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Two Step, Charleston, Bolero and Lambada - New Dances, But Can They Do It?

LIVE! FROM HOLLYWOOD! This ... is Dancing With the Stars!

Tonight we get the Two Step, Charleston, Bolero and Lambada, never seen before in the Ballroom!

Chuck & Anna T. will dance the Two Step. Chuck used to work in a country bar so Anna is hopeful that he saw enough to help him learn. She tells him that “you used to laugh at those people dancing. Who’s laughing now?” Chuck likes the fact that he can do some lifts, saying that he can use his size and strength for “something more than getting in the way.” Chuck looks a lot looser than he’s been, but that ain’t saying much, trust me! Good choreography by Anna, and Chuck was having fun. Len told Chuck that the lifts fit the dance well and that he brings entertainment to the show. “But - eventually it will come down to the fact that this is a show about dancing.” Bruno told Chuck “you not so much danced, but raided the Two Step - carnage and mayhem. But somehow it still managed to look like a Two Step.” Carrie Ann said Chuck suited the Two Step more than his other dances. Their scores: 6-5-6=17.

Melissa & Mark are up next, dancing the Charleston. Melissa really wants to get a score in the 20's. It’s a fun dance, and Melissa needs to learn how to let go. Mark took her to a 1920's club and they practiced there, and she channeled her inner flapper. The dance begins in black and white, with little grainy lines running through like an old film. Melissa does great, love the choreography and she’s really hamming it up. Bruno yells that Melissa brought the 1920's Hollywood flapper back to life. Carrie Ann called it fantastic, saying they should take that one “on the road.” Len said the Charleston is all about the three E’s - energy, excitement, and entertainment. “And you hit all three.” Their scores are great: 9-9-10=28. Melissa & Mark are ecstatic.

Natalie & Alec will dance the Bolero. It’s a slow, sexy dance, and Alec wants to make the choreography difficult to really stand out. They’re both getting frustrated and while Natalie wants to work hard, she’s thinking “what did I get myself into?” She starts the dance with a fur coat, and takes it off to reveal an Edyta outfit. I guess it’s not bad for her, considering she spends most of her times in a bathing suit! Looking at it, though, it looks to me like a Foxtrot or Rumba - I don’t get why a Bolero is a Bolero. Carrie Ann says it was beautiful, but saw a struggle in the movements. Len thought it had beautiful lyrical movements. He liked Alec’s choreography but wanted more romance. Bruno is happy that Natalie found her basic instinct, but says her arms are like she’s swimming. (Shot of Gilles Marini in the audience! He’s still hot!) Their scores: 8-8-8=24. Natalie & Alec give Samantha the “very happy” with the scores lip service, but they don’t look thrilled. I thought the scores were fine for what it was!

Aaron & Karina are going to perform the Lambada. Last week Michael Ervin gave Aaron hugs and a good pep talk after Aaron’s dance, which I thought was really great of Michael. Karina explains that the Lambada is sexy and flirtatious, and Aaron gets cute wiggling and gets yelled at by Karina: “sticking your ass out, you’re not learning anything.” Aaron knows a bit of gymnastics, and she takes him to UCLA to train with the coach there. He’s going to start the dance with a major tumble/flip, and he’s crossing himself backstage before he goes on. He nails it, flipping over Karina. The dance may be sexy, but Aaron doesn’t look like he’s having a ton of fun. He seems to be concentrating too much. Len called it a bit of a walk on the wild side, but he needed more rhythm and raunchiness “instead of messing about all that time with the back flip.” It’s one dance that Len wants to see raunchy. Bruno tells Aaron that being an actor, he has to see the dance as a script. “This dance is Gilles Marini, you’re not doing that. You have to transform.” (Gilles looks very flattered to be mentioned!) Bruno tries to explain that Aaron has to dance as if it’s foreplay - “easy, then build it up.” Tom laughs that “now we go from foreplay lessons to Carrie Ann.” She tells him that he has to chill out - “you’re trying too hard.” Their scores aren’t all that hot: 6-6-6=18. Aaron’s going down and getting worse!

Mark & Lacey
are up next, with a Two Step. They brainstorm at rehearsal about how to prove that they have chemistry, and decide that they need to lighten up and have fun. Mark still is stressing about the steps, but his kids pop in at rehearsal one day and Lacey sees Mark lighten up, and tries to emphasize that. Their dance looks good (except for the spot where Mark looked like he lost his steps) and I really like this choreography. Bruno begins by telling Mark that he should have a “roll in the hay more often.” He did call Mark out on the messed up parts. Carrie Ann liked it very much, and said the chemistry was there. Len liked the choreography, and said he appreciated the fact that Mark wasn’t just standing there, but actually helping Lacey with her moves. The scores are okay: 8-7-7=22.

Kelly & Louis are up next, and their backstage shot is ... strange! Louis is wearing makeup - eyeliner and blush! I’m ascared! In rehearsal, Kelly confesses that she auditioned for a role in Chicago on Broadway and got it, but they put her in a different part because she couldn’t dance. Kelly can’t understand why dancers makes “all those noises” and Louis tells her it helps get into the character of the dance. They’re dancing the Charleston and it’s great fun! Kelly looks like she’s having a blast! Tom tells her that “the producers from Chicago are on the phone.” Louis plants a kiss on Kelly’s cheek and leaves a lipstick mark! Carrie Ann says that it’s like watching a little birdie learn to fly - your face lights up.” Len said Kelly came out with confidence and performed the dance. Bruno loves Liza Minelli (of course) and Joel Gray, and said it was a wonderful tribute to them - “you should be happy.” Their scores are back up there: 8-7-8=23. Louis still looks very scary with that makeup on!

Joanna & Mark are dancing the Lambada. Derek says the Lambada is a dance with a lot of grinding and a lot of thrusting - “and you know what? I have the best job in America.” Joanna wants a 10, so she’s telling Derek to choreograph a difficult routine. Derek starts the dance by taking off his shirt, and Joanna is feeling all over Len. This is where Derek’s ego shows - I like him, but sometimes he grates on me like he’s showing himself off more than his partner. They do a really great spin move that looks great - but then Derek loses his footing at the very end when grabbing Joanna. Len starts by saying “I know what I want for tomorrow night’s encore.” He compliments Derek’s choreography. Bruno says “don’t try this at home without the proper precautions!” He said it was so full of sexual energy “I have enough now for the next six months.” Carrie Ann hoped that the children were in bed - and Tom pipes up “I bet some of the adults are now” and everyone cracks up. Carrie Ann says the Lambada is “fueled by the crotch area, and that was fueled by the crotch area.” Samantha tells Derek backstage that she’s never seen him dance shirtless and he says since Maks and Tony aren’t here anymore, he has to represent. Good scores: 9-8-9=26.

Donny and Kym are up next, dancing the Charleston. Tom says that Donny isn’t welcome in Utah but he can go to Massachusetts (they have same-sex marriage, ha ha). Kym tells Donny not to get so frustrated and stop being such a perfectionist. Donny has to “get out of his head.” I think he did, it’s a great dance! Very peppy and fun. Donny kisses his wife and son, and Marie was there but got nothing - and you could see her say “nothing for me?” (You get enough camera time, Marie. Deal with it!) Bruno says it shows a showman in his element but he’s got to watch his kicks. Carrie Ann said they moved in sync as a team, but saw the little stumble that Donny made. Len said that “you look good, you dance good, and watching you does you good.” They get their scores: 8-8-8=24. An improvement over last week, they’re happy.

Michael & Anna D. will dance a Bolero. Michael is bummed about being in the bottom two last week. Tony pops in to practice, invited by Anna since Tony was a Latin champion. He tells Michael he has to look at Anna like she’s his only love. “You were the most passionate player in the NFL, you need to show that on the dance floor.” Michael listened, because he’s got his eyes glued on Anna. Watching her grind on him, though, makes me wonder how he can keep his ants in his pants ... if ya know what I mean! Although Michael did a lot of stepping and no dancing, though. Carrie Ann saw the romance side, but said there was too much posing and wasn’t enough dancing. Len agrees that it was “somewhat economic” but he promises Michael that he’ll score him higher than a 4 tonight. Bruno says he’s like the economy - every week he’s supposed to be getting better, but he doesn’t. Anna didn’t choreograph enough and Michael is suffering for it. Their scores: 5-6-5=16.

Louie & Chelsie will Two Step. Chelsie has never done this dance before so she’s nervous too. She takes Louie to Ty Murray’s farm to turn him into a cowboy. Ty says he “looks like mini me but with more hair.” They bale hay, throw lassos, and ride horses. Don’t know that it helped, because Louie just looks like he’s wlaking rather than dancing. Chelsie is spinning all over and Louie’s just kinda hanging on. Like the lifts, though. Len looks disgusted. He says it was a series of walks, then Chelsie did something, then more walking. He wants Louie to “knock my socks off” next week. Bruno said for a Two Step it was dazed and confused. Carrie Ann didn’t feel any of the music coming through Louie, and Chelsie compensated - but they’re here to watch Louie. Lousy scores: 5-5-6=16. Surprised Len gave them a 5!

Mya & Dmitry
finish off the night with the Lambada. They got great scores last week except from Len, and they’re confused. Last week’s dance was slow and soft, but this week they have to crank up the heat. Mya says Dmitry has to simplify his routines, but Dmitry says that would be boring. He’s willing to compromise, though. They’re hoping their compromise will please all three judges. Watching this dance, I’ve decided that Mya is going to win - she’s really good! Bruno begins by yelling that it was an exotic roller coaster that you “want to ride over and over and over...” Carrie Ann says “Mya’s on fire!” She was raunchy and classy at the same time. Len never finds her routines boring. He tries to explain that her standards are high, and in the Lambada he thought he’d get a bit more. No pleasing that man!!! Backstage, Mya thinks they went wrong somewhere - but their scores aren’t all that bad: 10-8-10=28. Len needs to let go a little, I think!

So here’s the leader board after the judges’ scores:

28 - Melissa & Mark
28 - Mya & Dmitry
26 - Joanna & Mark
24 - Natalie & Alec
24 - Donny and Kym
23 - Kelly & Louis
22 - Mark & Lacey
18 - Aaron & Karina
17 - Chuck & Anna T.
16 - Michael & Anna D.
16 - Louie & Chelsie

Can anyone beat Mya or does she have it locked up already? Make sure you vote, folks! Keep your favorites in the hunt for the Mirror Ball trophy!

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