Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fighter Isn't a Dancer and Goes Home

Wow! I like Samantha’s dress a lot! Fire engine red and satiny! And Louis isn’t wearing his makeup tonight, thank goodness.

In the confessional, (as Anna fixes her top so her boob isn’t falling out) Michael says that “only in America can you dance romantically with a beautiful woman, and have your wife sitting in the front row, and when you get done she’s clapping.” Derek & Joanna have problems adding up their scores, and Joanna quips that “it takes two blondes a while to add up the score.” (Heehee!)

Melissa & Mark’s Charleston gets the encore dance this week, making Len a liar - he said he was going to vote for Joanna & Derek’s Lambada. I guess he got overruled by Bruno and Carrie Ann!

Uh oh .... Tom says “we’ve got a surprise in store for you tonight” regarding eliminations. Now what???

Shakira sings, very nice. (I watched the 2-hour finale of Hell’s Kitchen, so I’m breezing through the nonessential stuff tonight).

Donny says it’s hard to follow a shirtless Derek and Kym tells him he needs to “go topless next week.” Not too sure about that one. Really.

The first two couples safe are announced: Mya & Dmitry and Melissa & Mark. The first couple in the dreaded Bottom Two is Aaron & Karina. The audience gasps in surprise, and Tom again asks “are we in for a shock tonight?” Is Aaron actually going home?

After the commercial, I see Edyta in the background - and the guys on the stage. Great, we get to see the pros dance! Louis, Dmitry, and Alec are dancing with Edyta, Cheryl and Karina. They’re dancing the Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble - and I feel bad for the stars, watching the pros kick ass and knowing they can’t possibly get close. What a fantastic performance! Actually, we can skip the celebrities and just let the pros dance for the rest of the season, fine by me!

Tom asks Len what he wants to see next week, and he says “if we see anything close to what we’ve just seen, it will be great.” Dream on, Len!

Backstage, talking to Melissa, Mya and Aaron, Samantha makes the crack that “It’s always impossible to figure out what the judges want.” No truer words spoken, there!

Three couples are now announced safe: Kelly & Louis, Natalie & Alec and Joanna & Derek. All of the women are now safe - which guy is going home?

Another commercial and we find out that Mark & Lacey and Michael & Anna D. are safe.

A filler clip talks about how DWTS “takes over your life.” The kids get on the show too, coming to rehearsals and getting interviewed. Michael’s son Elijah says he was worried about his dad doing the show “because he’s going to make a complete idiot of himself.” Chuck’s kids say it’s hilarious seeing their dad dance. The kids all petition us to “vote for my mommy/daddy!” Chuck’s son and daughter say “my dad can beat up your dad.”

Samantha is backstage with Michael, Joanna and Kelly and Michael is very happy, he thought he was going home. Hopefully Anna can choreograph a decent dance next week. Joanna thanks the fans for voting for them. Kelly is looking forward to working with the group for the Group Hustle next week.

Another clip, about the waiting to find out whether they will stay and dance again. Mya says it’s like Mardi Gras and the Olympics at the same time, very hectic. The stars show their frustration at the learning and the little time to learn. Louie says Chelsie gets frustrated with him when he has no idea what she’s talking about. Michael says when he can’t learn it fast enough, that means “more time in the studio and less time in the bed.” Aaron tells Karina that he doesn’t get it sometimes, she has to remember that. Mark has to let off steam (and he shoots dart guns at Lacey). Chuck never gets nervous before fights, but waiting to hear his name makes him very nervous.

Donny & Kym are told they’re safe. I’m noticing that Anna T. hasn’t smiled all night! She’s really looking ticked off. Aaron & Karina, Chuck & Anna T. and Louie & Chelsie are left to sweat it out. The next couple safe is ... Louie & Chelsie, leaving Chuck & Anna T. in the Bottom Two. Len is asked who should stay (why they bother, I don’t know, I think he’s only said once in the umpteen seasons of watching who should actually stay). “Chuck is a gentle giant who brings us entertainment, but next week there are two dances to learn and I think the one who can cope with that better is Aaron.” (Okay, prove me wrong again Len!) I hit the pause button to type that, and Aaron has a look on his face that may make me wake up with nightmares tonight! So who’s going home? Chuck & Anna T. (Not so much of a surprise, Tom!) She still looks pissed. Samantha calls Chuck a “fish out of water” and asks him what he’ll take out of this besides a bunch of razzing from his fighting buddies. Chuck emphasizes how hard it is to do. Anna T. says Chuck is her “gentle giant, you are my bear, you are my hippo - but I enjoyed working with you.”

So Chuck & Anna T. dance their “last dance” and we have next week’s Group Hustle and either the Paso Doble or Argentine Tango to look forward to!

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