Monday, September 17, 2007

The Two Coreys on A&E: Why Can't This Show Be My Favorite?!

Well this is my debut blog here on Reality Shows Blog, so I figured I'd start big, with a show that's gotten a lot of air time on A&E lately, and one that I thought would top my list of favorite shows to watch....the only problem is, I take more to "documentary" and "reality" in my "reality" TV watching. Big Brother 8 was the first "competition" style reality show that I recently got into. My problem with the Two Coreys, is that this reality show is blatantly not so real. Let's take a look at this show. You have two guys who were huge in the 80's. I was a huge fan. The Lost Boys is one of the movies that I'd watch every day if it was on. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were a huge part of the movies success, and many other movies from that period. So now fast forward a bit to the 90's and into the 2000's. Feldman and Haim have had drug problems, really haven't done jack in years that was meaningful. Basically they were awesome stars back in the day, but shit didn't work out, so they're not exactly superstars anymore. Feldman has made a small comeback by appearing on the Surreal Life and even getting married on that show. Haim hasn't been heard from much at all in years, besides a few "I love the 80's" type shows here and there, and he looked like he weighed about 200+ pounds! So now let's fast forward to the present, the Two Corey's concept is good to go on A&E, the Coreys big comeback! Now to me, the story is built in. Haim has dropped the weight, wants to get back into the business, Lost Boys 2 is being talked about, Feldman has a new wife that enters the mix with the Coreys etc. Now if they just said Corey Haim was moving in with the Feldman's for a few months, they document it, and we get to watch what happens, COOL. BUT sadly, as the first show proved evident, this show fell into the trap of what I call "Based on Reality" TV. The overacting here is just too obvious. Feldman having to tell Haim that Lost Boys 2 is being made and they're not in it, with Haim having to ask questions between every sentence, obviously setting up what Feldman will say just comes off corny. It's one of those shows where the stars get put in all kinds of "funny" and "zany" "ha ha" situations. Corey Feldman plays the guy who has settled down with his new wife in their nice house, and Haim is that crazy character who plays "the slob" and conveniently doesn't realize anything he's doing wrong in their house. The episode I saw last week really topped things off for me, and put to rest any hope that this show had some reality to it. In the episode, Feldman and his wife are looking for "alone time" but just can't get away from that pesky Haim. Well they finally do find a few minutes alone while Corey is off going on dates with random women, so they decide to get it on right there on their couch. Well unlucky for them, Corey decided to end his date early and OOPS he walks in on them "half naked" to their "surprise." Now let's keep in mind, the cameras are rolling the WHOLE time on the Feldmans, so obviously the Feldmans don't care that a camera crew is watching them have sexual intercourse on their couch, and filming it on top of that, but if HAIM walks in....OH NO, WHOA, WE"RE EMBARRASSED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! RIIIIGHT. All this followed by Feldman constantly smiling while "being mad" at Haim, which happens approximately 13 times per episode...sorry, just not buying it. The other ongoing story here is Feldman's wife and Haim not getting along. In one of the recent episodes, Feldman and Haim got into a near brawl, pushing each other and getting up in each others faces, but after seeing everything else on the show, it's just too hard to believe any of it was real, and all the insults by Haim to Feldman's wife just seem forced, especially to his best friend's wife.

Overall, I still can't help but watch the Two Coreys, as these guys were so fun back in the day, but I just think this show could have been so much better if they just kept it real, and documented these guys trying to get back into the Hollywood scene, which apparently has happened as they finally HAVE been cast in Lost Boys 2, hopefully in meaningful parts, as lame cameo's just would not do them justice. I also noticed that Feldman is the executive producer on this show, so most likely he came up with this great idea, and A&E bought into it, therefore they're playing characters "based on themselves" and probably writing a lot of their own material....I just wished they would've saved that type of stuff for their movies.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post dude, Corey Feldman looks better than before. Corey Haim looks like a rocker. :D

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