Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Natalie Goes Home in Tears

LIVE!!!!! This is Dancing With the Stars!

We’re reminded that Len was in a great mood last night (and he sure was! Mr. Cranky Pants was off for the evening, I guess). Samantha has regular hair tonight, much better than that electric-shocked style last night.

In the recap and backstage confessionals, we see Melissa protesting that “I was too sexy” and Mark laughing (he’s delirious from his fever, obviously). Aaron says that the two kisses from Carrie Ann were better than three 10's (and he’s full of it!) Mya is happy they finally pleased Len. We’re reminded of Joanna’s stumble, saying it was a “bad dream.” Kelly hurt her ankle dancing her Paso Doble, but Ozzie tried to reassure her “that’s showbiz.” Mark & Lacey realize they’re one point behind Mya, and Mark comments that “we’re on her trail - we can sniff her.” Lacey tells him “you can sniff her, I’ll just ... watch.” (Hmmmm?) It still cracks me up seeing Bruno’s critique of Donny & Kym’s Argentine Tango, with Bruno telling Donny “finally you’ve turned to the dark side” and Donny retorting that “you took me there!”

We find out that Kelly went to the hospital after the show, and it’s just a sprain and she’ll be fine to dance again (assuming she isn’t sent home tonight).

We’ll start off with our Encore Dance, and of course, it’s going to be the group Hustle. What? Len wants to see the highest-scoring dance so far, Donny & Kym’s Argentine Tango! I’m just going to have to quit guessing. I think I get a handle on Len and he goes off in another direction.

The pros are going to do a tribute to Michael Jackson tonight. The couples have danced to 17 MJ songs through the years of the show and want to honor him for his musical contributions.

Nora Jones is up. Two guys and a girl dance, but they’re not our pros - hey! Some guy walks in front of the cameras - whoops, foibles of live TV! I like Nora Jones’ voice!

Last night’s top three scoring couples get to hear their fate first. Mark & Lacey are safe, as are Donny & Kym. Mya & Dmitry are also safe. We’ve got three relieved couples now!

We see a clip of how the stars feel about Mondays - they like to check out the dance floor, talk to each other and catch up on the news of the week. Everyone’s nervous but they give each other good luck wishes.

Joanna & Derek are told they are in jeopardy. Kelly & Louis are safe, but Aaron & Karina are told they are in jeopardy also. Aaron’s face looks like cold steel with the news - I really wouldn’t want to cheeze him off!

We next see our lowest-scoring couples of the evening. Michael & Anna D. are told they are safe, and Natalie & Alec are in jeopardy. Samantha is backstage with Kelly & Louis. Kelly says her foot is fine, but she still can’t wear shoes. She was more upset about possibly having to leave the competition rather than the pain. Samantha asks Louis if he’s worried about Kelly not being able to dance with her foot hurting - and Louis says he’s hoping she doesn’t try to use it as an excuse not to rehearse hard! Kelly realizes that he won’t let her get away with anything. Michael & Anna D. also get to talk to Samantha, who congratulates Michael for being around yet another week. He says he’ll work hard, and with the fans doing their part and voting, they’ll be all right.

Nora Jones sings again, and we see Jonathan and Anna T. dance. No worries about trying to conjure up romance or passion there - they make a really nice couple. Plus, we find out the song that Jones sang was Jonathan & Anna’s wedding song. Awwww!

Melissa & Mark and Louie & Chelsie are left to hear their fates. Louie & Chelsie are safe, but Melissa & Mark are in jeopardy. We’ll have to wait to find out who goes home (of course) because now we get to see the pros do the Michael Jackson tribute. They all comment on how MJ influenced dance styles. Mark Ballas shows us a picture of his MJ outfit as a kid, complete with rhinestone socks. LaToya Jackson introduces the pros (very stiffly, I might add - she has to learn to read cue cards more smoothly). Great! I love watching the pros dance and especially loved seeing them do the Thriller choreography.

The four couples in jeopardy - Joanna & Derek, Aaron & Karina, Natalie & Alec and Melissa & Mark are onstage to learn if they stay to dance another day. Melissa & Mark are told they are safe. Also safe are Joanna & Derek. Aaron & Karina and Natalie & Alec are the bottom two. Bruno is surprised that Aaron is there, and Carrie Ann is disappointed to see Natalie in the bottom two. Len says neither couple belongs - the audience may love underdogs, but this isn’t justice. Natalie & Alec are told they are the ones going home. Natalie seems really upset. The audience groans and stands to give Natalie & Alec an ovation - and the stars that are left look close to tears too!

So how long can Michael’s fans keep him in? Will Aaron find his butt out of there soon? We’ll see next week!

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