Sunday, December 14, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Reunion Recap

We start off with a video of Bob’s accomplishments and his idol. They also have that swooping shot of him when he went to exile.

Jeff starts off and points out that Bob is the oldest winner ever. Bob relays that he was useful and friendly. His original plan was to fly under the radar. Bob knew that the fake idol helped. He explains that the beads and trinkets were from the flag. He put them all together with some ingenuity. Jeff pulled out what was left from the burned torch. Bob explains the rope was from exile and he gets the remains left. His students have been quite supportive. Bob has used some of the challenges (like the rock toss challenge) and used it as a physics problem.

Jeff asked if Matty made the final, who would vote for him. The onions and Kenny would have. Matty talked about confidence. Jeff warns every contestant who will be on to practice fire. He asks Susie how she got so far. She talks about the under the radar challenge. She got lucky with the first and last immunity. Randy was the deciding vote and said the cookie was the reason. Apparently Susie’s definition of the cookie situation cost her the million.

Sugar is next for questions. She gets a lot of positive viewership. Sugar blames production for showing her license plate. He asks the dad question. She says that it was why she cried a lot. She’s a better person now. We get the Corrine statement again and she’s booed. I hope she continues to get booed.

We get some more generic video of every animal from Gabon possible, since it’s all in HD. I love the fact that there is a commercial for antidepressants.

There is a clip show of Corrine being a bitch. Jeff is shocked. Corrine does feel sorry for her loss, but she feels like Sugar was a baby. The loss of the father was not a jugular. Corrine talks about how in real life she wouldn’t talk to people, but it’s her. She gets booed. She basks in boo.

Marcus tries to explain the animosity on Sugar. He tries to make himself look better by using editing as an excuse. Jeff asked Corrine why she was edited negatively. They made it look that she wasn’t as nasty and it wasn’t shown. Randy’s edit was better in Corrine’s opinion. Corrine has no regrets in her expressions. She’s dry and sarcastic.

Next up, Randy. His video has his comments about Crystal, screaming at Sugar, and how he’d burn down the house. Randy gets applauses. He admits that he wasn’t always bitter, he was himself this whole season. He gets laughter and applause. Randy’s best friend was his dog for 15 years. Marcus had the highest IQ and the second highest was Randy. Randy thinks the test was flawed. Randy used to be a commercial pilot, used to be a marathon runner, and many other things. He brought six strangers that he never met. They are fans of the show. Randy applied 15 times. He is thanked for being both despicable and likable.

Charlie was seen as the nicest guy on the show. Why was he friends with Randy and Corrine? According to him he saw past their emotional walls. We get shots of the band and sent to yet another long string of commercials.

Crystal has the wonderful video of her sucking at challenges. It culminates with her missed basket. Jeff asks her for proof. She pulls out her 2004 medal for the 4x4 relay. Jeff calls her out for everything. She explains that she’s built for running in a circle. She got calls from friends who are disappointed. People on the street liked how she told everyone off.

Dan talks about his vulnerability and he wanted to be himself. When you are yourself you make better decisions.

Ken is asked about the whole gaming thing. He has some video of him winning a championship and he got money from Super Smash Brothers: Melee. It paid for his college. He tried to use the same “mind games” that he did with Survivor. He understood that he got too cocky. Ken at least now gets to talk to girls but he’s still single. He quickly asks Michelle if she would date him. She instead talks about termites eating her.

Ace’s accent was inconsistent. Ace was raised in London and his accent kind of goes in and out. He regrets not having an American accent during the game. Jeff thanks the Gabonese government for the whole situation. There are some more elephant videos.

The Sprint player of the season will be announced. The top three are: Matty, Bob, and Sugar. Matty is #3. Bob won the $100,000 player of the season. He is speechless.

Jeff asked Matty about the girlfriend/fiancĂ©. He is still engaged and he has the date planned and everything. He’s happy to succeed with the proposal. He got her a nice ring.

Paloma (who?) thinks that she could do everything and anything. Nice to see her get mentioned, I guess. Kelly, being really young, grew and appreciated everything. GC went MIA before a challenge and GC makes an excuse that he was hungry. Jacquie liked getting away from technology. Gillian applied for years and thought it was worth it.

We get a slight preview of Survivor: Tocantins. It’s in Brazil. There are a lot of temperature-shifts, weather (in the form of rain), and drama of course.

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Great post! Love your blog.

They sure did give Corrine a great edit early on, but there was no hiding towards the end.

Tocantins can't get here soon enough for me!

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