Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Someone Had to Go Home ... and It's Pamela

First I’ll apologize for the lateness of this blog - the Red Wings were on last night, and went into overtime, so by the time the game was over (and the Wings lost, dammit!) I could only watch either DWTS or LOST and still get to bed early enough to get up coherent for work. I chose LOST, and cried (and if you’re a LOST watcher you know why, if not, you’ve missed a great show). THEN, the news had a tribute to Ernie Harwell, our Detroit Tigers announcer for over 40 years and a stellar human being, and I cried some more. All in all, DWTS just had to wait till let’s check it out and thank the Lord for TiVo!

It’s judgment night! Only five points separate the leader and the bottom! Who will go home tonight? We’ll find out ... LIVE!!!!!

Brook’s dress is interesting....short, and very pretty except for the top which looks like her bra sticking out of it.

The couples who shared second place on the leader board with 27 points learn their fate first. Nicole & Derek and Erin & Maks come down the stairs and Tom tells us that one couple is in the Bottom Two. Hey, what’s up with that? And it’s Erin & Maks! Erin is by no means one of the two worst dancers left!! Sometimes I wonder about the voting audience....

Len gives us his recap of Monday night’s dancing. We says everyone doing their best individual dances ever. It was “gorgeous.” (There’s that word again! Must have been the theme of the week or something.) Erin & Maks wer fun, fast and fabulous. Chad had smoothness, and he’s going to “end with a bang.” Nicole’s dress got tangled during a spin and she thought she was “going down.” Pam’s Waltz was excellent, and she feels like she’s “starting to get it.” Niecy did a knockout Quickstep. In the Confessional she answers a question: “Did I think I would make it this far? Yes, I think I’m gonna win the Mirrorball Trophy! Why do people keep asking me that?” Evan blew everyone out of the water. Last week he was knocked down with his lowest score but he came back stronger. He says he feels his best when the pressure is on. His Olympic training definitely helps there. Len is hysterical, shaking his hips as he says “Oooh, ah, Team GaGa. They can do the Cha Cha Cha.” Len thinks anyone can win this.

Team GaGa gets to do the Encore Dance, but Pam hurt her leg and Chelsie will take her place. Really changes that aspect of the dance, for sure! I’m not sure that they kept the dance the same either, or maybe it’s just because Chelsie knows what she’s doing. That leaves Chad and Nicole as the only two non-professional dancers and I’m watching them specifically - and they’re doing very well to keep up.

Train comes out to perform their new hit, and it’s sounding pretty good and is made more fun with Dmitry and Lacey, Mark and Chelsie, and Tony and I think Cheryl (her hair was covering her face most of the dance). Brook takes us in to the next clip and doesn’t say who the dancers are. We see Niecy in the Confessional saying “I danced in my underwear, moved my feet as fast as I could. The only thing left is to get naked. I’ll do it if I have to.” (I love Niecy but no, I DO NOT want to see her dance naked!) Maks is not wearing pink, he’s wearing salmon. Get it right! Evan says he was an alpha dog and Anna was an omega sheep, which Anna protests.

We finally get more results. Chad & Cheryl and Evan & Anna step forward. Evan & Anna are safe, and Chad & Cheryl are the dreaded “still in jeopardy.” Chad makes a face and smacks his hands on his hips and pouts a bit, getting a giggle from the audience.

We find out Pam shouldn’t aggravate her injured leg, and when Brooke asks her about dancing next week, Pam says she will - “I’m totally going to aggravate it tomorrow.” Brooke asks Niecy about being at the bottom, and she says they were doing great until you factored in the Team dance. Louis quips that “you should have taken your clothes off at the beginning.” Brooke asks what it will take for Niecy to win the Trophy and she says “a wardrobe malfunction.” Tom wants to know “If you plan it weeks ahead of time, is it really a malfunction?”

Our pros talk about what it’s like from here on out, having to learn two dances each week and getting close to the end. Maks says the only ones left are the ones who can dance. Derek tells us that your body is getting tired and your mind is too. Cheryl says there’s no time for a social life, you just put on your dancing shoes and work. Damien offers that you can’t just sit back and let the other couples pass you up. Cheryl mentions when you’ve made it this far, you have only one goal, and that’s to win. Maks says after time passes, people only remember the winner, not the ones who came close.

Niecy & Louis and Pam & Damien are brought out to find out what’s going on. Tom says “get ready for a wardrobe malfunction!” and tells Niecy she’s safe. Pam is still in jeopardy - so that means either she, Chad or Erin is leaving. Bummer for any of them!

Our next filler clip shows Melissa Rycroft taking on all the jobs with DWTS. She’s a production assistant, getting water, coffee, getting our stars to makeup. She makes a feeble attempt at trying to lead the band. She helps in hair and makeup, and blow dries Chad’s bald head. She sits in the director’s chair, telling us that there are 11 cameras and since it’s a live show, there’s no room for error - and then totally screws up every camera shot. At the end, she says all the jobs are hard, and she’s glad she’s done - till someone gives her a mop and bucket, throws a rag over her shoulder, and tells her not to forget the toilets. (I still think she would have been better than Brooke).

Priscilla Presley is in the audience because the Macy’s Stars of Dance are doing a tribute to Elvis. She’s looking better, that’s for sure. I like these dancers! Lots of acrobatic moves (I love it when one guy runs over a line of guys’ backs, and then rolls back under them as they jump over him. Wow, this stuff is hard to describe!) There’s a guy and gal doing some really acrobatic stuff, and there were a lot of moves where her face got awfully close to the floor. Wonder how many times she smacked it during rehearsal?

Train is back to sing their big hit Drops of Jupiter. Louis comes out to dance ... with Karina! Wonder where she’s been? I like that Train didn’t change the song like some bands tend to do with older songs (I guess it can get tiring singing the same song over and over and over again, though). Louis & Karina end their dance with an embrace and splits, which looks really cool.

Backstage Brooke asks Niecy what she has to do to catch Nicole and Evan. Niecy says she’s got something that the two of them don’t. “I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m gonna figure it out.” Nicole is humbled by Carrie Ann’s remark that she’s the best dancer on the show ever, and plans to keep working hard. Evan is very surprised that Erin & Maks are in the Bottom Two, and doesn’t feel like there’s a target on his back after scoring a perfect 30 last night.

The three couples in jeopardy are brought onstage. After doing his little speech about each couple, we’re told that we’ll find out who joins Erin & Maks in the Bottom Two - after the commercial with major groans from the audience. He lied - after the commercial, we’re told the next couple safe is Chad & Cheryl. They’re ecstatic. Pam & Damien get the evil red light. Bruno says that Pamela is a great dancer but even better performer. Erin has done incredible work and Bruno is surprised to see her there. Carrie Ann remarks that she’s truly shocked to see Erin in the Bottom Two, she expects her there at the end. We find out that it’s Erin’s birthday today, too. Len says it’s absolutely heartbreaking that one of them has to go home. As much as I like her, it should be Pam - and it is. Pam says it’s been one of the best experiences of her life, and “that’s saying a lot, I’ve had a lot of good experiences.” Tom mentions that DWTS has been trying to get her on the show since Season 1, and they were thrilled she finally said yes, and Pam turned him into a 12-year-old boy every week. She thanks Damien and wishes everyone luck, and Damien thanks her for her hard work. She looks really uncomfortable with the interview process to me. Tom quips that the double entendre remarks will drop dramatically now.

So now it gets harder, two individual dances a week, and there are only three weeks left until the presentation of the Mirrorball Trophy. Who’s got the best shot to win it?

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