Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fans Come Through for the Wild Child and the Entertainer! (We Knew Mya Was Going to Make It)

What have your votes decided? We have four couples left, and only three will survive this night - and it’s an hour show! Full of filler, but it will be ...

LIVE!!!!! From Hollywood! This is Dancing With the Stars!

Len wants to see Mya & Dmitry’s Salsa again. “It was hot, it was fast, and don’t forget her tutti fruitti bootie.” Len is listening to Bruno too much, sassy boy! Although is it me or did their dance seem a whole lot longer than the other three couples’ dances?

Kelly is laughing down the hallway with Louis that she totally forgot her solo during the Rumba and made it up as she went along. In the confessional, Kelly says she’s going to go out on a good night and not worry “is my dress gonna rip, is my boob gonna fall out” and Louis looks at her chest and says “in this dress? Hmmmm, getting close.” A recap of Joanna’s evening has her confessing that with all the nerves and adrenaline she’s surprised she did so well. Joanna was very happy about Carrie Ann’s remark that “I hope you’re here for the final.” Donny & Kym’s wardrobe malfunction is highlighted and they’re both upset in the confessional, where Donny says he’s mad that he blew it. After his next two dances, he felt much better. Mya & Dmitry have a good laugh in the confessional about Len “talking about my booty.”

I notice that Mya & Dmitry have changed clothes, into their Waltz costumes. What was wrong with the Cha Cha outfits? The kids getting a draft? Tom and Samantha talk to each of the couples - “have your fans saved you?” Then, with an evil grin, Tom says “The first couple who has received a place in the finals ... will be revealed shortly.”

Filler clip comes up with the stars talking about each other, no trash talking now, everything is complimentary. Backstage, the stars interview with Samantha. Kelly says that last night was the best night so far, she had fun and even if she goes home she will be proud of her accomplishments. Joanna was thrilled to get into the semifinals. Mya admits that there were mistakes last night, and she had a wardrobe malfunction - and then Donny waves his hand, saying “let’s talk about a wardrobe malfunction, shall we?”

Dancers are coming up - from the Weinstein Company’s upcoming film “Nine.” Looks kind of erotic. One guy and a bunch of women in flimsy dresses and garter-belted stockings. And my, the lead lady has some major hooters on her!

Here comes Alicia Keys. It’s nice that a singer shows up that I know and like. I think she brought her own dancers, though.

The pressure is mounting for our stars, and strange things can happen! We see them all taking turns pantomiming singing “Under Pressure.” Actually, I like this! They should do that more often. Tom quips that “apparently pressure doesn’t improve lip synching skills.”

Joanna & Derek and Mya & Dmitry, as last night’s highest-scoring couples, get to find out their fates first. Mya & Dmitry are in the finals, but Joanna & Derek have to find out ... later. However, Tom says they’re in jeopardy. Are they in the bottom two or is this just the catch phrase this year?

Leona Lewis will sing now. Beautiful voice! Ooh, the floor is full of smoke and four guys rise from the smoke to dance. Not our pros, though. Where are our pros?

After a backstage interview with Mya & Dmitry and Joanna & Derek, we get to find out the fates of the remaining two couples. The next couple in the finals is ... Donny & Kym! Yeah, his personality and fan base kept him in (all the women my age who had his posters on their walls).

Melissa Rycroft, who had to leave last season because of broken ribs, is back to dance the Hustle with Tony to the BeeGees. After the commercials, the two remaining BeeGees come out to sing. Wow, the judges are up shaking their booties! They’re singing “You Should Be Dancing.” Out come Cheryl, Tony, and Chelsie with some male dancer I haven’t seen before. So where’s Melissa? Considering the BeeGees are celebrating their 50th anniversary, they still sound pretty good. Okay, now Cheryl is dancing with the other guy and her comes Melissa with Tony. Chelsie joins them for the end of the dance. Melissa looks good and she can still dance!

Another filler clip, this time about how our pros work so hard. They not only have to train their stars, but come up with routines for the Results Show. Edyta says it’s chaotic - even with one choreographer, they all have their own opinions. Anna D. adds that it’s “kind of like kindergarten.” They don’t have a lot of time, anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. The wardrobe department has to come up with 120 costumes in a week, and somehow gets it all done.

Okay, we finally get to find out who’s going home this week. Uh, never mind. “The couple with the lowest combined scores and therefore going home ... will be announced after this.” Samantha says they’re not necessarily in the final two. Len says that Kelly has taken dancing into her heart and in doing so “has entered all of ours.” (How sweet!) He says Joanna has been the most “consistent” of all the stars and will be missed if she goes.

So who is leaving? Whoa!!!!!! Joanna & Derek are outta there! Kelly is crying and Sharon and Ozzie (or is it Ozzy?) are freaking out in the audience. After a quick chat with Tom & Samantha, Joanna & Derek are asked to recreate their Viennese Waltz from last night. Bummer - kinda like having to sing after getting kicked off of American Idol. At least it’s not the Cha Cha or something perky, cuz I bet she’s not feeling perky. I’m really surprised that she’s gone, I thought for sure she was one of the final two!

Okay, so Kelly and Donny’s fans came through and got them to the finals. Can either of them beat Mya out for the Mirrorball Trophy? I really don’t think that they should, Mya really is the better dancer - but ya never know!

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