Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kid Nation Episode 1 Thoughts

Well its Friday night, finally got around to watching the episode of Kid Nation. Holy crap this is good stuff. These kids are either A. Insane, or B. Douche Bags. Or a bit of both... Onward.

There are 4 Town Council members. They pretty much run things, and also decide at every town meeting who wins the gold star ($20,000). The kids all get to town and already start arguing and yelling. Mike, who is 11 years old, and is one of the Town Council is seriously the nerdy I know everything kid who needs a good ass kicking. And right when I'm thinking this, Greg, a 15 year old goes to help him with some advice on how to better control the kids who are losing their minds because not all of them got food, and Mike gets in his face all pissed off and Im thinkin, oh shit here we go! Greg tells Mike not to get in his face, and pushes him away. Mike screams in his face and its awesomely funny. Greg just walks away, no fights... yet. Greg is the oldest kid there so he thinks hes the coolest of course. Oh fuck it, if you wanna see the near fight between Greg and Mike check it out here.

Then theres the weird red headed girl that is part of the Town Council. She grosses me out, seriously. Every single time they show her on camera talking to it, she has a weird sore or rash or growth going on around her mouth and on her lips. Its disgusting. The grossest part is every time we see her its a new growth or sore that has appeared or moved to a different part of her mouth. Ugh. Gross.

Then of course, in my eyes. The kid that is by far my favorite kid. Jared. Dont remember how old he is I think hes around 10. I am pretty sure he is semi retarded. Hes really god damn weird. Hes THAT WEIRD KID. He was walking to lunch and says to the camera "Im really hungry but like Martin Luther King said, I have a dream!" Uhhh, what?!?! Awesome kid, you rule anyways. Hes always chasing chickens around, making weird noises, and he even looks really off. This kid rules.

Every couple of days, the Town Meeting goes down. And at this Town Meeting, if things are getting a little too rough, a kid, or kids, can opt to just straight up bail out of town and go home like a pussy. The first episode we already had one kid puss out and run home cryin, which I was kinda sad with because this kid had my favorite quote of the whole episode. At the start of the shit, on the bus, the kids were asked what theyre expecting. And Jimmy, the little chubby kid says...

"I think Im going to die out here." Watch him say this, right here. Its about 1 minute in.

Wow. Well this kid Jimmy pretty much said fuck this after two days and went home cryin to his Mommy. Bye Jimmy. 39 kids left in the town now.

All the kids are put into 4 groups. Everyone has certain jobs around town and each get paid for it to go spend on toys, food, soda, and what nots all over. Its pretty interesting. I dig it. Except for Sophie. Shes the nerdy band geek girl. You can totally tell shes in band, if not band then in drama. Shes a bitch. I hate her.

So I give this show a good thumbs up way to go. I dug the first episode, Ill for sure be back on here for Episode 2 thoughts. For those that missed the first episode, or are still undecided on watching. I have a few reasons of why you should tune in...

To see if Mike the whiney boy scout Town Council member gets his ass kicked by Greg.

To see if the weird fat red headed Town Council girl finally gets rid of the weird sores that grow on her mouth.

To see if there is going to be a fight or some other random act of madness.


And my favorite part. There are 3 black kids that I saw. And these black kids looked scared shitless. Theyre surrounded by crazy ass white kids that are constantly pissed off. So I can pretty much PROMISE you at one point, we are going to have some 10 year old hate crimes / racism going on at one point or another.

And the last reason... to see if these kids can actually pull it off and get the town up and running. Tune in next Wednesday night. Check local times. Later.


G.C. said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I've been really sick and missed most of the Reality Show premieres this week. Guess I need to get DVR or somehting.

D. Mueller said...

I only caught the last part of this show, totally forgot it was on, but from what i saw and from these videos, i'll def. be tuning in again on Wed...appears to be another reality show thats up my alley, with real situations being filmed, not put together "ha ha" shows.

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