Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Football Star and the Iron Chef Host Are Gone

Which two couples go home tonight? We’ll find out tonight ... LIVE! From Hollywood!

Wow, Samantha looks really good tonight. The mad hairdresser must have gotten the boot. (Wait, she got to Carrie Ann last night). The gold goddess-type dress looks fantastic!

Team Tango gets the encore dance tonight - and I’m noticing a lot of screwups. Kelly is messing up, Kym’s foot gets stuck on the floor while Donny is trying to spin her. Ah, s’ok, no scores tonight!

After some clips from last night, Tom says that one thing is for sure, Bruno is not allowed on the furniture any more! Heehee! Lacey feels better and is with Mark tonight.

The first safe couple is announced: Kelly & Louis. The first couple of the bottom three (one couple goes home for sure, the other two will compete in a dance-off for the judges) is Mark & Lacey.

Colbie Callait sings and Alec and Edyta dance - another married couple that looks really great together. Colbie has a great voice too!

Both Kelly & Louis and Mark & Lacey are backstage with Samantha. She asks Louis if he’s going to ramp it up during rehearsals this week, and Louis says “yeah, I’m gonna make her cry.” Kelly insists that she’s not crying any more, “I look like a big crybaby.” Tom then quips that “there’s so much flu we’re like a spray tan petri dish.”

Another safe couple: Donny & Kym. The next couple in the bottom three: Michael & Anna, who pretty much look like they expected it.

The singing debut of Mark Ballas and Derek Hough - they’re the Ballas Hough Band. Sounds a little rockish/electric. They’re lip synching! And of course, they’re dancing as they sing - okay, guys, this is allegedly a family show - they’ve got girls humping them (it’s nice to be king and choreographer!) This won’t be something I’ll be buying or listening to on a regular basis. (I can just imagine Derek’s Mormon parents not liking it either!)

There’s a clip of the stars in the smack-talking warehouse, and I guess they are all getting ready for a cage fight or something. The first rule about ballroom dancing: “You do not talk about the trophy.” The second rule: “You do not talk about the trophy.” Third rule: “You have to trust your partner.” Fourth rule: “No risk, no reward.” Rule five: “Leave it all on the dance floor.” Rule six: “Winning isn’t everything - it’s the only thing.” May the best man or woman win!

We’ll find out which of the three remaining couples are in the bottom three. Mya & Dmitry are safe, as are Joanna & Derek. Aaron & Karina are in the bottom three, and Aaron’s got that “I’m gonna kill you” look again.

After the commercial, Rod Stewart is on the dance floor to sing. He’s singing Motown! Four Tops - one of my favorites, “It’s the Same Old Song.” Rod Stewart is kinda up there, isn’t he? Gotta look that up....64! He still looks pretty good, the voice ain’t what it used to be but still not bad.

Some confessional interviews about the dance-off - Karina says they’re keeping their fingers crossed “that we don’t have to do it.” Well, Karina, now that you’re in the bottom three - I bet you’ve changed your tune! If they don’t dance, that means they’re eliminated straight out. Tom will tell us who the lowest-scoring couple is and send them home (till the end of the show for their “last dance.”) Aww, I feel bad, Michael & Anna are going home. I really like Michael and his great attitude. He couldn’t really dance, and it was time for him to leave, but he’s such a good guy! (Anna I won’t miss - don’t think she’s a great teacher or choreographer). Samantha is backstage with Aaron & Karina and Mark & Lacey, and both say they’re ready and will dance their best. (As opposed to saying “nah, who cares, we’re gonna suck.”)

First up for the dance-off are Mark & Lacey. They prepared two weeks ago so Mark is hoping he has this dance down, and he has Lacey back. Uh-oh, Mark is standing on the desk to begin! Lacey looks to be doing most of the dancing, though, I hope this goes through! Len begins by saying “Mark, you’re back to your best.” He said it was top-notch. Bruno (in his inimitable fashion) says “you can turn more tricks than Heidi Fleiss.” He did say, though, that “what little Cha Cha Cha you did was good.” Carrie Ann is glad that Mark is back tonight.

Aaron & Karina Jive for their lives next. They were in second place last night after the judges’ scores but I guess his scowls have turned the fans off. Their Jive is very energetic. Bruno says he cannot believe that Aaron is in this situation after last night’s excellent Jive - “and this was as good.” (Uh oh, Mark is going?) Carrie Ann disagrees - “I thought this was better.” Len calls Aaron the comeback kid, saying he was right on the money. Sounds like Mark is outta there! After the commercial, Lacey looks like she knows. Len says it was the best dance-off and Bruno gives both couples great reviews. Len says they’ve come to a unanimous decision and the couple they would like to save is ..... (pregnant pause) .... Aaron & Karina. During his exit interview Mark says “It’s harder than it looks.” (Have I heard that before?)

Aw, ain’t that cute, the eliminated couples join hands and skip in a circle. The remaining couples join them and if they break out in the Hokey Pokey I’m never watching this show again!

Five couples are left. Who looks like they can get that (don’t mention it!) Mirrorball Trophy? We’ll see next week!

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