Monday, September 28, 2009

Okay, Playing Catch-Up: a Guy and a Gal Go Home

The results show begins! Len announces the encore dance will be performed by Kelly & Louis doing their Viennese Waltz. For some reason, Kelly looks more nervous tonight than she did last night. She tells Louis at the end of the dance that she didn’t pick her foot off the floor (although tonight it wouldn't have taken points off anyway).

First two couples that are safe: Louie & Chelsea and Aaron & Karina.

John Kingston sings - TiVo’d through that one (although I caught the end out of curiosity and it wasn’t bad).

A little film was shown - “The Losers Club.” Penn, Kenny Mayne, and Jeff Ross explain that it’s an elite club of celebrities that were voted off the show first. The only way to get in the club: “suck.” They tell us “Tonight when you’re waiting for your name to be called, hold your head up high, because no matter what, we’re holding a spot for you.”

Next couple safe: Mark & Lacey, then Chuck & Anna. Donny & Kym are announced safe next. After the commercial, Samantha interviews Chuck and Louie. Chuck obviously got his beauty sleep because he doesn’t look hung over (saw a clip on Entertainment Tonight last night of Chuck downing shots at a bar after the show on Monday). Tom then tells us that Tom & Cheryl are the next safe couple, and we find out who’s going home ........ Ashley & Edyta. Well, we just lost half of the male viewing audience with Edyta leaving!

The world premiere of Miley Cyrus’ video is on!!! Ooh, so exciting! TiVo’d through it.

Now, we find out which two women will stay for another week: Natalie & Alec (Alec doesn’t look thrilled at all!) and Mya and Dimtry.

We see Adam Corolla come in and give the men a pep talk before the first show. “The last time a man won the mirrorball trophy, Len was in the Army, Carrie Ann was in diapers, and Bruno was still in the closet.” He then goes on to trash talk at each one of the guys. Pretty funny, actually. (“Donny Osmond - you’re 51. Can we start calling you Don now?”)

Macy’s Stars of Dance offers us the cast of the Lion King. I think I now want to see the stage play - those animals are really cool! Love how the giraffes look. Although, the little baby lion looks like it has an - er, appendage between its legs. I figured it was a tail, but after slowing down the tape I saw its tail behind it. So the Lion King is anatomically correct!

Melissa & Mark and Joanna & Derek are told they are safe. Then Debi & Maks are announced as safe. I think it’s mean letting Kelly & Louis suffer through this so long - they got the encore dance, doggone it!

The pros dance a tribute to Patrick Swayze. Dmitry & Chelsea begin (and sorry, I don’t know the name of the song), and Anna & Jonathan dance beautifully to Unchained Melody. (I don’t recall ever seeing them dance together before! They’re married so I would have expected it sooner.) Tony & Cheryl dance to (I’ve Had) the Time of My Life. Anna D. & Louis join in and finish out the song with the previous couples, and the ending is really neat, recreating a scene from the movie Dirty Dancing. It was a very nice tribute, I’m sure Patrick was loving it!

I do notice that the younger dancers - Chelsea and Lacey especially - dance barefoot a lot. These young whippersnappers, bucking the system and not wearing spiky high heels! For shame!

Len is asked how the first week has gone, and says he looks at the celebrities as flower buds. “Some flower early and some late, but we eventually get blossoms from everyone.” Aw, how cute. The shots of Macy Gray are something - sorry, that woman just looks like she’s from another planet!

Tom finally tells Kelly & Louis they are safe, and if they don’t send Macy home ... I just don’t know. Yeah, she’s going. Jonathan tells her it was nice to see her blossom into a ballroom dancer (I think he’s gotten into Macy’s Prozac!)

So there you have it! What happens next? Tune in next week!

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