Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Feet Make Tom Leave - and Debi Gets Eliminated Anyway


And I’m not even starting to watch this till almost 10 PM because I had to watch the stupid Tigers lose the stupid baseball game in the stupid 12th inning. Congrats to the Minnesota Twins, we handed them the season by blowing a 7-game lead with two weeks left in the season. Buttheads.

At the beginning, Tom (Bergeron) asks if there will be one, or two eliminations because of Tom DeLay’s injured foot/feet. Hmmmmm?

In the recap of last night, Donny says that he really kissed Bruno - “It’s okay, I’ve had my shots.” Aaron cried in the confessional - I thought he was kidding, but I guess not!

Talk about a mercy dance! Len tells us the judges want to see Chuck & Anna T’s Samba again - “it wasn’t high up on the judges’ leader board, but it was a surprise.” Yeah, the surprise was getting the Encore dance!

Queen Latifa sings, I’ve always liked her but I can honestly say I’ve never heard her sing. Now I can say “meh” cuz I wasn’t impressed. I still like her acting though. The best part is my two favorite dancers, Cheryl & Maks, danced to her song!

The three lowest-scoring men are brought out: Tom & Cheryl, Chuck & Anna T., and Michael & Anna D. Tom & Cheryl are told they’re safe. Michael & Anna D. are in jeopardy, and Chuck & Anna T. are safe. “But will Tom be able to continue?” Something tells me no, because they’ve already mentioned it a few times.....

Samantha asks Aaron about his crying - he says he was upset for messing up. Katrina actually looks sympathetic! Sam asks Michael about how hurt he was at his low scores, and he says “you don’t think big football players can get hurt, but it hurt in the heart.” Awwwwww.

The stars are asked about what impressions they have about each other. Louie says you’d think Tom would be a straightlaced politician - and Mark adds that “he likes sequins and shaking his booty.” Joanna is amazed at what a big teddy bear Chuck is. They all admit how afraid they were - and still are - about going out on the floor to dance.

Tom Bergeron is interviewing Tom Delay & Cheryl. Delay admits that he can’t possibly dance any more because of his feet. He doesn’t want to “go out there and make a fool of himself and do that to Cheryl.” The audience sounds bummed and Delay says that makes him feel good. Tom B. tells Delay that if his feet cooperate, he is invited back to dance the Texas Two-Step (which he would have danced next week) in the finale. Tom B. also announces that there will be a regular elimination tonight as well. (And weeks 4 and 5, I think, are to be double eliminations. We’re gonna get this field of dancers pared down pretty quick!)

The highest scoring women are brought out: Maya & Dmitry are safe, as are Natalie & Alec. Joanna & Derek are told they are in jeopardy.

Donny & Kym are next told they are safe (“but not necessarily from Bruno.”) Louie & Chelsie are safe. Aaron & Karina are told they are in jeopardy (which is really mean, considering you know he’s a fan favorite and he was so upset and crying!) Mark & Lacey are safe.

Samantha is backstage with Melissa and Kelly. She asks Kelly about the kiss at the end of their dance, and she says that she stuck out her tongue at Louis during rehearsal and he dared her to kiss him - then she dared him to kiss her, and she decided to be the first to kiss him. Okay. Don’t dare Kelly Osbourne to do anything!

We find out that Sabrina Bryan has been chosen to come back and dance in the Design-A-Dance. I usually don’t get into all that extra stuff but it’s nice to see Sabrina come back since she had such a surprising exit in week 5 on her season. She will dance the Paso Doble to “Eye of the Tiger.” We fans now have a chance to pick the male professional dancer to dance with her (which will probably be Mark, since she danced with him back then). There is also a contest for the costume design for both of the dancers.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance features Jabbawocky. There are two “surprise” dancers that are dancing, and we’re supposed to guess which ones they are under the masks. I like these guys! They dance to Gene Kelly singing “Singin’ in the Rain” and morph into something techno. How on earth do they dance with those masks on? It must get awfully hot in there! Lacey & Mark take off their masks at the end of the dance.

Queen Latifah sings again. Looks like fun, but I’m tired and I TiVo’d through it.

We see a clip with Steve Wozniak and some guy named Matt insisting that they can mathematically pick the winner of DWTS - but Woz can’t figure in luck, so he’s developed a better method - letting a toddler pick. She ends up picking Melissa’s picture off of a board.

Debi & Maks are told they are in jeopardy. Kelly & Louis are safe, and Melissa & Mark are also safe. That leaves us with Michael & Anna D., Debi & Maks, Aaron & Karina and Joanna & Derek. Who’s going home?

After a commercial, we find out Joanna & Derek are safe. The next couple safe is Aaron & Karina (with Samantha saying “you cried for nothing.” Little miss sympathetic!) Len is asked which of the two remaining couples he’d like to see dance again - and he answers very PC, saying they both had hard dances last night, and they both have great potential. Debi & Maks are told they are going home. So my two favorite professionals are gone in the same night! Bummer!

Next week the couples choose from the Texas Two Step, Bolero, Charleston or Lambada. This will be interesting - I’m not even sure what two of the dances are!!! See ya'll next week!

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