Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kid Nation Review 10-24-07

Fuck it I dunno what week this is, Ive lost track, and I skipped one or two I think, anyways heres basically the shit that went down.

Taylor turned into mega bitch and everyone hates her even more now.

They chose to have fruits and vegetables over go karts after they won the reward. Lame.

Uhhhh the black kid DK went super mega babyface and started crying saying he wanted to go home and leave cause everyone is fighting and hes sad over it like a hippy.

His boyfriend Guylan talks him into staying, which is good for DK cause he wouldnt have got the gold star liked they planned on giving to him.

DK says hes gonna use the 20 grand to put his brothers and sisters through college. What college you can put 6 people through that isnt a shitty community college, I dont know.

Boring episode, next week, Jared has a heel turn and tells this girl to shove it and throws a table over. Jared rules.


D. Mueller said...

Taylor must have the worst parents ever. They need to slap that kid around, i've never seen a 10 year old that so dead set on NOT working and making everyone else do anything, to the point where instead of working, she'll just start throwing shit down and having a temper tantrum. And yeah....was I the only one that it was a little odd that DK, a FOURTEEN year old, breaks down and cries like a lil bitch, over everyone not getting along? If he was 10, ok fine...but 14? Damn kid, better toughen up quick or kids at his school are gonna have a field day with his whiny ass!

Anonymous said...

Taylor makes me wanna get a vasectomy.

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