perky and funny, and I loved it!

The pro contest Latin round is next, and Mayo & Kym will Cha Cha. Mayo is in a Saturday Night Fever outfit, which looks goofy, but he’s much more animated. They do some "messing about" moves I’m not sure Len will appreciate. Carrie Ann says Mayo is a wonderful dancer, but you have bring out all the different characters. Len said the Tango was far superior to this Cha Cha. Bruno agrees that he’s stronger in ballroom than Latin, and goes on to say that when taking risks, you have to be careful, and he would have done a proper Cha Cha. (Wow! For once I’m right about the judges!)

Anna & Maks are dancing the Samba. It looks a little "frantic" at times - can I be right about the judges’ thoughts a second time? Len says that the competition is about the four-week process and Anna has been great all the way through - "And if you’re not the one that comes back next season I’ll show me bum in the supermarket." Bruno said Anna has proven versatility, having four different partners in four weeks. Carrie Ann wants to see more of Anna and wants her to come back. (Oh well, I guess being right once this season should be okay for my ego!)

Now, on to the votes for the stars (about time!) As Tom talks about each of the couples, each couple except for Shawn & Mark gets a hand after Tom stops talking. Interesting! The first two couples are announced as safe: Gilles & Cheryl and Shawn & Mark.

After sweating out the commercial, "not necessarily in the bottom two" Melissa & Tony and Ty & Chelsie will find out who stays. Len says the others have climbed hills but Ty has climbed mountains. He mentions that Melissa had four days’ notice to come on the show, and even with her injury has improved greatly. Bruno says that Melissa has been great from the beginning and is a potential champion. Tom doesn’t let the music go very long when he tells Ty & Chelsie that they are leaving. Ty says he has a whole new respect for dancing, and Chelsie teaching him to dance is "Like teaching a blind guy to paint." All he tried to do was remember the steps, and Tom tells him it’s not all about the steps, but the total package, and Ty is the total package as an entertainer.

So next week is the finals - Monday to dance, and it’s freestyle night, so that should be some great fun - and Tuesday to award the Mirrorball Trophy. Will Shawn pull it out or is it a contest between Gilles and Melissa? Stay tuned!

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