Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kid Nation Week 4 Review

Wow wow we wa. Well heres a little wrap up before I head off to watch a movie.

The dumbass kids won the reward and as usual, instead of picking complete awesome stuff, they go for the lame crap. Toothbrush won over The grills with burgers steaks and hot dogs.... wow. Anyways....

With that going down there was an election! A shake up! New council members? Eh, just 2. The blue team voted to keep their main man Anjay in the seat while Olivia got her stupid religious face pwned off. And green team was so happy with their crusty lipped leader that they didnt even have someone run against her. As for that bitch Taylor? Well she got pwned by Zach and Zach is now the new leader of the Yellow team. And for the Red team? Mike got ULTRA PWNED 9 votes to 1 and Guylan is the new leader while Mike cried.

And for the gold star?


Anonymous said...

Best. Line. Ever.

"Look at George Bush, he's not smart, but he's won being president twice!"

D. Mueller said...

Worst. Line. Ever...

"I'm not the "taaap" to back down from a "faaaat" -- Taylor

English Translation - "I'm not the type to back down from a fight"

My god, you're TEN you little moron. What fights do you have? Who gets to be Barbie and who gets to be Ken? I swear, the moment she got kicked off the council was the best thing that could've happened to this show. Her little know it all ass needed to be put into place, and if she gets all violent like the preview for next week showed, she's going to end up getting jumped! And that would be even more good TV!

Anonymous said...

If Taylor was D's kid, he'd beat her. I'm calling it now.

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