Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bye, Bye Kathy ... We Hardly Knew Ye!

The results show begins! After a recap of last week, we find out Mya & Dmitry get the encore dance with their Jive and those goofy glasses of Dmitry’s. Then, the first couple “safe to dance again” are Donny & Kym. Then, Mya & Dmitry and Aaron & Karina are announced as safe...the three top scores from last night. Tom mentions that “your votes are more important than ever” and that there “may be a surprise tonight.” Uh oh! Is there another elimination from left field, a la Sabrina Bryan or Lil’ Kim?

Joss Stone comes up to sing. She’s a little cutie! Not a bad singer, either. I’m not young enough to know who she is.... nor do I know who the dancers are.

The show a clip about the training center. It has six big studios and one of them is the actual size of the show’s floor, complete with judge’s table and stairs. All the stars can go upstairs into the rafters and peek in on other couples rehearsing. Derek doesn’t sneak a peek, he barges in on people and scares the crap out of them. Mark says he likes the studios because they’re quiet...and that’s “because Bruno isn’t there.”

The three couples that scores 21 last night - Mark & Lacey, Natalie & Alec, and Debi & Maks - are going to learn their fate. Mark & Lacey and Natalie & Alec are safe, but Debi & Maks are “still in jeopardy.” Wondering if that means they are in the bottom 2 or 3, or if the producers just want to make them sweat a bit more!

Somebody-Gomez comes up to sing after the commercial. Sounds like a little pop idol or something. Derek & Karina dance and they look great, making the song a bit bearable.

After a backstage interview with Donny & Kym and Natalie & Alec, Tom remarked that “Kym and Samantha’s hair looks like Chia Pets tonight.” (I’m still trying to figure out if I like Samantha’s hair. It’s cute except the top looks flat.) We find out about Joanna & Derek (safe) and Michael & Anna (safe also).

Chuck & Anna are told they are safe - and Mickey Rourke is in the audience cheering. Melissa & Mark will be back as well as Kelly & Louis. Louie & Chelsie are told they are “in jeopardy.”

We see what the pros have to do to train their celebrities and fix their bad habits. Alec is having trouble getting Natalie to breathe. After Michael complains that “this is hard” Anna tells him that if “dancing were easy they’d call it football.” (Heehee!)

The Macy’s Stars of Dance feature the USC Trojans marching band (not all of them, I’ll tell you that! Looks like just the drums and horn sections. There are dancers with “DWTS” on their sweaters (it took a sec for that to click - was trying to figure out what school that was). The dancers did a lot of break dancing - it was okay, I much prefer the ballroom stuff myself. (Yes, I’m an old broad).

Joss Stone again, and Cheryl, Dmitry, Louis and Anna dance - great job by all!

Samantha talks to Kelly, Michael and Joanna backstage. Michael says “we can go as far as prayer and the voters will take us.” Kelly and Joanna thank the voters for keeping them around.

Tom & Cheryl and Kathy & Tony were the lowest vote-getters of the night. Tom & Cheryl are safe (and Cheryl looks majorly surprised) but Kathy & Tony “are still in jeopardy.”

Debi & Maks, Kathy & Tony and Louie & Chelsie are left to squirm - we find out who’s in the bottom two and who’s safe. It’s Louie & Chelsie staying. Carrie Ann is asked about the two couples left, and she says she’s surprised about Debi being in the bottom two. However, as expected, Kathy & Tony are the ones leaving. Too bad for Tony!!! I really like him and his choreography.

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