Friday, September 11, 2009

Ellen Degeneres Will Be a Better American Idol Judge than Paula Abdul

In case you haven't heard, Ellen Degeneres will be the new judge on American Idol this season. She is effectively replacing Paula Abdul. Gossip sites said Paula Abdul was seeking more than $10 million per season. Rumor was that AI execs offered a 3 year contract somewhere in the low 8 figures. Paula was making a couple million a season and was offered a couple million increase. Ryan Seacrest was a signed for a lot more, and Simon was making more in one episode than Paula made all season. She says it's not about the money. Maybe it's not. Either way, Paula is gone. Will Paula be the next Brian Dunkleman? Not exactly. She may not find another seasonal job that will pay 8 figures over the next few seasons, but at least she cashed in before she left.

With Ellen on board, however, I think American Idol fans will miss Paula only slightly more than Brian Dunkleman. Why? Ellen Degeneres will be that much better. While Paula had incredible success as a dancer, choreographer, and lip-syncher, she didn't bring much to the table as a judge of talent. Her critiques had minimal substance, and she brought little as a fan or an industry insider. Fans watched Paula for the trainwreck factor. Was she going to be loopy tonight? Or would it be the boring uncritical Paula?

This is why hiring Ellen Degeneres makes so much sense. She's not a singer. She's not a music industry veteran. OK. When was the last time Paula Abdul was considered a singer or used any of her experience in her role as a judge? Ellen will be the "fan" judge, which is essentially what Paula had become. Paula was everyone's fan and rarely a critic. Yet, even as a fan, she rarely said or did anything exciting.

Ellen brings a new personality and has great comedic timing. I think she can bring a lot to American Idol as the "fan" judge. She will never be accused of using tranquilizers on air. What she lacks in a critical musical ear and technical singing knowledge she will more than make up for in performance. Who needs another boring singer or musician anyway?

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