Saturday, October 13, 2007

VH1 Launches the Salt N Pepa Show and Gotti's Way!

VH1 is set to unveil two new reality shows this week, one being The Salt n Pepa show, which will document the 2 as they attempt to reunite, for what is not really known, but obviously someone sees money in them performing together again. Problem being, Salt is now a woman of God, and has a family, therefore no longer wants to "shoop" or "push it real good." Pepa is the same as she's always been, and ready to get down and dirty old school style, hence, the shows main conflict. The idea here is good, makes sense to document the reunion of one of the hottest acts of all time, especially being one of them has totally different views now, and there is really no way to go back and change songs that's whole idea revolved around humping and thrusting and penis size. What I'm worried about, is in the preview for the season, we see a couple of moments that seem like they may bring the usual "campyness" that plagues a lot of VH1 and A&E reality shows especially. We see Pepa asking if she can stay with Salt for 3 days, which of course leads to her bringing everything she owns, including paintings of herself with the tits exposed etc. Then we see Salt telling Pepa that she wants them to perform at her church, and Pepa only has clothes that are see through, etc....but everything seems to work out in the end, eh. I'm HOPING on this one they stick with the real deal stuff and don't throw in these "what would happen if..." style situations that produce extremely "forced" feel to supposed reality shows.

The other show debuting is "Gotti's Way," which is documenting the return to the music industry of Murder Inc CEO Irv Gotti. Honestly, I"m a fan of Murder Inc, and a couple of years back, they were producing hit after hit, especially with Ja Rule and Ashanti, but then more recently, it's been virtually silent, and I never knew exactly why. Well, in the sneak peak over at Vspot, we learn that Irv was being charged with money laundering, which basically took him out of the mainstream music scene. He was found not guilty, and now it's time for him to comeback, and he knows Ja Rule is the key to it all, as he is Murder Inc's number one star, and has produced a ton of hits. On top of the business side of things, we see Irv's family situation, as he is separated from his wife and kids after he admitted on a radio show to regularly cheating on his wife and not being able to stop. He sees them regularly, and is friends with his wife who he is not legally divorced from, but has his own apartment, although he supports his family in full still. His wife seems pretty smart, as she is going against his idea to buy them a new house, as she's thought ahead and doesn't see the need to leave what they already have, just in case Irv gets a new woman and leaves her hanging down the road. This show gave me a "real" and not "forced" vibe, as it's more documenting Irv'ss business decisions and family life, without a whole lot of "situational" stuff, other than him and Ja Rule arguing over how to release songs and such. From what I saw here, I'm a fan, but I was also a fan of Murder Inc., so i may be biased. I'm not sure if the general public will like this one, but for anyone that wants more reality in their reality TV, Gotti's way gets a thumbs up from me so far.

Check out both show Monday night on VH1, and let us know your thoughts on the latest shows in the VH1 Lineup.

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Are they trying to make Salt n Peppa like the 2 Coreys?

Yeah, Murder Inc is now The Inc and just released a CD by Vanessa Carlton of all people. A CD writen and produced by Gotti and inc producers, Carlton, and the guy from 3rd Eye Blind. I dont think they are any Ja Rule duets, though.

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