Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the Mirrorball Trophy Goes To ... Donny & Kym!!!!!!

Woohoo! It’s the Finale of Dancing With the Stars! And it’s LIVE!!!!

And it’s two hours! (This is the Filler Show, actually!)

We meet all our dimissed stars from the season and their pros again - they line up on two sides and the three finalists go through the line slapping high fives. Kelly takes forever because she has to hug everyone.

We get the obligatory review of last night, and during Len’s comments about Kelly’s Argentine Tango, we see a shot of the back of Miss Piggy’s (of Muppet fame) head backstage. And then .... nothing moves. Tom then looks sheepish and says “Did we tell you this show is live?” Obviously the tape jammed or something! After commercial Tom says “you weren’t paying attention, so here it is again!” and it starts over once more. This time no Piggy! Wonder if they cut it out or it didn’t belong there to begin with?

Okay, here’s Whitney Houston. She looks healthy again but not very perky, actually. Whatever. Now we see another clip of the Losers Club, an elite group of celebrities that were voted off the show first. Jeff Ross, Penn, and Kenny Mayne tell us all about it. Jeff Ross comes out to welcome Ashley Hamilton into the Club and gives him a sparkly jacket “to represent your suckiness.” Ross introduces Ashley’s dance with Edyta as “dancing to Simply the Best, it’s simply the worst.” During the dance Ashley dumps Edyta on the floor and goes to dance with Jeff Ross. The both rip open their jackets and shirts at the end and we get to see Jeff Ross’ wonderfully flabby tummy - *gag.* Ashley then jumps onto the desk and looks to be getting v-e-r-y frisky with Len and then kisses Bruno. (He should have been one of the dancers on the American Music Awards with Adam Lambert, maybe everyone wouldn’t be in such a tizzy about it).

Our next clip replays the first three weeks of the competition. Then we get to see Kathy Ireland and Tony (and she still sucks royally), Macy Gray and Jonathan (and I’m still shuddering, this woman is freaking scary!), Debi Mazar and Maks, who do a Tango and look pretty good (of course, after those first two, Jeff Ross would have looked good!)

The next clip reviews the flu epidemic throughout the stars, as well as the injuries. Tom Delay and Cheryl will be able to dance the Texas Two-Step now that his feet have healed (and he still looks like he’s kept the weight off). Before the commercial, we see that Miss Piggy will indeed be part of the show, and she’s in her dressing room with Maks in a Speedo or black undies (who cares? they look damn good on him!) rubbing Piggy’s shoulders.

So here are Tom Delay and Cheryl. He’s pretty sad. I’m glad his feet are better though or we would have missed this! Oh, the horror of not being able to see Tom dance again! (Am I laying it on thick enough?)

Weeks 4 and 5 are reviewed next. Chuck Lidell and Anna T come out to dance, I think it’s a Paso Doble? Mark Dacascos and Lacey come out too and look pretty good - I really liked Mark. He does a lot of flips and during their dance then Lacey runs off and Chuck comes up and they do a simulated fight till the girls come back and “break it up.” Samantha asks the four of them “if there were a real fight who would win?” and everyone points to Lacey!

We get a clip of "Coach" Adam Corolla, who reminds us that the last time a man won this competition Len was in the Army, Carrie Ann was in diapers, and Bruno was still in the closet! He tells Donny that he’s “our only hope” and then in walk Kelly and Mya. Corolla gets into Donny’s face about cavorting with the enemy. He chases the girls away and takes Donny’s “man liner” (eyeliner - looking at a photo of Donny's "Atom Ant" dance) away from him. After an alleged pep talk he gets down on a knee to pray and Donny takes off.

Natalie Coughlin & Alec dance next, and it’s a Rumba and looks good. That was Natalie’s strength as far as the dancing went but she never had the “attitude” to go with it. More reviews and then Melissa Joan Hart and Mark come out to dance the Samba. It looks like fun, and I like the fringy yellow-purple dress!

Oh, good grief. Chloris Leachman, Jerry Springer, and Steve Wozniak are going to dance? Now THAT is scary!

The judges give us their opinions on each of the three finalists. And Len ends their opinions with “there can be only one.” Hey! That’s Duncan MacLeod’s line! Our three finalist couples are introduced to much fanfare. Kelly offers her retrospect and calls it the most fantastic journey of her life. She thanks Louis with tears and he sniffles that he’s proud of her. We’ll get the Waltz out of them - of course, it’s Kelly’s strength. She’s not trying to look romantic, though, she’s smiling throughout. I think she’s happy it’s over, really - it’s her last dance. Len says that he’ll miss her the most of all the celebrities on the show. We can barely hear him because the audience is screaming and chanting “Kelly! Kelly!” Bruno tells her that she may have come from “rock and roll royalty” but she’s earned her place as a ballroom princess. Carrie Ann gets very sniffly and says that in all the seasons, no one has touched her like Kelly has. Kelly manages not to get teary - but Louis has tears running down his cheeks. How sweet!

Mya & Dmitry comment on their season thus far. They come out to dance their Jive that makes me think of Cheryl - Mya looks just like her with that wig on and dances this very well also. Bruno calls her “sharp, slick - you never miss a beat.” Carrie Ann says every season there’s someone that sets the pace, and that would be Mya. She calls Mya a “star.” Len offers that “we’ve had a few ups and downs but I’ve never doubted your talent.” Will they give her first place again?

Donny & Kym will wrap it up. They recall laughing a lot during rehearsals, but all the hard work also. They’ve become very good friends and Kym is now an “honorary Osmond.” They’ll dance an Argentine Tango. Ooh my, that outfit of Kym’s is something! I think she stole it from Edyta - it’s “open” at her left hip (there’s a clear kind of material holding it together). Carrie Ann begins by saying she’s glad they chose this dance to dance again because “it’s artistry in motion.” Len thinks Donny’s been mostly good, sometimes bad, and one dance was “pretty ugly.” But “it’s not how you start, but how you finish, and you finished strong.” Bruno calls him “the great performer.” He tells Donny “you’ve reached the dark side and you do it well.” The judges then huddle to come up with their scores.

Backstage, Samantha talks to the stars. Kelly says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with herself now, not seeing Louis everyday “so I think I might stalk him.” Mya agrees with Kelly that the routine is over and that will be strange. Donny says this experience ranks up at the top with everything he’s done in his career. The judges are ready to tell us their scores: third is Kelly & Louis and they get 26; next are Mya & Dmitry!!!! and they get 28, leaving Donny in shock that he and Kym get first and 30 points. Will it be enough to put him over the top? Will this make everyone on the message boards stop harping about how the judges decided long ago that Mya will be the winner and they’re fixing it to be that way? (Of course, the conspiracy theorists will say that the judges picked Donny & Kym to throw off the suspicious, and Mya will win anyway....)

Louie Vito and Chelsie come out to dance - and they’re dancing to “Puppy Love” - which Donny will sing! Donny’s still got the voice at least. They begin the dance all romantic and sweet and then the tempo speeds up, Louie gets down to the wife beater shirt and Chelsie rips off her skirt to show off her mini and Louie flips all over the ballroom floor.

Before the commercial, there are clips of Michael Ervin and Jerry Rice’s upcoming competition. Michael wants to beat Jerry somehow - they’ve each won three Super Bowls. They have a special “Mirrorball Ring” to give the winner. They will dance the Paso Doble, and they’re doing it to the NFL them song. Michael & Anna D and wearing Dallas Cowboy blue and white, and Jerry & Anna T and wearing San Francisco 49er red and gold. The judges then have to decide who gets the ring, and they say that Michael came game ready so he is the winner. The judges are yelling, though, that they’re not done, and they give Jerry a ring too, saying he won “the battle of the bodies.” (Think it was set up a bit, do ya?)

Before the commercial Miss Piggy comes backstage and butts in on Samantha, who tells Piggy to “quit hogging the spotlight” and Piggy gives her one of her famous “hi-ya!” chops. There were times I wish that would have happened during the season....but at least this year the crazy hairstylist wasn’t around!

Aaron Carter & Karina come out to do their Mambo to the Muppet Show theme (and it’s nice to see Animal playing the drums again). Tom asks what Aaron has taken away from the show, and Aaron says he’s going to inspire young people to “do the right thing.” (Huh? Ballroom dancing gave him that impetus?)

Miss Piggy is interviewing Chloris, Jerry and Woz backstage, asking them what makes them think they can beat Joanna Krupa - “miss skinny minnie here.” Chloris tells her to back off, she doesn’t want to get the swine flu. Jerry just wants to be vertical at the end, and he doesn’t eat pork. (Piggy’s not impressed). It’s kinda lame, but cute all the same.

After a another review, we get a competition Mambo with Jerry & Edyta, Steve & Karina, Chloris & Corky, and Joanna & Derek. Chloris & Corky are told to leave first, and Jerry & Edyta are gone next (how on earth can Steve Wozniak stay in? Oh, I see how, he’s doing the worm.) Tom is narrating, and as Steve & Karina get told to leave, he says “in what appears to be a setup, Joanna & Derek are declared the winners.” They end their dance with Joanna doing “the move” to Derek instead this time.

Whitney Houston comes out to sing again, and I could care less, but our pros are out to dance, so I have to slow down the TiVo for that! Ooh, Anna T isn’t dancing with Jonathan this time! - oh, wait, at the end when they all switch partners, the hubby and wife are together. Backstage, Samantha interviews the “fallen comrades” about the finalists. The couples are out on the stage, and we get to find out who gets third place. And it’s ... Kelly & Louis. She’s very grateful to the fans for keeping her in the competition this long. Tom tells her that’s she’s grown the most throughout the season. Kelly & Louis go out for their final bow and she runs over to kiss her Dad. While Kelly was really a joy to watch, she really didn’t deserve to win the treasured Mirrorball Trophy. But can Donny pull it out with his charisma? Or will the fans give it to the better dancer, Mya?

After the commercial, we go through the music again to find out who wins. It’s Donny & Kym! I’m happy for Kym too, she’s a great dancer & choreographer. Donny grabs his wife out of the audience and brings her over to celebrate. Mya is gracious in defeat. Tom goes to give Donny the trophy and his whole family has joined him onstage. After Donny hugs Mya Tom presents him with the trophy. Donny then runs to grab Marie out of the audience too - and just think, he’s got bragging rights now!

So congrats to “Mr. Entertainer” Donny Osmond, this year’s champ. Mya really didn’t connect with the fans or else she would have had that glittery gob of glass for her mantle. And until Season 10, keep on dancing!


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