Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Couples Do THREE Dances Tonight and Kelly Shines!

It’s the Semi-Finals! Four couples left, who will stand out and who will fall? We’ll find out....

LIVE!!! From Hollywood! This is Dancing With the Stars!

The couples will dance three dances this week. During the Latin dances, the stars will have to do a solo.

Donny & Kym
are first with a Tango. They are scared being in last place, and having three dances means a lot of hard work. Kym asked Gilles Marini, who got three 10's in his Tango, to come in and give Donny some pointers. He tells Donny that he wanted people to feel uncomfortable watching him dance, with all the passion he put into it. Gilles says to “act like you’re leading, even though we know you’re not.” He doesn’t want Donny to be “nice” but be “passionate and in control.” What the hell kind of Tango music is this? They’re dressed in black and gold, and I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the song, but it’s sucky Tango music. Donny does NOT look passionate at all (I’m not in the least uncomfortable) and messes up some in the middle, then Kym gets tangled in her hem. Donny yells as he waits for the judges to start, knowing he’s in trouble. Len starts by saying his Argentine Tango was fantastic, but this one wasn’t good. Donny walks up to the table saying “you know what it was? I saw Marie.” Bruno tells him “you completely lost it. Tonight you couldn’t cover it up.” Carrie Ann says there was no drama happening “except I bet there’s a lot of drama going on in your head.” She liked that they kept going and made it to the end of the dance. Backstage, Donny & Kym were both upset, saying they worked so hard, and in dress rehearsal everything went so well. Samantha quips “when all else fails blame it on your sister.” Their scores: 7-7-7=21.

Joanna & Derek come next with the Viennese Waltz. She says the pressure is on after last week with one good dance and one bad one. Brooke Burke came by to help Joanna deal with Derek and the stress. They do some “role play” where Joanna acts like Derek and had it down pretty good, actually! I love her soft blue dress with the ruffly bottom. It’s a very pretty dance, the judges should like this one. Bruno tells Joanna “this waltz had the grace of angels in heaven.” BUT! He saw a slight hesitation that didn’t take Bruno “up to paradise.” Carrie Ann likes how Joanna has grown into a “statuesque beauty” when she dances. She says Joanna has to figure out why she’s reaching, though, to help sell it more. Len is complimentary, telling her that “when you’re in hold, your dance is as good as any professional’s.” He called her wrists flicking “a bit funny” but it was very beautiful. Their scores: 9-9-9=27.

Kelly & Louis are up next. Right before rehearsal, Kelly finds out that a dog she was caring for passed away, and is very sad but decides to keep practicing (Louie tells her it’s therapy). They’re dancing a Rumba and Kelly wants Louie to choreograph it tough so she can show how far she’s come. Her solo is a little stilted but when she dances with Louie she looks a bit more comfortable than in past weeks. The one foot stand at the end looks scary, but she does it! Sharon is wild in the audience. Carrie Ann gets to start and has to wait for the audience to stop screaming. She tells Kelly “you’re not our strongest dancer but you have a magical quality that reaches right into my heart.” (Awwww!) Len says he can’t be as airy fairy as Carrie Ann, but he tells Kelly she has turned into a very competent dancer. Bruno calls her endearing but since it’s the semi-finals, some things need to be said. “The Rumba needs a sense of eroticism and you may not know about it, and I can’t teach you.” Backstage, Kelly says that the Rumba was for she and Louie, “more spiritual than erotic, to show how far we’ve come.” (Awww again!) Their scores: 8-8-8=24.

Tom tells us that Michael Ervin and Jerry Rice will “dance off” next week, live, since Michael said he can outdance Jerry. That might be fun (especially since Jerry made it to third in his season and definitely is the better dancer!)

Mya & Dmitry are up to dance a Waltz. They’re getting serious about the semi-finals. They have rules set up: If you’re late you pay a fine. Any mistakes mean five pushups. Ten minute breaks only. And.....listen to Dmitry. They’re working so hard that they are sleeping in a tent in the studio! (I’m sure). Her dress is very pretty too! And hey! They do a lift! Mya didn’t keep her foot on the floor when Dmitry spun her. Uh oh, big trouble! Len begins and says it had romance, elegance, and it was a joy to watch. Bruno offers that it was “love set to music, defying gravity” and saying that Mya always puts a touch of erotic in it. Carrie Ann loved it too - but she thought they were slightly not connected in hold (and of course, got booed by the audience and a quizzical look from Bruno). But no mention of a lift, I guess she missed it. Their scores: 9-9-10-28. Bruno’s tie ends up on the paddle blocking the score (heehee). Tom tells Bruno he thought for a second there Bruno gave her a 1!

Donny & Kym
are back up - but first we get to see where Donny “came from.” We see Donny singing on Andy Williams’ show (badly) at 5. When the Donny & Marie show ended, he wanted to show he could be a solo artist, and when nobody believed him, he says it hurt. His sons say he’s working really hard but still having fun, because of a saying in their house “let’s make a game out of it.” We see Kym telling Donny he’s going to do a step 100 more times until he gets it right, and he asks “can we make a game out of it?” Here comes their Samba, which should work well, Donny can sell this one with his personality. And they’re dancing to “One Bad Apple!” I really like him, but I don’t see him making the finals. He tries a slide through Kym’s legs and looks like he kinda gets stuck on the floor. He likes this one, though! Bruno says “A bit of a stumble doesn’t stop a professional from coming back and nailing it.” Carrie Ann liked it better than the last one but calls it “a little sloppy.” Len goes with Bruno “I can’t agree with Carrie.” He says it was an “absolute metamorphosis.” Their scores: 8-9-9=26.

Now we get to see where Joanna comes from. She was born in Communist Poland and moved to America when she was 5. She really looks like her Mom! Mom had to work in a factory and Joanna helped raise her little sister. She took ballet lessons but had to quit, and her sister (who also looks a lot like her) says it’s her dream to dance. They interview Hugh Hefner, saying he thinks Joanna can win. (Did she pose in Playboy?) Joanna & Derek are dancing the Cha Cha. Her solo is at the beginnning of the dance and those fringy pants look really goofy. Sorry, I think Karina is the only person who can pull those off! There’s not a lot of Cha Cha in this one, a lot of standing still and bending and such. Not sure Len’s gonna like this one. Derek seems to be doing a bit more this time around too. Carrie Ann gets to start, saying that she likes how Joanna can go from being beautiful and glamorous and then “come out and be the wild child.” Len said it was clean, crisp, and he loved it - but it “could have been a little more cheeky.” So of course, Joanna & Derek turn around and shake their bootys at him! Bruno says “ooh, I just can’t get you out of my bed.” He calls Joanna “natural sex” and says she’s not a dancer, but has achieved great standards. Tom tells Bruno that she’d find her way out (of Bruno’s bed) pretty quickly. Backstage, Joanna thanks the fans for keeping her in because she didn’t think she’d get this far. Their scores: 9-9-9=27.

Len gets to make a special announcement, saying that while we’ve had good dances and not-so-good dances, the band has always been fantastic (nice, Len, but no, they ain’t perfect either).

Kelly & Louis will dance a Quickstep next. We see how Kelly’s rock n roll life prepared her for DWTS. She had an “alternative upbringing” but it’s inevitable when your parents are Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne. When they did the reality show, it “turned my life upside down.” She heard people saying bad things about her on the radio and turned to drugs to cope. She loves that this show has helped her self-esteem and her body (oh yeah, she’s lost mega weight!) She’s doing great - Kelly has a great smile on her face and looks to be having fun - and her feet look good too - rats. I spoke too soon and jinxed her, looks like she missed a step during a long run across the floor. Louis kind of fumbles her on the last move where she’s upside down. Len starts by saying that “two people are very happy, and that’s your Mum and me.” It was totally past his expectations, and she’s blown him away. Bruno yells “you’re like Speedy Gonzales.” He noticed that she lost one step, but calls her a twinkling sparkle. Carrie Ann yells too, “Go get ‘em Kelly Osbourne!” She says she nailed it and was right with Louie, even with the stumble she was fabulous. Kelly gets teary-eyed telling the judges “thank you for your comments, that’s what gave me the confidence to keep coming back.” (No, the votes kept you coming back!) Their scores: 9-9-9=27. I think that’s their highest of the season!

Mya & Dmitry are next to dance a Salsa. She was born in Washington DC and her mother taught her tap from a library book. She kept her singing ability a secret from her parents, singing at school. She would have had to be the best so she got better and then let them know. Her parents got divorced and she found out her Mom had breast cancer and that was rough. To begin the dance, Mya unbuttons Dmitry’s jacket - good move! (She’s dressed skimpy for the guys, give us girls something too!) Her solo is HOT! I can’t see her not winning this thing - she is damn good. Great dance! Bruno looks actually lewd, gearing up for his critique. “Only one word can describe this! SEN-SA-TION-AL!!!” Carrie Ann called it “hot beyond belief” and her solo was “slammin.” Len says “I gotta say, tutti frutti, what a pootie.” He was “mesmerized by your buttocks” and says Mya should be in the finals. Methinks there’s three 10's coming! And they get them: 10-10-10=30. Dmitry falls on the floor.

The “knock out” dances are next. They have never done three dances in one week in the history of the show. They get to pick the dance “so there are no excuses.” Donny laughs “why did I choose Jitterbug?” considering it’s so perky. Kelly wants to do the Cha Cha since she needs to redeem her lousy Cha Cha from early in the season.

Donny & Kim in their sparkly green outfits will do their Jitterbug. The Jitterbug is Donny’s dance, for sure, he’s definitely “the Entertainer!” Carrie Ann says he needed this dance and “you got your mojo back.” Len says out of three dances, “two out of three ain’t bad” and this one was a winner. Bruno calls it full of vigor and recharged. Backstage, Donny asks his fans to pull him through to the finals because they don’t want to go home. They’re happy with their scores: 9-9-9=27.

Joanna & Derek will dance their Salso to finish their evening. It’s a party dance for sure, but seems really short. I think Joanna thought she popped something out, and Len said it was like “nipple hors d’oeuvres, tasty and full of spice.” (Did he really say that?!) Bruno calls it “delicious and flirtatious.” Carrie Ann says that Joanna truly generates heat and would love to see her in the finals. Their scores: 9-9-9=27. Talk about consistent, a 27 for each dance! That’s an 81 for the night. Samantha interviews Derek about his Freestyle choreography, then makes some lame comment about “what don’t you like to do with Joanna” and has to add “on the dance floor.” Tom quips “Joanna’s fiancee - you can go right back there to see her.” Samantha can be so lame sometimes!

Kelly & Louis
dance their Cha Cha to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Kelly is looking serious - she forgets to smile sometimes! Bruno says her feet precision was great and her timing was too. Carrie Ann said she hit her lines great. Len thought she struggled during one dance at the beginning, but has come out and done three dances at a high level. Samantha asks why should people vote for them, and Kelly says thank you, but all she wanted to do was go out and kick butt. Louis says everyone is working their butt off but Kelly really deserves to get into the finals because of where she’s come from. Their scores: 9-9-9=27.

Mya & Dmitry will Cha Cha to wrap up the night. Something tells me this will be drastically different from Kelly’s! Dmitry rips off Mya’s little white skirt to show some fringy green hot pants. Carrie Ann loves her hip action, but the “beginning wasn’t speaking to me.” Bruno yells “you’re deaf, that’s why” as he rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Len says that Bruno shouts a lot, and “it’s getting on me wick a bit.” He was disappointed, because “I wanted it to go on a bit longer.” Bruno says it was like an “action packed trailer for a blockbuster, and I want to see the whole feature!” Sounds like great scores again! Backstage Mya thanks her fans for voting for them. Their scores: 9-10-10=29, for a total of 87.

So here’s how the judges have our couples after their scores:
87 - Mya & Dmitry
81 - Joanna & Derek
78 - Kelly & Louis
74 - Donny & Kym

Looks like Donny will go home, too bad, he really is a great entertainer. And he won’t have beaten his sister Marie who made it to third in her season. But who will win? Do you think Mya is a shoo-in for the Mirrorball Trophy? Can Joanna pull this off? Will Kelly the dark horse make it? We’ll see who goes home, tomorrow night - LIVE!

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