Friday, October 5, 2007

Kid Nation Review Episode 3

This is going to be short because theres an important issue to think about.

For those that watched we had a dust storm that kicked the kids ass. Greg fixed broke shit and still didnt get a star cause it was some jesus freaks birthday. Fat kids cry. Thats about it. Oh and for the important topic...

Which of the kids has parents that are alcoholics?!?!?!

The kids were in the saloon drinking sodas and having a party but.... they were doing shots! Car Bombs or some shit. They were pouring club soda or somethin into a shot glass and dropping it into a glass of soda and chugging it.

Sorry but kids DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS UNLESS TAUGHT IT BY AN ALCOHOLIC OR A DRUNK. I should know, for I am one. And I am a fan of car bombs. So which kid do you think sat and watched his drunk bad parents do this at home? I vote it was Jareds Dad. That kid is weird and you can tell his parents must drink a lot.


D. Mueller said...

This show just gets better and better....the concept was interesting at first, but now its downright entertaining with Greg going nuts calling them all ASSHOLES and everyone pissed because the little kids heard it, lmao, GOOD TV. And that 1 chick who thinks she knows it ALL, they just told her to sit the F down and told her she sucks, then made her cry...CLASSIC. Great reviews, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Actually when I drink I will usually nurse a drink for 3-4 hours and usually stick to iced tea when I go to the local bar for trivia night. A lot of my friends make fun of me because I do not drink hardly at all. As a matter of fact the bottle of wine that ,y wife and I share a cup from each Friday night usually lasts us for months.

I do admit that Jared is wild and crazy but when your son asks if he can mix you a drink with that much anticipation what else can you say but sure.

By the way it was cherry soda with cherry syrup dropped in it and it ruined my shirt and tasted horrible, but you do things for your children that you would not normally do.

Thanks for watching and yes we do read as many of the blogs as we get a chance to

Devon N said...



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