Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Amazing Race Season 14 Recaps for Episodes 2 and 3

I just wanted to let everyone know that azmouse over at The Amazing Race Info Blog has posted some very nice detailed recaps of the last 2 episodes of this season's Amzing Race.

We try to handle a lot of recaps here when we can, but there is only one main blogger here handling a variety of shows. We will often link or cite more specialized blogs for a lot of the bigger shows that have many blogs devoted to them, like The Amazing Race and Big Brother.

Here are good sources for the Episode 2 and Episode 3 recaps from The Amazing Race season 14:

The Amazing Race 14 Episode 2 Recap

Amazing Race 14: Gypsies and Vampires in Episode 3

I think those are pretty good posts wirth checking out.

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