Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kid Nation Episode 2 Thoughts

I officially want to punch Sophie. I HATE those god damn kids that are 12 but they act like they're 35 or some shit. Ugh so stupid.

The kids had to kill a chicken to eat some meat which ruled with a classic Jared moment where he was running around screaming after the chickens head was cut off, Jared yelled "It was running after me but it was dead!" Fuckin classic.

Greg worked his got damn ass off doing everything even cutting chickens heads off, preparing the chicken, carrying water, helping with dishes, every got damn thing. But that little faggot council member Mike hates him cause Greg punked his ass therefore, no golden star worth 20 grand for Greg. Instead they give it to Michael who just talks a lot and carrys water, yaa hoo. So coming up on Episode 3 the previews show that Greg pretty much loses his shit and goes nuts on everyone. Probably saying alright fag you go kill a chicken and do shit Ill just do nothing and watch you all suffer.

The green team with worthless, because of them the town got no mega slide, or water pumps. Way to go green team maybe if your leader didnt have gross sores growing all over her mouth all the time you might get somewhere.

Highlight of the show?

When the town was going to take a vote on if they should kill and cook chicken, the first kid to stand up and go crazy over the thought of eatin some chicken.... the black kid. Way to help the stereotype and set your people back 400 years kid.

Oh yeah and the stupid fat girl locked herself in the chicken coup to PROTEST them killing a chicken. The fat girl... protesting eating... so dumb.

Next week is going to kick ass... THE GREG REVOLUTION IS COMING!

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Anonymous said...

That black kid cracks me the fuck up. We need a list of running Jaredisms.

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