Thursday, March 19, 2009

ANTM: New York's Finest - Thoughts

I was going to post some long recap about Top Model, but this week’s episode just seemed off. The editing is still everywhere because there are too many girls at the moment. I will note a few things that I liked/disliked about the episode:

- Horrible, Horrible photoshoot! I don’t understand why they did back to back group shots. To make it worse, the numbers were uneven so there had to be a three-group shot. There was little in the photoshoot that was remotely model-y. Sandra, Fo, and Aminat were the only three that actually looked like they could be in a high fashion shot. I find it also funny that they will crop the photo for next week for Sandra.

+ Who is that on the cover of Seventeen? Apparently it’s Lauren Conrad, but damn, she looks like Jade from Cycle 6.

+ It’s nice to see a bad walker do good and a good walker do something stupid. If they are setting up Natalie to be the Jade/Melrose/Cycle 5’s Lisa at least make her either funny or good. She’s still just a pretty face. Again, kudos to Allison (who I keep wanting to call her Nicole) for having a decent walk, even with bags.

- You know Tahlia is going home soon. She’s voicing wanting to go home to her family. Sure she turned out a good photo with a spark. The plus/minus was that it was a very commercial shot. You know, smiling and being natural. She looks like a dead fish with her high fashion shot last week.

+ I heart Sutan, he’s funny and doesn’t get enough camera time.

- Will Ann Shoket ever get replaced? Her criticism is non-existent and just a way for Seventeen to show up.

+ On the Top Models in Action section, I totally believe that Bianca is a good runway model. She has the walk. She was also on Project Runway in the last finale walking for Korto.

+ Remember that Teyona apparently looks like an alien? I realize now after seeing her teeth which alien. The Alien from the Alien movies.

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