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Rumba & Samba - Romantic and Sexy Night - Sorta

LIVE! FROM HOLLYWOOD! It’s Dancing With the Stars!

Tonight’s dances are the Samba and the Rumba. It’s a sexy Latin night!

Samantha announces that Tom Delay’s stress fracture is now a full-blown fracture. It’s still touch-and-go whether he can perform tonight. What will that do for eliminations? Will they have to judge his rehearsals? We’ll see a bit later!

Mark & Lacey are up first to dance a Rumba. Lacey says that Mark is like a 3-year-old, bouncing off of walls. She has to keep reminding Mark to slow down. I’m really not sure about Lacey’s outfit - it looks like she used the hide from Sunffleupagus to make the dress! Len starts off by saying that a Rumba is hard on the celebrity man - Mark was a bit hard and aggressive and it lacked chemistry. Bruno said it was an “anticlimax” and lacked fluidity. Carrie Ann says his movement is good, but he needs to find his sexuality - because “it was uncomfortable to watch.” Their scores: 6-6-6=18.

Joanna & Derek will dance the Samba. She wants to be back on top and not in the middle of the pack. Joanna says she doesn’t have the fan base that other stars do so she’s gonna “shaky shaky.” Derek is teaching her the Samba Roll to impress Len. Derek threw in a few good moves for himself, I notice. Bruno says “the good times are back.” He liked the dance, but said Joanna is still a little shaky. Carrie Ann calls her fearless and says it was super sexy. Len comments that “it had quality stamped all over it.” He loved the rhythym. Their scores: 7-8-8=23.

Mya & Dmitry are up to dance the Rumba - this oughta be good! Dmitry tries to impress on Mya that they need to make it romantic. Mya tells him there’s no inspiration in the room for romance, so she decorates the studio with rose petals and candles to “set the mood.” Uh oh! Mya picked her feet up off the floor - Carrie Ann will yell! We see the judges’ table in the background and Bruno is fanning is a good dance! Carrie Ann says “I had chills the entire time.” She thinks she saw a lift, but “I was so mezmerized I didn’t notice it.” Len is excited - “Be still my beating heart!” He liked the chemistry and romance but there was “so much going on....” Bruno starts in and Len says “You need a checkup from the neck up, son.” He comments that sometimes you need simplicity to show the beautiful thing off. Bruno gets off his chair, saying “You were the embodiment of the seductress. You put all of America into the mood for love.” Good scores coming? Wow!!! 10-7-10=27. Dmitry is speechless.

Melissa & Mark are next, dancing the Samba. Melissa says that she knows the dance is all about parties, but she’s a mother of two and “hasn’t been out in a awhile.” Mark is pushing Melissa harder, telling her he can teach the steps but he can’t give her the heart to dance. It looks good - but she really doesn’t look like she flows with it. Len starts by saying that parts of it looked really excellent, but she needs to get a little more rhythm going. Bruno tells Melissa there is improvement from last week - “I knew you could switch it on.” Carrie Ann sees improvement every week - but she doesn’t believe Melissa when she dances. Their scores: 6-6-7=19.

Louie & Chelsie are dancing the Rumba. He knows what this dance is, although Chelsie isn’t surprised. He’s hoping they dance “about five of these.” Louie has slicked his hair back and looks quite th Latin lover! He’s got the attitude down, that’s for sure! Looks good! Bruno begins calling him “Randy Louie.” He yells “that’s chemistry!” Carrie Ann calls them “cute” and says their chemistry is great. Len says “I so much wanted to be nice” but there was no finesse, and tells Chelsie there was too much syncopation. He was disappointed. Tom tells them “I think that means he likes it.” Backstage, Louie says that it’s easy to be romantic with a partner like Chelsie. The scores are all over the place: 8-5-7=20.

Debi & Maks will dance a Salsa. After being in the bottom two last week, Debi is more motivated. Maks brings Mel B in to tell Debi that she was in the bottom two, but Maks took her to the finals. After that, Debi isn’t talking and she’s working hard. Debi has mulitcolored feathers for a skirt! She still looks a little stiff, don’t think the judges will like this one. Carrie Ann called it “a hair safe.” Len said what Debi did, she did well. He said it was like cooking - “you had all the ingredients but it lacked the flavor.” Bruno says Debi has a fiery personality but it looked like she disconnected it, in spite of the “presence of the hunk.” Their scores stink: 6-5-6=17.

Donny & Kym will dance a Rumba. Donny keeps giggling when Kym instructs him how to look romantic. Donny wants to show the other side of himself that can be more passionate. He says he’s a “singer, dancer, entertainer - but a Latin lover? No.” He’s got the moves down, looks pretty good dancing ... but his face is weird. Len tells Donny to straighten his legs and that will help - but even though he expected less, Donny did a great job. Bruno said it looked pretty, but a bit “airy fairy at times.” Donny runs over and kisses Bruno, who’s telling Donny to “turn to the dark side.” Donny swoops Bruno down as if to really kiss him, and Bruno says “I know you’ve got it - now do it again” and Donny swoops him again. Tom & Kym look lost by themselves. Donny grabs the microphone and says “I don’t think they’re gonna let me back in Utah any more.” Carrie Ann tries to remember what she was thinking and has to read her notes. She says Donny was a little off in his musicality but saw a genuine vulnerability that she liked. Their scores: 7-7-7=21. Samantha tells Donny “only a 7 from Bruno, you should have given him a little tongue.” (Gotta admit, that’s pretty good for Samantha!)

Tom is sitting in the audience with Lance Bass and Paula Abdul. Paula yells at Len, saying he’s a bad man right now and she doesn’t know whether to call him “Len-Sim or Sim-Len.” Paula tells Carrie Ann that maybe they should start making out ... boy, would that jump the ratings!!!!

Michael & Anna are next. He’s getting frustrated with Anna’s teaching style. Anna comes up with a chart to keep him focused - although it’s funny to watch him practice with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Their Samba starts out great - Michael looks like he’s having fun and his steps are okay. The dance seems “safe” though - no real hard choreography. Bruno tells him “we’re going in reverse gear - your dance is like a tank.” He’s really getting rough! Carrie Ann says it’s not the rhythm, but he’s dancing too small. Len says the dance is light and fluffy, and difficult to do, but it was disappointing. The scores really suck: 5-4-5=14.

Natalie & Alec are dancing the Rumba. Natalie’s face gets red when Alec gets close and she’s finding it hard to be romantic. Edyta comes into the rehearsal (she’s married to Alec) to try and show Natalie that eye contact is one of the most important parts of the Rumba. Edyta says “I give you permission to go all out with my husband.” She’s doing good with the eye contact, and keeps her feet on the floor so Carrie Ann doesn’t have hissy fits. It looks good, but not romantic to me. Carrie Ann is happy, saying “I knew you had it in you!” Len said Natalie had good leg action and it was very expressive - an excellent performance. Bruno liked it too - “I knew you could fly but you’ve gone stratospheric tonight!” He called Natalie a sexy beast. Their scores are good: 9-8-9=26.

Chuck & Anna T. Will dance a Samba. Anna tells Chuck that they can’t be scary and serious, but have to be smiling - Chuck deadpans that he’ll work on it. Anna tells him that getting in touch with his feminine side is hard - but he goes out with his daughter and gets a pedicure (with black nail polish) so Anna has hope. Chuck is wearing these goofy ruffles on his sleeves which thankfully he tears off at the beginning. He looks like he’s having fun, but he’s so stiff - hoo boy, the judges will have a field day with this one! Len, though, gives Anna props - he says “part of this show is entertainment - and you thoroughly entertained me.” Bruno says he can see the huge amount of work that went into the dance - but it was “like a Samba from Zombie town.” Carrie Ann says that Samba may not be Chuck’s best dance, but she enjoyed it. How PC of all of them (as they giggled). Their scores: 6-5-6=17.

Aaron & Karina are going to dance a Rumba. She’s trying to impress upon him that it needs to be romantic but he can’t overdo it and make it look silly. He does some spins and bobbles a little bit when stopping - we’ll see how that affects his scores. Bruno says it had plenty of focus and determination, but it lacked a bit of fluidity. Carrie Ann says that Aaron’s lines are good, but he was over exaggerating everything. Len says it lacked musicality, and his arms were just flinging out. Their scores are all over: 8-6-7=21.

Tom & Cheryl come up and we get to find out if he’s going to dance. His right foot is killing him - and his left foot has begun hurting but he doesn’t want to stop, even though the producers and his doctors have told him to stop dancing, but he doesn’t want to. Tom (Bergeron) asks Tom what he’s going to do, and he says “what’s a little pain when you can party?” He’s going to Samba - and probably break something in the process! Looking at the dance, it must kill Tom to wear his pants so low on his body (they’re usually up to his armpits!) It’s not bad, he gets through it, albeit badly. Carrie Ann says that he is easy on the eyes when he dances, but it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. Len tells Tom that if he had a stress fracture in both feet, he wouldn’t be judging, let alone dancing. Bruno calls him a “super trooper” but says that the performance suffered. Their scores: 6-4-5=15, which are not low for the night!

Kelly and Louis are up next - Kelly was very upset last week about her screwups and hated that she saw people feeling sorry for her. Her confidence is deflated, but her willingness to try is there. When Louis can keep her in the moment, she is “a diamond.” They will dance a Samba. She’s wearing a red/brown/gray wig and looks quite different! She seems a little serious - and wow, she’s lost some weight! It looks good - and she gets a kiss out of Louis at the end and he looks surprised. Len gets to start and tells her that her problem is confidence - he’s convinced that she is a good dancer, she just has to convince herself. Bruno offers that compared to last week, she’s back. She needs to get rid of doubt. Carrie Ann tells Kelly that when she does it right, she’s ridiculous - but she has to stay focused and not doubt herself. Their scores are okay: 7-6-7=20.

So after the judges’ scores, here are the standings:

Mya & Dmitry - 27
Natalie & Alec - 26
Joanna & Derek - 23
Donny & Kym - 21
Aaron & Karina - 21
Louie & Chelsie - 20
Kelly & Louis - 20
Melissa & Mark - 19
Mark & Lacey - 18
Debi & Maks - 17
Chuck & Anna T. - 17
Tom & Cheryl - 15
Michael & Anna D.- 14

So will Michael go home? Or will the fans feel sorry for Tom and his feet and send him packing? We’ll see tomorrow night - make sure you vote!!!

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